To fight, Contact fighting is dangerous. And that starts to give you discipline. You start to know that if this person I don’t
know him then it’s going to be difficult to Go and fight someone. Because you know yourself and you don’t know
this other person. So that’s the way discipline starts. Discipline is the key for a life. You can go everywhere if you have discipline. A Maxim Kid is someone who is different in
the township. He’s a kid born in the township but with a
different mind. Someone who doesn’t interfere just because
he wants to interfere. Some one, before he does something He will think. In Maxim Kids we’re helping the people who
need help the most. We train the kids, we take the kids out of
the street. We’ve got boys who love boxing, they love
boxing! You can see the passion in the boys. When they train they love what they are doing. They don’t have time for crime, they don’t
have time to go to violence. You know, even at school the kids… They are listening to their teachers because they are training boxing. I started training boxing in 2013. Now I am going to have four matches. And I’m
going to win this match. I love boxing. Now the past two years, it has become bigger
and bigger. Because so many people in the township, they
start to understand what is Maxim. If we see one of our kids getting good in
Khayelitsha, we send him to African Youth In Kraaifontein we send them to Monwabisi
Boxing Gym. You see, in South Africa… Government can’t fight crime alone. This is our country. Everyone, a lot of people,
they have different skills: boxing, karate. Everyone, a lot of people,
they have different skills… Boxing. Karate. We can help government to fight crime. Take
the kids from the streets to tell them what is good and what is wrong. I see the kids here, in the street, they… They throw the stones… They’re fighting. Now I tell myself “no man”. For these kids I must make a gym
here in my house. Then I make it, that’s why now I have a gym. It’s “African Youth Boxing Club”. I tell them every time. “If you’re unfit, you’ll never win a fight.” And then, I train them… Timing. Movement. How to punch. How to correct the blows. That’s why I tell you, my boys are going to
be world champions. I’ve got thirty two fights and twenty four wins. I’ve got thirty eight fights, fourteen losses. Forty two fights, twelve losses, thirty wins. I have two fights and two losses. Forty six fights, thirty seven wins. I’m a former professional boxer. Now I’m a coach. My boys is twenty, I have twenty boys. If I go, each and anywhere I go, they call
me “coach, coach coach”. Every kids call me “coach, coach, coach”. They know one thing: me and Allen, together
we fight crime… In our community. I’m Nicky Monyayi from Kraaifontein. I formed this club “Monwabisi Boxing Club”
because the kids, they are very interested… They want to train boxing. They need sport. Maxim Kids, those guys are helping me a lot
to build this club. I believe in the future, I and Maxim Kids
will have champions. I started boxing with Allen in town. And he introduced me to Maxim Kids. There are lots of kids coming so he needs
help when he trains them. To do the warm up or talk to them or do some
activities. When you arrive, they all with a big smile
on their faces. They’re very happy to see us coming. And we are happy as well to help them. And to play with them. They really enjoy the time. You never have one sitting on the side and
not willing to participate. So that’s what makes you feel like coming
back again and again. Because you know that you are doing something
that makes them happy. For me, I grew up in this kind of environment. Because I’m actually from Congo. And when I find myself in Town… My heart always speaks inside. Crying inside, saying “I must do something”. Because I can’t go to Congo, there is a war
that side. And I can do it here. I feel like I can do it here. That’s why I keep on coming and try to do
something for the kids. I always feel like, joy when I train with
the kids. They very good, they can catch things quickly. They learn quickly. The goal I have, is to create more gyms, like
ten gyms in ten different areas. And those gyms will be used by the youth and
the whole community. On the sixth of December we’ve got an event
in Kraaifontein. And this event is to say no to the crime against
young kids and women. We’ve got forty fights but the event we’re
doing on sixth December is all about… Khayelitsha and Kraaifontein. If you feel like you don’t want to do crime
anymore just bring your knife… And we’ll teach you how to box. We’ll give you a free pair of gloves. If you’ve got a problem with someone, we’re
here. Come talk to us. We’ll train you, we’ll call
the person, we’ll train them. We put you in the ring and you fight. Don’t wait for someone and kill him for no
reason. And we tell the people, and all the community,
to say no to the crime and violence. Because you cannot continue to kill your brother
or your sister. We’re of the same blood. We are all the people from Africa. You know we’ve got about… Eight or ten knives here. Ten knives off the street. Ten lives that we could have saved today by
taking in these knives. Thank you very much Maxim Kids. It’s very difficult because some of the areas
you can train only from this time to this time. You cannot go over that time because it becomes
dangerous. We’re not gonna stop, we continue to try until
the proper solution will come. Kids: “Thank you coach Tera”. Allen: “Okay, now come, lets punch him, lets punch
him boys”. And some of my clients I train in town, with
good hearts… They always support these young guys. They buy for us gloves, and drinks every Saturday. Because in the training we’re doing we always
go with some refreshment after training. And I think all these kids will, they thank
them. Allen: “Now we’re gonna do this ‘chin chin’ “. Kids: “Chin chin, chin chin”. We can’t do nothing without your help. Maxim Kids want to be bigger and with sponsors
I’m sure we’ll reach our goal. I support Maxim Kids because they support
me. Thank you for everyone who help us. All I can say to you is thank you very much.

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