Coaching a Boxer’s Corner : The Importance of a Boxing Corner Man

In this segment and the following clip, I’m
going to try to tell you in detail how to actually properly work a boxer’s corner. It’s
only a minute, and maybe a total of a six-minute fight, 3 two-minute rounds. You may only have
that one minute, but it could be the most important minute for that whole fight. Sometimes
a fight is won in the corner. If I tell the boxer to do exactly the right things and he
does them, there’s a good chance that he’ll win. But more importantly is sometimes the
fight is lost in the corner. The boxer can be fighting his heart out, he can be doing
everything exactly the way you want him to be doing, but if you mess up in the corner,
if you’re not properly working your boxer’s corner for whatever reason, he could actually
lose the fight. So we’re also going to be talking about what you should be having with
you in the corner before the boxer gets there – you have your tote ready, you’re going
to be having your corner man’s jacket with all your pockets full so that when he gets
there, he sits down, you have everything organized, and you’re able to work that one minute in
between rounds. Thank you.

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