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(dramatic instrumental music) (water babbling) – [Roy] Palm Springs, California. Coachella Valley. My name is Roy Dean, and I came to the desert to train. I’ve been coming here a long time, since my blue belt days. My friends, Stan and
Anthony, were also blue belts back then. We were hungry, young students. Now, we’re third-degree black belts. And we’re still on the path. Come. Take a look. – [Man] So I go there now, in the morning, at 9:30, work out until 10:30. – I didn’t see you there. – [Roy] Speak freely, speak freely. I know, I’m trying to be a ninja, dude. (men talking in background) (snicker) – [Man] Dude, that’s the wrong (laughs). – [Roy] I tapped, but it was still late. My arm ached for a good, like, week and a half after that. – And Pat is definitely
not inclined to tap early. – No.
– He tapped quick in that tournament. – [Roy] Oh, he did? – Yeah, right before, we
were watching it, I’m like, “There’s no way he’s gonna tap.” (both men talking at once) – And then, he came up pretty quickly. – He tried to step over and it was just… – I didn’t expect to see him tap out. – Yeah.
– Haven’t seen him since. – Again, does from here. You wanna grab the collar
here, don’t grab too deep, you wanna kind of have a loose grip, too. And I’m gonna kick out his knee, and I’m gonna approach this hand wide. From here, I’m gonna bring
my left leg back, elbow over, I’m gonna dive under, deep underneath him, grab ahold, lets you go underneath
this arm, not in front, grab this hold right here,
I’m gonna plant my feet, and I’m gonna bridge up into him. Watch out. I like to grab this leg to
kind of pull myself through, secure and plant your feet,
pull your elbows down. Great job. I like to keep my wrist kind
of loose and my grip loose here so they don’t really expect it as much, and it makes it a lot
easier to get that elbow over the head. Secure. You guys get it? – [Man] Do it for the others,
would you do the other side? – Nope. – [Man] Okay. – Ready? (everyone laughing) (multiple people talking at once) – Little shortcut that I like to do, I’ll go here, and as soon as I come here, this hand’s just gonna
snake behind the head, and I go to the collar here. A very powerful choke. When I get here, watch how
I don’t bring my arm here and then try to squeeze my elbow in. Instead, I snake it right
here, grab ahold of that fold. Hands close together as you
can, it’s like a cross choke. You guys got it? Ready? (multiple people talking at once) – [Man] What’s Junior doing? – [Roy] Trying to win Mr.
Palm Desert tomorrow night. – I know, I had to give my
daughter seven bucks to vote on (laughter drowns out dialogue) – I don’t think you
have any trouble getting the votes from the girls. (multiple people talking at once) – [Man] Yeah, he’s crazy, I
don’t even know if he knows what he’s doing yet. – You go here, and as I
try to loop, the guy wants to try to roll out, so he’s
trying to roll to avoid, I’m gonna grab this tricep here. I’ll try to pull this choke across here. I wanna lay on this arm,
ideally, as I’m pulling this, trying to apply the choke
here, if that arm rips away, or I can let go of that
grip, and I’m gonna switch. I wanna come up and pull the choke here. A lot of times, guys
try to just turn away, then I’ll catch here and
finish the choke here. So you got options to finish. Alright, look when he tries to roll out, I can choke him by just
pulling this arm across here. If not, I can go to here. Look at this grip, snakes,
so I don’t try to get here and then sweep my elbow in,
’cause it’s a tight space. I gotta snake to get that grip. I’ll switch my base, and
I’m gonna fold in here. If he starts turning away,
that’s fine, I’ll hook here, and I’ll pull that knee out and switch. Hold on, trying to choke, with
your back flat on the floor. Try to choke him with this
arm, it’s folding across here, that one rips away, snake, try to get your hands close together. See this fold right here? And then I’ll switch my base. Try to pull in into me. If he starts turning
away, go off to this side, try to choke him. One more time. You guys got it? Ready? (everyone claps) (multiple people talking at once) – No one crash here. Go on, this idiot, bless him. (multiple people talking at once) (laughter) (multiple people talking at once) (catchy, energetic music)

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