Coaching a Boxer’s Corner : Treating Cuts on a Boxer

Okay, in this clip we are going to be working
with an anticipated cut, a projected cut. An imaginary cut on our boxer. The thing to
do with the cuts is, as soon as you realize the boxer is cut. You may see him cut in the
ring when he is boxing. The second he gets down again the assistant coach should be working
immediately on that cut. The main coach, the head coach can still be giving advice, can
still be rinsing the mouth out. He can be doing the stuff that he needs to do anyway
and then the assistant is going to be working on just the cut itself as we did with the
no swell. So we will show you a little bit of that now. Nick, that round is over! Come
on Nick! Ten, nine, eight. Okay, look excited. Seven, six, five. Here we go. Four, three,
two, one. Go ahead and sit down, Nick. Three down. There you go. Kick your feet out for
me. Okay, it looks like we got a cut over that eye. You got a cut. Go ahead; I am going
to get you some water. I am going to take a square of gauze and place it right over
his eye here and I am going to apply pressure on it immediately. You are doing very good.
Keep taking deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth. And now we are going to
use that q-tip because there is a slight, yeah, there is a slight little gash above
the eye. We are going to use that q-tip like we talked about earlier and just enough pressure
on that cut to keep it closed. And we have only got a minute to keep that closed, but
that might be all we need to get this blood to coagulate and get that cut to stop. Luckily
it is just underneath the head gear so we might be all set. And I am just the one concentrating
on the cut here; I am not trying to do anything else. We are just concentrating on this one
cut. I think we have just about, okay, that is good. Okay, seconds out. There we go. First
time you see that cut, get right in there, apply pressure first, and keep the pressure
on it for the full one minute.

8 thoughts on “Coaching a Boxer’s Corner : Treating Cuts on a Boxer

  1. Got mine an embarrassing way.Did a full face plant on sidewalk while running.Hit on right side cheek and right eyebrow.Sat right up and my instinct was to put my right long sleeved bicep and hold it there for a few minutes.Still dont see how i didnt fracture my orbital eye socket or my right check.Can still hear the sound my head made hitting the sidewalk.Thankfully no brain injury.Did get bucked off a horse at age 14 and got a concussion.

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