Coachella EP 5 | Arm Entanglements | Season 2

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] A quote from Roy Bennett, “Great leaders create more great leaders. “Not followers. “Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.” – Hi, my name is Glen Heggstad. I’m 67 years old as of last Friday. Been training 41 years. I hold black belts in four
different martial arts. Two of the striking arts and then two of the grappling. Judo and Jiu Jitsu, I’m a 4th degree black
belt in both of those. I initially got into martial art because I was running with
an outlaw motorcycle club and in and out of jail for fighting. And I had heard that
getting into martial arts give you an opportunity to
learn to control yourself. So I was either going to
learn how to control myself by sitting in San Quentin or by making a preemptive strike (chuckles) with martial art. I heard about a guy named Marcus Thereson, taught martial art with a Chinese system, a Shaolin system. And I went to him and he
was a real straight guy and he didn’t think much of me. So, I really had to
prove myself by training insane amounts of hours with him. But, he taught the Holy Trinity, which was meditation,
martial art, and yoga. And if you look at Hickson’s early videos, you’ll see that he’s also doing yoga and breathing exercises, and things like that. So those are the
fundamentals of martial art. It isn’t just about fighting. – By the waist again. You can reach in there. You can fight the hands and
I can open it and resist it or sometimes just hang in there and I’ll catch ya. That is in that knee pit. Sit on the wrist, push the elbow to the floor, rotate. He slides down, slides to the wrist,
hips against the elbow. Let’s give it a try. One, two, three (claps) Don’t go anywhere we’re
gonna attack the armor. We’ve got mericon a straight
and we have that kemora angle when it’s bent the other way. So, another, other ways we can get into it we can just trap it,
sometimes when I trap it I start to slide and it’s kinda
like a reverse ritual wiper I switch here and I
tuck it under this leg. Sometimes that happens that way and sometimes it’s the uh,
it’s the guy who does it. Maybe he reaches between the legs, the wrestler wants to go
with his Peterson order. He’ll reach into that leg. It can happen that way, it can happen where I manually do it. Or it can happen when I start to look for those first attacks
and I start to attack it and he tries to switch
his hand to the back side to avoid those first two attacks. Any of those ways that it gets there. As long as that side leg is bent, I’m sitting on it his wrist
with kind of my knee pit here. So here is how imma finish it, I’m gonna, left hands gonna
come out and go over the head, I am gonna cup his elbow and that’s the shoulder I’m gonna roll on. As I roll, go slow cause
he’s gonna have to roll too. I don’t wanna rip his arm off. As I go to roll, right away, I start to lock forward my legs and I wanna catch his near me and this hands comes over the body. Cause if I don’t cover or catch this, he’s just gonna sit up and turn into me. So me holding his finger
forward, catching his knee here and covering the body gives
me a little time to sit up. Catch the knee, kinda lock myself up and manually stuff it in here
(low voice) side to side. He’s grabbing his belt, where you can hear so he
grips and I pull it away. Don’t break that grip. All my way to my hand,
and the outside foot, lift the hips up, and pull his arm (hand slams against the floor) and then back. (hand slams against the floor) (hand slams against the floor) Again, same kind of
technique we were just doing, either ways we got there
by putting it there, he goes there whatever it is,
it ends up on the stacked leg. Sit up sir, that’s how
we’re gonna try to go here. If he does and he rolls
you here, that’s okay too. Right away, I’m hooking that leg. People like to attack the collar here too, but I’ve scooched the head
away, cover, rock myself up I’m right back here again. Post. (hand slams against the floor) Go back down. I want you guys to just
work on forward roll. Here, catch it, switch sides, swing it over the top, tuck
in the elbow, as I roll, don’t go in front of me. Imma kick this leg up so
I wanna keep pressure, catch cover, there. Rock myself up. If I need to break this grip, he’s grabbing the belt or something, just pull it away. (hand slams against the floor) Yep. (hand slams against the floor) (coughing) Your time. Reaches in there, go
to the top, right over. If he’s postured up, and you
can’t get him going forward I just go with this reverse cross here. So step up and peel him back. (hand slams against the floor) (hand slams against the floor) So three ways to get into it. So you try. One, two, three (claps) (rap hip-hop music)

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  1. To those who don't thin that armlock from turtle would work. Check the video here where it occurs in grand slam level judo

  2. Look forward to these turning up in my subscriptions. Awesome as always. Great techniques and an inspirational dialogue from Glen.

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