Cleto Reyes Hybrid Training Boxing Gloves Review

hey guys it’s Arron from Fight Quality
today I’ve got a pair of the Cleto Reyes Hybrid Training Boxing Gloves
let’s check it out so Cleto Reyes are probably one of the top premium brands in the world maybe only alongside winning and grant really in terms of how popular they are they’re well known because they’re used in many pro fights but they’re actually a Mexican brand who’ve been around for over seventy years now which is absolutely brilliant so they have a lot of wealth of knowledge
and expertise to rely on as with all Cleto Reyes gloves they’re aimed at slightly more advanced people although these are the hybrid training gloves so they’re not so much for pro fights or anything like that they’re more for training so you can use them for a bit of bags bit of pads maybe even some
light sparring Cleto Reyes really designed their gloves for people looking for the best quality you can possibly find in a boxing well so that’s what these gloves are really going for if you don’t know what hybrid means basically you have laces and velcro so you have a bit of both we’ll come back to this a bit more later on to see how it actually fares in reality but the concept is that you have both the velcro and the laces for optimal support right so if you’re looking to buy these gloves you’ll notice they don’t actually measure them in weights so usually with most gloves you have 10oz 12oz 14oz 16oz etc with these gloves you don’t you have small medium large and extra large don’t get fooled into thinking that these gloves match up perfectly so a small is 10oz it doesn’t quite work like that
from other reviews and our own personal experience the medium tends to be around 14 to 16oz so this is a 16oz pair as it happens which is a medium but other people have reported their mediums are about 14oz so if you’re looking for using these just for sparring and you want the equivalent of a 16oz glove it’s probably best to go with a large obviously there is a bit of a size difference as well so the smaller you go the physically smaller the glove will be as well so if you’re a youth or a child you might want small or extra small whereas if you’re on the larger side you might need to go for that large
obviously if you are intending on using these for sparring just check your coach first because obviously where these are 16oz you don’t wanna be told you can’t use them even though they might actually physically weigh that amount so make sure you talk to your coach before getting these if you are intending on just using these for sparring so Reyes typically produce what they call ‘punchers gloves’
obviously these aren’t fight gloves they’re training gloves so they’ll be a little bit different but you can definitely see that they have the same sort of design and build so the padding is fairly thin and uniform all over what this means is that while the padding isn’t particularly hard it does mean that your knuckles tend to sink in a little bit more than normally would which is where I call it a punchers glove because you can really make the contact with your actual knuckles through the glove obviously if you are planning on sparring with these try and use it just for light sparring because these can be a bit hard hitting there are other alternatives available from Cleto Reyes for sparring which just have slightly more padding these ones can be a little bit hard hitting you do get quite a nice snap when you punch but your opponent might not appreciate it as much so in terms of visuals there are absolutely tons of colours available for these gloves you have yellows greens reds blues and then you even have other colors such as gold I think there’s a titanium one there’s also a Mexican version which has the Mexican flag colors on it as well so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find something with these gloves fancy patterns not so much they tend to go for just the solid color with the exception that Mexican version that we just mentioned but there’s absolutely tons of options to go for in terms of visuals you obviously have that main logo on the front ours are starting to wear down a little bit we’ll come back to that bit later you have a patch here but other than that that’s pretty much it they’re pretty basic pretty minimal and they’re just going for a very sleek unique style on the cuff patch and they’ve actually used a bit of gold stitching in there which I think just makes it look a little bit more premium it’s just a bit nicer as well also underneath the strap I don’t know how well you’ll be able to see this but they have the logo and the model number just stamped into the leather as well which is very subtle hidden away so you don’t really notice it but it’s a nice
little touch when you do actually put the gloves on and have a look at them
so the materials on these are by far better than most of the gloves that we’ve tried
the leather is absolutely brilliant when you first get it out of the box the smell of leather is like buying a brand new pair of shoes except it’s really strong and we’re not the only people to comment on that other people have commented as well and it seems people really like that unique feel of opening up and getting that fresh smell it’s probably more intense than any other gloves we’ve had often you get a little better leather smell but these actually still smell quite nice now you can still get that unique leathery smell which isn’t quite the same as any other glove out there it’s a bit hard to describe
the quality of the leather though is actually really good it’s not just the smell so you can tell it’s really thick it’s really nice it’s cowhide leather on this glove although some Reyes gloves are made with the goatskin I believe
it’s pulled over it’s folded really neatly around the edges and the quality is just brilliant it’s really well put together and you can see slight creases in the leather where it’s used over time but I think that just adds the character a little bit more
on the inside you have a nylon feeling material which isn’t uncomfortable on the skin but I wouldn’t say it’s as comfortable as some of the softer ones but what this material does do is it really wicks away to sweat nicely so I don’t ever feel like the gloves are damp on the inside it never really feels like they’re wet or soaking up too much sweat which is obviously it means that after a long session these would be a little bit more comfortable than some other gloves perhaps the velcro is pretty sturdy on these you could take it off easily but it definitely holds itself in place it’s not going to peel off and start scratching your opponent anytime soon so that’s also one less thing to worry about so the craftsmanship is another thing you can really tell they’ve got 70 years of experience behind them because when I first got them there wasn’t a stitch out of place all the lines are really straight stitching is really nice it’s really neatly done and everything’s reinforced really well you can see where they’ve stretched the leather around the gloves as well it’s really stretched around the padding neatly and they’ve folded it really neatly here it’s probably one of the neatest like set of folds I’ve seen on the side of a glove which really goes to show the amount of attention to detail they put into these and the quality of the materials and the expertise that they have behind them
one thing I’m not really a fan of with the way these are put together is the fact they have so many labels on them so you’ve got this little white one here that’s fine there’s actually two inside on this glove and on the right hand there’s another one sticks up just here just underneath the velcro strap which I find it just a bit awkward I don’t really see why it needs to be there and it always seems to stick out when you don’t want it to it’s just one of those things I feel like they could have simplified that or just left them all inside right so let’s take a look at the actual
hybrid closure of these gloves so what you have is you have a typical lace-up glove here it doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of holes so it’s very loosely tied up I feel like they probably could have added a little more
and then you have the velcro strap as well which is just ties around just to secure that in I love the fact that you do have the options you have that flexibility and you can really choose whether you want to go tight on the laces or just rely on the velcro strap but it has its flaws at the same time I do find it’s a bit of a pain when you’re lacing up the gloves because you think with a velcro glove you’d be able to just do it up yourself but at the same time you have to wait for someone else with these gloves to help you lace up your own gloves so you have to get someone to tie it up then when you’ve tied it up there’s not really anywhere for the laces to go normally with a lace-up glove you’d tie it around the back of the hand but you can’t really do that here because of where the velcro strap is so you just kind of have to tuck them in so there are ways around that of course
on my gloves I decided to switch out the laces with some elastic cord which means you can kind of get the benefits of the laces but you can slip your hand in yourself and then you have the velcro strap to go around and support yourself a little bit better if you don’t want to go for that method you do have some other options available you could loosen the laces up enough so that you can slide your hand in with them already tied up or what you could do is just take them out completely and just rely on the velcro strap the problem I find with that method is that this slit does come up quite high so you might not be getting the palm protection that you really need if you do have a longer session though it is worth getting them tied up just because that fit is really nice and after a long session they can still really feel comfortable and have that great fit
these are fairly well fitted around the hand a fairly snug fit
there’s a little bit of room on the side for me but people have said that they do find these come a bit small so perhaps if you have bigger hands you might want to go for the large just to be safe just to make sure that you can actually fit your hand in comfortably so these are suitable for all sorts of training really you could use them for pad work and get some nice contact you can use them for a heavy bag and really hammer those shots in or you could use them for light sparring
I really think that despite the issues with sizing these are actually really nice to use for sparring mainly because they are so slim and you can really like sneak those shots in there they’ve also got some good hand movement you can open your fingers quite nicely which is great for parrying or especially if you’re doing something else like kickboxing or Thai boxing where you can catch kicks
problem I’ve found with that is that the thumb sticks out at a slightly weird angle so it seems to jut outwards a bit more whereas most gloves seem to like tuck in it seems to stick out which means that sometimes it can get in the way a little bit I’ve also found that because it sticks out the thumb is a little bit more prone to rubbing so that section is a little bit more worn than any of the other sections on the glove with these gloves though it’s really the quality that stands out and when you’re using them you can really feel it and it’s just a little bit of an ego boost to know that you’re using such high quality materials
if you’re looking to buy these gloves in the UK I think they’re about £170 obviously that price does depend on where you look and I think sometimes they might vary the prices depending on what size you buy as well so it may vary you just need to look around
this is obviously pretty high a price it’s definitely not a bargain glove but the quality the materials all back that up this is the kind of glove that you go for if you’re really looking to get the maximum quality of your glove or you’re looking for a really solid glove that’s going to last you for absolutely years
right so to cover a couple of key points that we found with these gloves the materials and craftsmanship on these are brilliant the materials and leather is absolutely amazing the hybrid fit offers a few more options and how you want to wear these so you can rely mainly on the laces or just the velcro on it’s own they’re also really nice to use for sparring mainly because the fit and the size even despite the issues with the actual weight
the price is a little bit high but if you’re looking at Cleto Reyes you know to expect that anyway it’s a bit weird that they’re measured by size and not weight which is a little bit awkward if you’re looking for a certain size and also they can be a little bit tight fitting so you do need to make sure you go up a size if you do have larger hands so that’s it for this review if you like that head over to where we’ve got a whole load of written reviews and guides already or if your video stuff you’re interested in head over to the YouTube channel hit the subscribe button and we will see you next time

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