Cleaning a pellet stove Eco Spar Auriga 23kW with subtitles in EN, BG, RO, DE

In this video we are going to show you how to clean your pellet stove with water jacket Eco Spar We start by opening the upper cover You can do this by unscrewing the 4 bolts that hold it Cleaing is easier with an ash vacuum cleaner If its pipe is long enough, you can reach all the way down In most cases this is not enough so the stove needs to be cleaned from below, which is done by opening the side cleaning covers Now we are going to show you how The most important part of the pellet stove cleaning is done through the side cleaning openings The side panels of the stove are equipped with small lids for easy access They are removed by unscrewing 4 bolts These are the lower cleaning openings Their purpose is easy cleaning of ash and soot Again, removing them is easy, because they each have only 2 bolts These are the two pipes that need to be cleaned The easiest way is with a vacuum cleaner In most cases the residue is mostly in the lower pipe There’s an identical opening on the other side of the stove It also needs to be opened and cleaned with an ash vacuum cleaner This is the silicone pipe that connects the stove with the pressostat Ash can clog its entrance If it’s completely clogged, the stove will stop working and an error will be shown on the display To prevent that, the residue needs to be removed You can use a screwdriver or some other small metal object We are now going to show you how to clean the pressostat Most problems are caused by ash clogging it First, you need to remove the rear cover of the stove It has 6 bolts – one in each corner, and 2 in the midsection Be extra careful with the display cable! This is the pressostat It’s being held by 1 bolt that you need to remove You can see the silicone pipe that connects it to the stove You need to detach the pipe, but remember where it was connected before you do it It has to be reattached on the internal connection of the pressostat The easiest way to clean the pipe is to blow in it If there’s any ash in it, it will simply come out the other end After that you can connect the pipe to the pressostat again In some cases you might need to disconnect the cables of the pressostat The cable connections are numbered The correct ones are numbered 1 and 3 In this video we showed you how to clean your pellet stove with water jacket Eco Spar If you need more information, visit us on or watch some of our other videos

5 thoughts on “Cleaning a pellet stove Eco Spar Auriga 23kW with subtitles in EN, BG, RO, DE

  1. Buenas noches, por favor, necesito saber donde puedo comprar el quemador (recipiente donde caen los pellet y se queman) de una caldera como la del video "Eco Spar Auriga 23kW".
    Escribo desde España y aquí no localizo servicio tecnico.

  2. Good evening, please, I need to know where I can buy the burner (container where the pellets fall and burn) from a boiler like the video "Eco Spar Auriga 23kW".

    I write from Spain and here I do not find technical service.

    Thank you

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