Claudia Tries Boxing!

Hi everyone, it’s Claudia Scott and today
I’m gonna be trying out boxing. Last week, I tried something called Muay Thai
which is Thai Boxing and I had an amazing experience but this week I wanted to try more
traditional type boxing and see what it’s all about. My name is Bradley Welsh and I’m the head
trainer and gym owner of Holyrood Boxing gymnasium here in Edinburgh. I have a vast experience
in boxing over 40 years. I’m a former amateur British champion and an internationalist.
And through my life after my competing stage as a top amateur and a brief foray into the
professional game, I turned to open up a gymnasium. We’re going to do a training session here
today, and give you an introduction to what a normal person would get coming into the
gym. We’re going to guide you through it, were
going to show you what our normal teaching technique would be to get an entry level to
that to basically learn how to stand up and to use the rudiments of boxing which are movement,
about being able to strike and not be struck and they are the principles of boxing. If you are right footed or right handed, you
would change over and lead with your weaker side. So if your right handed, turn sideways on,
your left shoulder facing towards the mirror. Good separation of feet, little bounce on
the toes. Then you want to do is take your left foot
and take a half step forward. It gives you the fundamentally most important
thing in boxing, balance. So if you stand still, put your weight on
your foot, right hand comes up on the side of the chin, looking at yourself the mirror,
left hand up in front of you. Baseline, good balance on feet, hands protecting.
To go backwards, step with your back foot, to go forwards, step with your front foot. The distance between your feet remains constant,
therefore it gives you balance all the time. You’re going to take a straight line, the
opponent is in front of you, back back forward Perfect. From that position there, these are the combinations
you’re going to throw here. Looking straight down the mirror you’re going
to fire your left hand it’s called a jab. Jab. Perfect. Jab, stop. You want the left hand to shoot and land,
rather than leaning forward keep your foot sideways unlike the kicking sports yeah. What we’re going to do is keep it slightly
sideways, so you generate the balance. From there it locks you in, your left hand shoots,
no need to twist your core. Lands at eye height. That way when you throw your right hand, it’s
going to give you more power. It’s called a one two… Perfect jab, stop. So you’ve taught yourself the jab. Your body shape’s perfect. From that position there, there is no point
firing your right hand over here because there’s nobody there. There’s your target there. So you land your right hand exactly where your left hand is, by hip flexing. Boom. Try it together. Left hand facing forward. One, two. When you throw your right hand it’s got to hyper extend. Does that make sense? Jab lands. Right hand pushes through. Stop. Good, from that position if you look at yourself, yeah. You’re going to throw your left hand forward and round. Right hand stop. Using your hip and your shoulder, your weight’s going to transfer onto your back foot. Left hook. Try it. Right hand, left hook, right hand. Good girl. Right keep the hips that way, that way you’re a smaller target. If you’re sideways on, you’re a bigger target
and now you’ve got no balance, look. You’re going to shadow box. Shadow box is
the freest range of expression in boxing. It’s unbridled, there’s no restrictions on you and the hardest opponent you’re ever going to meet is that person there. Ready, shake off. Single jab, double jab. Punching at head height. Fast, one two.
Good girl, that was excellent. Good girl, that one was excellent. On you go, make it up yourself. Good girl. Good, one two.
Bring your right hand back onto the jaw. Right hand, left hook, right hand. That was really good. – Thanks. – Really good. Let’s go get some gloves on. – Okay, cool. You’re getting a baptism of fire now with them. Just put the thumbs on the outside. Make sure you land like that. If you land like this, you’re going to hurt your wrist. Left hand’s going to shoot forward. Land. Pull back again. You’re a wee bit too far away. Bounce on your toes. I just want you to with your left jab I want you to find the right distance so your hands landing. Go, jab. Good girl, you’ve got to core rotate so when the left hand lands… Stop, take your hip and your shoulder shoots. Good girl. Say it bah bah boom. Right hand stop. Stay there. From that position there, stay there. You’re going to fire this hand this way and land on the side of the bag as a left hook. Now twist your left hip, back at the start position, like this. Yes, your right hand pulls back to your chin. Right hand stop, smash that left hand into the side of this. Pull that back to your chin. Left hook, good. Right hand stop. Good girl, from there left hand on the chin, left hook, right hand. Single jab, double jab. Fast one two. Right hand, left hook, right hand. Say it.
Right hand, left hook, right hand. Is that better?
Well you felt it yourself, didn’t you? This is where it gets to the boxing realm. This is the oonagi. Right hand on chin, left hand upfront of you. You’re in perfect shape, look, sideways on, protecting you. We’ve now got a pole between us. It’s connected. Forward, I come, sideways. Come forward. You’re judging where I am, look. I come, you go. Make sense? I want you to do something now…. I want you to focus, look. See me… look. I want you to switch that adrenaline gland on. This is the difference between boxing and any other sport. I’m going to come close to you and you’re not going to like it. That adrenaline gland is going to switch on. These are pads and coaches use these to shape a new person up, to get their body shape right, to get the combinations punches right. When they can strike and when they move. And it’s about judging that right. It takes your brain, your hand and eye and feet coordination to be able judge that distance. Now we’ve got this. I come, you go. I go, you come. Now we’ve got a conversation. Sideways. Don’t let me get near you. Concentrate. Stay at distance. Jab, jab, good girl elbow down. Jab, go, one two. Say it. Back, sideways. You’ve got to keep that distance, concentrate. One two. Good girl, one two, back, sideways. Jab, jab, one two. From that position there left hand on the chin, we’re going to go forward and round see this. Land as a left hook. Good girl, stand up tall. Single jab, double jab, fast one two. Right hand, left hook, right hand. Big right hand. Big right hand. Single jab, double jab. Really good. Good! Good. How good was that? Once we’ve guided someone through it and gave them their skill technique. From pad work, from shadow boxing, from practicing on the bag. To get better its quite simple, its practice. But also what we do in a normal session is we apply a lot of jumping and bounding exercises. So we use something called a jump bar. Jump bar is basically is very very difficult. Get some rhythm, springing over. You going to try and jump it? I’ll try and jump it. I’ll catch you. So it’ll take confidence. So I’m going to hold onto the bar. And you’re going to go really high. Ready, spring spring jump. We’re going to do that for 30 seconds flat out then we’re going to turn, then you’re going to go into this space here then you’re going to go straight into this bag. Go. Spring, spring, jump! Face up the box, right into it. Onto the bag. Sideways on. Single jab, head tight, good girl, single jab, double jab, faster one two. Good girl, excellent. Well done. I’m not fit. You are. We’re going to get a ball you can punch. We’ll go to the smallest one. Floor to ceiling balls are great for time and distance They’re great for working out your rhythm of punches. For new people they’re very, very hard. It’s the hardest piece of equipment in the gym to use. Left hand out, from there using your delta, it’s simple don’t hit it hard, it will come back too quick. Jab, jab. Say it. Jab, jab. Good girl. That was really good. One, two, three, four. Say it. Good girl. So difficult. Go, single jab, double jab. Good girl. That was good. One, two. Have a conversation with yourself. Time. Skipping ropes, the universal piece of equipment in a boxing gym but sometimes an overused piece of equipment. It’s not a good warm up exercise, it burns too much glycogen in the muscle yeah. Great exercise though, fantastic exercise and we do use it as a warm down. Better, better balance there yeah. – That was good. – Well done. You done well. You done really well. Well done. – Thank you for having me. I have just finished my session with Bradley and I have to say I learnt a lot in this session. And when I went into the session, he really showed me the difference between boxercise classes and boxing classes. Another thing that I loved about this boxing class was that there was a tonne of woman, because I talked last week about how these gyms can sometimes be a wee bit daunting and when I went into this class there was almost more woman than men and that gave me more confidence. I’m going to give you guys an update tomorrow, let you know how I feel after my class. So stay tuned and I’ll speak to you tomorrow. Good morning everyone, I wanted to have a quick overview of what I maybe hadn’t said yesterday. My session was a much more focused setting for the sole purpose to let you out there see what is in one of these boxing class sessions In terms of my body and how I feel, I don’t feel too sore, just my wrists a wee bit and always the back of my arms and that’s just because I’ve been punching and working those muscles but nothing to really complain about. I myself am a massive perfectionist so when it comes to anything I love to know the technique down to a T. Now I did learn some of this when I did Muay Thai last week and because obviously this is much more similar to my boxercise classes, I am learning the technique that I would use and implement in my boxercise classes Now moving on from the boxercise classes, now like the Muay Thai classes my head was so focused in this class As I’ve said before I have a really short concentration span so for me, trying to get something that has my full attention is rare Boxing classes in boxing gyms are solid, they are no joke and if you want to get fit fast they are probably the best classes you can go to out there They aren’t just a fitness class, they’re also a self-esteem class and you come away feeling amazing I hope you guys have enjoyed watching, and please tune in next time.

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