Classic Boxing: Khan vs. Maidana 2010 – Full Fight

[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer:
The following is a presentation
of HBO Sports.– Hello again.
I’m Jim Lampley. On May 7, HBO Pay-Per-View
will bring you to Las Vegas live for a rare treat:
the middleweight title showdown between Canelo Álvarez
and Amir Khan, with Khan moving all the way up
from welterweight to fight for the lineal middleweight
championship of the world. To help get you ready for that,
we’re gonna go back more than five years to
one of the most dramatic fights of Amir Khan’s career. It was his showdown with the ultra-violent
Argentine puncher Marcos Maidana here in Las Vegas,
and here’s the way I called itwith Roy Jones
and Larry Merchant.
– Give me
that towel again.Lampley:
Joe Cortez is working on a spot
where Maidana dropped
about a quart of water
on the canvas in the ring
during the introductions,
and I don’t know whether
Maidana did it on purpose
or whether it was just
an accident or carelessness,
but it was–it was striking
how much water went down there.
Merchant: Sort of like
a baseball manager
watering the baseline–[bell dings]The infield to stop
the faster guys
from prevailing.
Lampley: It occurred to me.
Yes, it occurred to me.Jones:
Khan went to shake hands
and this cat went at Khan
with a left hook.
Lampley: I don’t think
he’s terribly interested
in shaking hands.
Jones: No, he’s not.
Lampley: Maidana is not
a friendly fighter.
Khan wants to stick
the jab-and-move.
Jab and move for the first
several rounds is the plan.
Stay away
from the right hand.
Stay away
from even one right hand.
Jones: But he could get hit
with that overhand, right?
Maidana doesn’t back off,
and you see Khan’s movement,
his range,
his height looks imposing,
and the jab is terrific.
Good up-and-under
with the right hand by Khan.
Excellent jab!
Merchant: Oh, he hurt Maidana.
Stuck Maidana right in the face
with a perfect spear
of a jab.
And that got Maidana thinking
about how hard
he should attack.
That straight right hand
suddenly rearranged
the battle plan a little bit
for Maidana.
Marcos Maidana.
Jones: Maybe he didn’t realize
that Amir Khan could punch too.
Lampley: Well,
he’s still coming forward,
just not with the same
all-out aggression
as in the first 20 seconds
of the fight.
Khan blocking the right hand
with his glove.
And moving away
from the right hand
and firing
a four-punch combination.
The hand speed difference
is very clear.
And you see Maidana searching,
searching with the right hand.
So far, the right hand
has hit mostly air.
Jones: The hand speed
is so different–
is so phenomenally different.Khan has so much more
hand speed than Maidana
that it’s throwing
Maidana off.
Lampley: Right,
Maidana can’t believe
that Khan can throw
a four-punch combination
before he responds.Jones:
And have power on it.
Lampley: Incidentally, Khan
did have 16 rounds of sparring
with Manny Pacquiao in the past
eight weeks, and it shows.
Merchant: Well…when somebody is coming at you
as hard as Maidana does,
the only thing
that’s really gonna work
is a shot in the head.– Hold the head.
Hold the head.Lampley:
Coming into this fight,
Freddie Roach said, “Amir has
fought 51 rounds for me,
and I think
he’s won them all.”
In the eyes of judges,
he’s won at least 49 of them.Jones: Oh! Oh!
Lampley: And down goes Maidana!
What a tremendous body shot!And he may not get up.Now he’s gonna get up.Jones:
He don’t want to.
What a body shot by Khan.
He don’t want to get up.
Merchant: Well, if he got up,
Roy, he wanted to get up.
He’s never been stopped.
Khan wants him right now.[bell dings]And hit him with a big
left hook after the bell.
And Maidana needed that bell.
Nice shot.Lampley: Big time 1st round
for Amir Khan.
man: One down, guys.– What?
Okay, take that. – [speaking Spanish] – Please, the spit bucket. Breathe, breathe, Marco. – Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ. – Relax, Marco. – [speaking Spanish] – All right? Keep your–
keep your hands up over his eye. Lateral movement, all right,
control the ring, okay? All right?
Just like that, all right?Jones: Here you see Amir Khan
punching to the head.
He throws two wicked body shots
to the body.
[whistle blowing]Very wicked body shots,the left one landed
right on the liver,
and that hurt him
really, really bad.
As a matter of fact,
I don’t know if he can recover
from that
for the rest of this fight.
[bell dings]
Merchant: Yeah, we’ll see.
Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in round 1:
31 out of 72 for Khan.Maidana, 5 of 48.
Round 1 was a wipeout.
Is Khan gonna be cautious
or is he gonna go after him?
Fact is, he can go after him
while being cautious
because of his range
and his speed.
Merchant: Nobody’s treated
Maidana the way Khan did
in that 1st round.Lampley:
Maidana’s never been stopped.
Merchant: We’ll see how hard
he trained right here.
If he can recover
from that body attack.
– [speaking Spanish] I don’t want you
punching north. Hold the head down.Lampley: One advantage
for Maidana, however,
Roy Jones, the unique mentality
of the puncher.
He’s getting
wiped out here,
but his confidence
isn’t gone yet,
because he knows
if he lands one big shot…
Anything can happen.
Lampley: But he’s getting
hammered to the body
and Khan is
putting on a show.
Jones: Usually, when a guy
picks a guy to fight
he sees something there
that he thinks
he can take advantage of.Lampley: One, two, three,
four, five, six.
Six landed punches by Khanbefore Maidana was
able to throw.
Another body shot.Merchant: You can see
how much Khan has filled out
in his upper body
in the last couple of years.
Lampley: Well, he was trying
to be a super big lightweight.
Now he’s a normal 140-pounder
with height.
That was part of
Freddie Roach’s advice.
135 was
the wrong weight class.
Merchant: And still
Maidana presses forward.
It’s the only way
he can have a chance.
Lampley: Roy, has Khan made
a single mistake so far?
Jones: No, the only mistake
he’s making every now and then
is coming straight forward,
his head a little high.
He has to be careful
of the hook–
overhand right lead coming
down the pipe like that
because that is
the only chance the guy got
to land a overhand right
is when he comes
straight down the pipe.If Khan doesn’t come
straight down the pipe,
he has no other mistakes
he’s making.
[crowd cheering]Lampley:
Another vicious body shot
with the left hand
by Khan.
Maidana has taken
a ton of punishment
in the first two rounds.Good right hand by Khan.Another good right hand.Maidana just walking around,
following him,
searching to land
the right hand,
and getting hit.[bell dings]Good body shot
by Maidana,
maybe his best punch
in the first two rounds,
but it’s been
all Amir Khan.
I mentioned earlier about–
we’ll see
how well conditioned he is…
– Yeah, boy.Merchant: Because he didn’t
look very good
in beating DeMarcus Corley
in his last fight.
– Deep breaths. – Keep moving your arms
nice and slow. You know how we do it, right? [horns blowing] – Well, you’re boxing
real well, fighting real smart. Keep boxing.
Hey. Just use the face
a little bit more for me, okay? Use the face, all right? – [speaking Spanish] – Keep working,
keep working. Try to load up
the right hand. Come on, pay attention and
you’ll be a winner here. – Okay? – [speaking Spanish] – Breathe deeply.
Again, breathe. That’s it.
Okay, done. [whistle blows]Lampley: Well,
as you look around the arena,
the crowd seems suddenlyto have become
strikingly larger.
Merchant: [laughs]Lampley:
Maybe Khan and Maidana
do have drawing power
after all.
[bell dings]
CompuBox numbers in 3:
Khan, 32 out of 59.
What a round.
Maidana again landed
five punches in the round,
just as was the case
in the 1st.
Harold, score it for us.Lederman:
Okay, right, Jim.
20 to 17, Amir Khan.
You gotta give him
an extra point
for the knockdown in round 1
with the liver shot,
and certainly he won round 2
with nice boxing,
keeps his hands up high,
his elbows in tight.
Real good defense
by Amir Khan.
He’s–yeah, he’s a pretty good
ring general too,
uses that ring real well
to set up his shots.
2-0, Amir Khan.[crowd cheering]Lampley: Hard right hand
over the top by Khan,
and he’s gone
before Maidana can counter.
Good left hook by Khan.Now Maidana finds him
and lands the right hand.
Maidana got in
his right-hand shot,
and he lands it again.Jones: Khan landed
a good uppercut too.
Merchant: You know,
Maidana’s one of those guys
who might
strike out a lot,
but he also will hit the ball
out of the ballpark, you know.
[laughter]Lampley: And now Khan has
tasted Maidana’s power,
and now they’re both
in the fight.
Marcos Maidana has survived
the first two rounds onslaught
and is coming back
in round three.
– Break it up, hey.
Hey. [inaudible]
let’s go. Let’s go.Jones: This Maidana’s
a game fighter,
I’ll tell you that.[crowd cheering]Lampley:
Well, remember…
Maidana was
around three–
or down on the canvas
three times against Ortiz,
and never lost confidence,never seemed to feel
he was out of control.
Now, Ortiz was not nearly
as dominant against him
in knocking him down
three times
as Khan has been so far,
knocking him down once.
– Ho, ho!
Stop, stop, stop.Jones: Khan seems to be getting
a little tired here
so he has to be careful
not to wear himself out
running from Maidana
so much.
They trade right hands there.
Good left hook
by Khan
in the middle
of that combination.
Maidana landed a quick jab
in that combination.Merchant:
Well, Khan wanted a test,
and for the moment,
he’s getting it.
Lampley: So you’re getting
a sense already
in this doubleheaderof how talent-loaded is
the 140-pound weight class.
Maidana, the punches.
Khan, the glamour boxer.
[crowd cheering] [bell dings]
– Careful. [cheers and applause] [all speaking Spanish] – [yelling in Spanish] – All right? Let’s see you do this–
jab, jab, jab some more, okay? And then don’t forget
the body. You’re really hurting him
in the body, but here, you get him in–
you get it set perfectly, okay? – Okay.
– All right? – Jabs each way,
he’s breaking to the body. – Joe. – All right? [whistle blows] [all speaking Spanish] [bell dings]Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in the 3rd round:
Khan, 25 out of 55.
Maidana, 14 out of 72.
But Maidana got into the fight
in the 3rd round,
and because of the two
big right hands he landed,
Harold Lederman scored
the round for him.
[crowd cheering]Maidana paused
to adjust his trunks
and Khan went
right at him.
Jones: [laughs] Yeah, he gon’
quit adjusting his shorts
while he’s that close to Khan
or Khan gonna catch him.
Lampley: That was
an alert moment for Amir Khan.
Jones: [laughs]Lampley: And there’s
another good left hook.
and he backs away,because Maidana has earned
Khan’s respect
with those two right hands
in the 3rd round.
Yeah, but Khan is smart.
Now he’s going
back to the body,
he’s going up and down here,
which is smart for him.
If he can land
another good body shot,
he’ll probably get himself
another lead in the fight.
– All right, break!
Break! No, break it, no, break it.
Break. Break out clean.
Break out clean. Let’s go. All right, break!
No, break it, break out clean. Let him out, man. Let out clean.
Break out clean. Let’s go.
Box. [crowd cheering]Lampley: Another good quick
left hook inside by Khan.
Jones: Khan fighting
a very smart fight.
and not getting hit,
that’s how you protect
that chin.
– Okay, okay, let’s go.Merchant: But he’s not–
Lampley: The reason why
Maidana is the big puncher
in the 140-pound weight class,
check out the muscles
in his legs.
And he’s touching Khan up
right now.
– All right, break, break!
Lampley: The muscles
in his legs
and also his biceps.
– Break out clean.
Break out clean.Lampley: They show you
where the power is.
Merchant: But and to hit and
not get hit,
Khan is sure to hit.He’s not running.
– Hold on! No, no, no!Merchant: In terms of being
able to hit the guy,
he’s willing
to take his shots.
Lampley: The hand speed
advantage remains in place,
but Maidana now understands
Khan’s hand speed advantage
and has adjusted to it
in some ways.
Quick body shot by Maidana.
Jones: Amir Khan has got to
start blocking that uppercut
that Maidana’s landing
on the inside.
That’s not a good shot.Lampley: How do you block
an uppercut, Roy?
Jones: Turn that palm–
turn it–right there.
Turn that palm inside
under your chin.
[bell dings]
– Hold on. – [speaking Spanish] – Good, good, good. – [speaking Spanish] – Breathe, breathe deeply.
Breathe deeply. Breathe deeply.Roach: It’s working nice
for you, all right?
You got this guy reaching now.
You got this guy reaching. You got him reaching for you
now, okay? Use the feign, make him
reach the feign, okay? All right? Turn that hook
over for me, okay? All right?Jones: Here you see
Maidana landing that
right uppercut right there,
a left to the body,
then he come with a left
uppercut up the middle,
and then the last one,
he land the outside shots.
Another left uppercut…[whistle blows]A hook,
and another right uppercut.
That’s four uppercuts he got
hit in one exchange with.
Merchant: That’s a pretty good
combination right there, Roy.
[bell dings]
– Hold the head down.
Okay, let’s go.Lampley: Amir Khan’s punch-out
rate is dropping.
He threw 72 punches
in the 1st round
by CompuBox count,
59 in the 2nd,
55 in the 3rd,
49 in the 4th.
Part of that could be fatigue,part of that could be
Maidana’s punching power.
[crowd cheering]Another hard
right hand by Khan.
You heard Freddie Roach
saying that,
“You’ve got him reaching
for you.”
He wants Khan to feint Maidana
out of position.
“Maidana goes for feints.”
Good rally for Khan.Jones: Khan just gotta be
careful to pace himself
and not punch himself outin these early rounds
like this.
He has the advantage,
but seems like
these shots to the head are not
really bothering Maidana yet.
No, what bothered Maidana early
were the body shots.Jones: And that’s what Khan
should be going back at.
Lampley: Maidana has a cut
in the eyebrow
just above his right eye.Between rounds, the Nevada
State Athletic Commission
told us that the cut
was caused by a punch,
so should Maidana’s cut widenand become
a factor in the fight,
it’s a competitive factor too.It was not caused a blow.Merchant: Which would mean
that if Maidana can’t go on,
it would be
a TKO for Khan.
Lampley: Exactly.Maidana gets in
a right hand.
Energetic punching machine,
Khan manages
to get him to lean in
to his own right hand.
– Ho.
Yeah. [speaking Spanish]
All right? Time-out.
Time-out. Time-out.
Get in that corner. One point. One point.
One point. One point. [speaking Spanish] Time in, let’s go.Lampley: I think Maidana
can probably forget
about winning a decision
here tonight.
Jones: [laughs]
Merchant: Well, uh…
the referee’s decision was
that he hit him with his elbow.
An old tactic in the sport.
People used to accuse
Mike Tyson of it.
A one-two is the left hand
followed by the left elbow.
So the one-point penalty
added to the extra point
that Khan got
for the knockdown early,
added to the fact
that Khan might not have lost
even a single round
makes it pretty prohibitive
for Maidana
to try to win a fight
by decision here.
Jones: I don’t think
he had that in mind
when he came in here,
though, Jim.
I don’t think so either.
I don’t think it was anywhere
near his consciousness.
A good body shot by Maidana.
[loud tapping]Merchant: Well, you gotta give
Maidana high marks
for the way he keeps coming.[bell dings] [cheers and applause]Lampley: Boy, Joe Cortez
really wrestled Maidana
off of Khan
at the end of that round.
– That’s the way you box.
Good job. Nice, deep breath.[chimes ringing]Now, one more. Okay. Hey, rinse.
Here you are. All right.
Now hear. You keep boxing him and
picking him apart, okay? – Yeah.
– All right? You’re moving, all right,
you’re laying combinations. Aide-to-side, all right?
Side-to-side, okay? Keep angles on him, okay?
All right?Lampley: All right,
we’re gonna look at a replay
of the elbow incident
for which
Marcos Maidana was penalized
a point by Joe Cortez.
Harold Lederman,
tell us what happened here.
Lederman: Okay, Jim.Well, as you see here,Marcos Maidana
throwing a right hand,
and he throws
that follow-up elbow,
and that seems to be
what Joe–
what referee Joe Cortez
objected to.
In other words,
he throws the punch
and then wraps in
with the elbow…
[bell dings]So Cortez took away one point
for using the elbow.
Lampley: Khan boosted
his punch count back up
to 54 in that last round,
and landed 25 of them.
Merchant: Did the elbow land
on Cortez or on Khan?
I thought he was penalizing
for getting–him getting hit.
Lederman: Well, you know,
Larry, accepting that a bet–
Amir Khan’s corner
talked to Joe Cortez
before the fight about it.They probably said,
“Watch Maidana’s elbow,”
that they put some fear
into Cortez,
and the minute that he did it,
Cortez took a point.
Lampley: First two rounds,
Amir Khan really jumped
on top of Marcos Maidana
and dominated him,
scored a knockdown
with body shots
in the 2nd round.Then in the 3rd round,
Maidana got back at him
with a couple
of hard right hands…
– No biting.
Break it up; break it up.Lampley: And since then,
they have been fighting
pretty effectively
against each other,
with Khan getting
the better of it
because of his hand speed
and his greater boxing skill.
Jones: Yeah,
it’s a better thing to use
his feet and his hands
at the same time.
It’s what allow–is
enabling him to really fight.
Good right hand by–
good right hand by Khan
in that exchange.
The fans here from the UK–
Lampley: Oh!
Left hook by Maidana.
Khan on the run.Minute and a half still to go
in the round.
Khan gets back in position.Maidana’s confidence
is growing.
Khan lands a solid right hand;
Maidana walks right through it.
Merchant: Maidana is making
Khan do what he made Ortiz do:
get into a battle with him.– Let’s go.
Go.Merchant: He’s just
pure relentlessness.
– Hold on, don’t hold the head.
Don’t hold the head. Don’t hold the head down.
Let’s go.Jones: That’s the uppercuthe’s still landing
against Khan.
Khan did a slightly better job
of getting away
from the uppercut,
but he’s still not
blocking them.
Still landing
his combinations, though,
and he’s able to
stop and throw.
– No, don’t hold him. Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go; come on; let’s go. No holding. Let’s go. crowd: Amir! Amir! Amir! Amir! Amir! Amir! Amir! Amir!Merchant:
They’re chanting, “Amir! Amir!”
His fans are called
Khan’s Army.
– Let’s go.Merchant:
They looked more like a platoon
at the weigh-in yesterday,
but they’re–
Jones: [laughs]Merchant:
But they’re very vociferous.
Oh, good shot.
Lampley: Maidana chasing,
chasing, chasing.
[loud tapping] – [speaking Spanish]Lampley: Every once in a while,
he gets in a thunder buster.
– Let’s go. [bell dings]
[speaking Spanish] [cheers and applause] – Okay. You take a point on us,
take a point on him, please. [all speaking Spanish]Lampley: And you see
the CompuBox numbers there
as Khan has landedmore than twice as many punches
as Maidana.
Our Punch Zone graphic
shows you
where the punches
are landing.
Ten times already Khan
has been touched on the chin,
most of those
by Maidana’s potent right hand.
So far Khan has
weathered that,
and meantime, he’s been
touching Maidana up
with many more landed punches
of his own,
including 135 blows
to the head,
but what did him more good
early on
were the 27 punches
to the body.
That knockdown
I said was in the 2nd round,
it was actually
in the 1st.
It came
from a Khan body shot.
Roy Jones, I think
he should be going back there.
[bell dings]Jones: I think he should be
going back there too.
That’s how you weaken the
strength of a puncher, anyway.
Lampley: Halfway
through the 12-round fight.
Amir Khan landed 28 punches
out of 67 in the 6th round,
throwing more punches than
at any time since the 1st,
and that–that’s part
and parcel of what Larry said
about Maidana luring him
into a war.
Jones: Yeah, he gotta make sure
that he doesn’t fight
for the fans but he fights for
him–himself and his corner,
because if he keeps
on a fight for the fans,
that’s the kind of thing
that’s gonna happen to him
right there.
He’s getting this fight
that he doesn’t want
to be in,
and he’s gonna get caught
with a big shot.
Merchant: Well, I just think
that you give Maidana credit
that he keeps stalking him,
stalking him,
coming through
with his punches.
Now he’s
cutting off the ring.
He’s trying to
make him fight.
I don’t think
Khan is doing it
because he’s trying to
make us feel good.
He’s trying to do it
to make him feel good.
Lampley: Harold,
I’m a minute late with this.
How do you have
the fight scored?
Okay, Jim, 58-54.
Four rounds to two,
Amir Khan.
[crowd booing] – Look around.
Okay, let’s go.Lederman: Jim, I was gonna say,
he’s got two 10-8 rounds,
so you know, that’s gonna help
Amir Khan a lot
against this fight
that’s close.
Marcos Maidana spends
an awful lot of time
with those boxing trunks,
and I gotta tell ya,
Amir Khan jumped on him
once or twice while he was
pulling his trunks up.
Be as it may,
4-2, Amir Khan.
Merchant: He’s done that
in other fights as well.
I don’t know why he couldn’t
find one that fits him.
Maybe he–maybe his cojones
are just too big.
[laughter]Jones: If he keeps landing
his uppercut,
they are gonna be too big.– Break!
Break it up, break it up. [speaking Spanish]
Let him out; let him out clean. Step back.Lampley:
The relentlessness of Maidana
is something to behold.Jones:
Yes, it is.
And it’s gotta be
mentally exhausting
for the opponent.
Even if you’re beating him…
Jones: Oh!
Lampley: You know that this
stuff is coming all the time.
Jones: Oh!He cannot let him
keep hitting him
with that overhand right
like that.
One of ’em is gonna
take its effect
if he keep getting hit
with the same punch.
– All right, break, break!
Okay. Come on, let him out,
let him out. Let him out, man.
Let’s go.Jones: And the uppercut
right there is killer.
Lampley: The uppercuts are
doing damage for Maidana.
Khan is still a sitting duck
for the uppercut.
He hasn’t blocked it yet.Jones: He better start
blocking it soon, Jim.
This is a Maidana round.
He’s starting to become
the aggressor.
– Come on, let’s go.
Keep it moving. [crowd cheering]Lampley: That’s a good
momentary rally for Khan.
He needs something
to get his confidence back.
Not that uppercut again.
[loud tapping] [bell dings]
Lampley: Look at how much
Maidana is trying to put
into every uppercut.
Those are
haymaker uppercuts.
– Okay. Deep breath.
Here’s water.Lampley: And I think Maidana
might have won the round,
but Khan has
a lot of insurance.
– All right.
Yeah. – 8th round, guys. – I want to see you more than
ever saving the right hand. Just moving, all right?
[mumbling] Like we did all camp, okay?
All right? Now, remember,
you hit the ropes, you chase him, you get under
and out, extending, okay? All right?
– It’s too much. – Gotta hit.
Use that jab.Jones:
Here you see his right hand
over the top of Khan’s jab
by Maidana.
He’s starting to land
this repetitively on Khan,
and it’s not a good shotfor Khan to keep
getting hit with.
[whistle blows]– Stay in the corner.
Stay in the corner. [bell dings]
Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in that round found Khan
out-landing Maidana only 18-17,
so from a numerical standpoint,
that was Maidana’s best round.
And Roy Jones has pointed out
the danger to Khan
of the winging overhand rights
that Maidana is firing at him,
and I’m not sure
I’ve heard Freddie Roach say
anything to Khan
about the uppercuts.
Jones: I don’t think
I’ve heard him say
anything about it either, but
the problem with me here is,
he’s landing
that overhand right
high on the head right now.If he continues to land it,
one time he’s gonna
catch a chin and
it’s gonna be a problem.
Lampley: Because the chin is
where Khan has been hurt.
Oh, good uppercut
right there.
Lampley: A little taste
of Maidana’s own medicine.
And that would be a good answer
for Khan to Maidana’s uppercuts
is to throw his own
when he gets the shot.
And there is a good
right uppercut there.
Jones: Well, he’s getting
smarter, I’ll tell you that.
Lampley: Getting smarter
right here in the fight.
It’s fascinating how it works.Khan throws his uppercut,
and suddenly,
Maidana isn’t as willing
to throw his own.
Jones: [chuckles]Khan’s uppercut is coming
from the outside.
Maidana’s uppercut is coming
from the inside.
Lampley: Yup.Hard right hand by Khan.Maidana backed straight away.
You can’t do it.
Jones: Maidana appears to be
getting a little fatigued.
Lampley: As he gets fatigued,
Khan is starting
to dominate him again,with hand speed
and combinations.
There’s another
launched uppercut by Maidana.
– Whoa, no, break it, break it.
Come on, let’s go, let’s go.Jones: With Khan’s height
and reach advantage,
he can allow Khan to do all
the fighting from the outside.
Lampley: Now, this is
what Roach was talking about
when he said,
“He’s leaning into you.”
Khan is using Maidana’s
leaning forward
against him now.Merchant:
But Khan has showed
what the British call
“some bottle” in this fight.
He’s shown
some intestinal fortitude.
You talked about Khan’s Army,
the fans who follow him.The leader of Khan’s Army
here in Las Vegas
is British heavyweight–
former cruiserweight–
David Haye.
Jones: Yep.
Lampley: He’s sitting
with the Khan family
in his trademark
black cowboy hat
across the ring,
and as usual,
standing up and
making a lot of noise.
And that’s good for Khan.
Lampley: Excellent.
Jones: Just a bunch of
Khan countrymen.Lampley:
You want a big heavyweight
as your cheerleader.Jones: [laughs]Lampley:
Or, in the current world,
Haye is a small heavyweight.Great round for Khan.Merchant:
Good comeback round for Khan.
He has truly outclassed Maidana
in this round.[loud tapping] – All right, hold on, hold on.
Break! Break out.
Break out clean.Lampley: And for the first time
in the fight,
Maidana looks very tired.[bell dings]
– Time. [cheers and applause] [all speaking Spanish][chimes ringing][all speaking Spanish] – If you want,
I’ll stop the fight. Doctor. Go on that side;
he keeps running like crazy. What do you want,
the Englishman to win? I’ll stop the fight. [whistle blows]Lampley:
Khan’s trainer, Miguel Díaz,
can be a little salty
from time to time.
[bell dings]He’s Argentine himself.In the 8th round,
Khan landed 24 of 65 punches
and held Madonna–
Maidana to 4 out of 40.
That’s the low number
of connects and throws
in the fight for Maidana,
so as we said,
Khan truly outclassed Maidana
in the 8th.
Look at the hand speed
Oh, perfect uppercut
from outside by Khan.
It’s dangerous to throw it,but if you’re that much faster,
you can get away with it.
Jones: Yeah,
when you’re that much–
when your hand speed
is that much of a difference
with a guy, you can throw
all type of shots from outside
because he’s too slow
to do anything about it.
– Hey, stop! Stop!
No, break it. Stop, no breaking.
Let him out; let’s go. Let’s go.Lampley: The trouble
with throwing an uppercut
from far away
is he could lean
into one of Maidana’s
right-hand shots.
Yeah, but he–
Maidana’s so slow with it
right now
that Amir Khan should be able
to see it and avoid it
before he gets caught.Lampley: As he did just there,
ducking away from it.
[crowd cheering]Lampley: Another hard
right hand by Khan.
And another.Maidana was slow
going to his corner
after the last round.Jones: If Khan was smart,
he’d still go back to the body,
You hit him to the body,
you’ll see his head shots go
to take more effect on him.
Lampley: I wonder if he has
stopped throwing to the body
for the fear
of getting countered.
Jones: [laughs]– [speaking Spanish]
Let’s go. All right.
[speaking Spanish]Lampley:
That’s sometimes the reason
why guys dispense
with body shots.
Because when you
drop your hands down,
you’re a little bit more
available to the counter shot.
Jones: Yeah, but because
Maidana’s been down
from a body shot already,
he’s not gonna punch
while Amir Khan is reaching
at his body, believe that.
Lampley: Oh, good point.
Excellent point.
Takes away
the counter possibility.
Exactly right.
[crowd cheering]Lampley: Khan thought he had
another knockdown there.
Cortez is gonna
rule it a slip.
Fairly close.You wonder how much Amir Khan
will choose to stand his ground
in these last three roundsif he makes it
out of the 9th here.
He’s got plenty of room
on the scorecards,
or so it would appear.Jones: One thing I realized
about Khan:
he’s trying to make
a name for himself
here in this country,
he’s trying to show people
that he can take a punch
from a big puncher,
so he has everything
to prove here tonight,
and he’s fighting like it.Lampley:
Great point.
[crowd cheering]Crowd loves it.Merchant:
It looked for a while as though
Maidana was coming on
like Zenyatta…
– [speaking Spanish]Merchant:
In the stretch,
but Khan has held him off
right here.
[loud tapping]Lampley: He has stopped
the damage with boxing skill.
And he buckled down
and showed some bottle, Larry,
as you said.
[bell dings] [cheers and applause]Roach: Come on,
give it to me now.
– Come on.
Roach: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– 10th round.
Roach: All right.
Nice round, son, okay? Now you’re doing right when you
go with that right hand, okay? And here.
[mumbling] – Okay, a deep breath
through your nose. – Remember the jab
and the step to the right? – Yeah.
– That didn’t work for you. – Yeah.
– Okay? – Now you gotta step deep enough
for me though, okay? All right? Jab when he does
a step-turn right into the shot. Okay?
All right? [all speaking Spanish] [whistle blows] [all speaking Spanish] – 350 now.
Left to right. [bell dings]Lampley:
Khan’s 34 connected punches
in the 9th,
his high number for the fight.
Maidana only landed eight,
and he’s extremely slow
getting off of his stool
to come out for the 10th.
Harold, how do you have it?Lederman: Okay, Jim.
Six rounds to three.
87-82 on the across.Hey, Jim,
in the 9th round,
did you see those six, seven,
eight-punch combinations?
Shades of Roy Jones Jr.
by Amir Khan.
Jones: [laughs]
Lederman: Incredible.
I mean, if conditioning
is not winning this fight,
I don’t know what is.
Khan is in beautiful condition.
He lets his hands go,
he uses that ring beautifully,
he’s winning the fight
after Marcos Maidana came back
really well in rounds 6 and 7.
Amir Khan, six rounds to three.
Lampley: And he’s in
this kind of condition, Roy,
despite a training schedule
that saw him train
four weeks in the Philippines
with Pacquiao,
then fly to Los Angeles,
then fly to Dallas–
two more weeks of training
in Dallas with Pacquiao–
then four weeks
back in L.A.
Very unusual in preparation
for the fight.
Well, that’s because of course
they both have Freddie Roach
for a trainer,
but it shows
how much he wants it.
Hard right hand!
Khan is
tremendously wobbled!
Amir should be
holding on right now.
Maidana clocked him big time
with the right hand.
Khan was momentarily
out on his feet.
And he’s hurt again!Maidana’s got his chance.Plenty of time left
in the 10th.
And the left hook lands
for Maidana.
Khan is–Khan is wobbling;
Khan is almost gone.
Will he hold?Will he hold?
He will not.
He pushes Maidana away.He wants to fight
on wobbly legs.
Too much heart!
Too much heart for Khan.
He is a little bull–
Wild Bull of the Pampas.Lampley: Oh, my gosh.
Khan turns away from Maidana.
Maidana almost clocked Cortez.Khan says, “He’s hitting me
in the back of the head.”
He gets caught
with another right hand.
Jones: I told you
when that right hand
hit him on the chin
it was gonna be a problem.
Lampley: It’s amazing
Khan hasn’t been down.
Merchant: It’s been a problem
for most of the fighters
that Maidana has fought.[laughter][crowd cheering]Lampley: Marcos Maidana has
27 knockouts in 30 fights.
He’s trying to knock out
Amir Khan
from way behind
on the scorecards.
This is what Maidana does.
Jones: Yeah, Maidana’s
about that too.
Lampley: Good job dodging
the right by Khan there.
He’s trying to get
his legs back.
Jones: Yeah,
Maidana’s dead tired too.
A little faulty in his shot.He may be able to get Maidana.Merchant: This is high drama
in the desert.
Jones: If he land
a body shot right here,
he could get Maidana,
trust me.
Khan’s getting his legs back.
Jones: Yeah,
if he can get a body shot,
he can stop Maidana.[loud tapping]Lampley: Ten seconds to go
in the round!
Khan is wobbly again.Maidana too tired
to land cleanly.
[bell dings]Maidana can’t get him
out of there.
[cheers and applause] – You okay? – Amir, you all right?
– Yeah. – You okay? – Deep breath. – Pull that out.
[speaking Spanish] – Atta way, Amir. Okay, I want you to stop taking
that heavy punishment.Jones: Here you see Maidana
coming forward
with a overhead right
that I’ve been talking about.
Boom, he landed it
right on the chin,
like I said earlier–
if you ever land it
on the chin, you knew
it was gonna be a problem.
There’s that left uppercut
behind it.
You see,
only a tap with the jab.
He lands another
overhand right on the chin,
followed by a hook
and another overhand right.
[whistle blows]Merchant:
Our last three events–
Jones: And that was
a big overhand right
at the end of the round,
and a body shot to follow,
which was smart
on Maidana’s part.
[bell dings]Merchant:
Again, our last three events–
and now Khan/Maidana.Lampley:
How much of Amir Khan is left
as he comes
to the 11th?
And yes,
in case you’re wondering,
Harold Lederman scored it
a 10-8 round,
so Maidana has cut
the Khan points lead
to the three points
on Lederman’s scorecard.
And Khan is once again
backing away
and seemingly in trouble
in the 11th.
Jones: And still giving
Maidana that uppercut,
which he shouldn’t be
giving him.
Merchant: This, remember,
is what he asked for.
Jones: [laughs]Merchant:
This was the fight he wanted.
He wanted a chance to prove
he could get through this.Jones: If he boxes right here,
he’ll be okay.
He still seems wobbly, Roy.
Jones: Yeah, but he just
gotta box right here.
If he boxes here,
he’ll be okay.
Maidana’s exhausted.
That’s why Amir Khan
should load up and throw
a big body shot here, and
he could drop Maidana again.
Lampley: Doesn’t seem to be
aware of that, though,
as he’s totally
on the defensive.
Jones: That’s what you want
Freddie Roach
to be able to tell him
between rounds.
Lampley: Well, both fighters’
weaknesses have been exposed,
both fighters’ strengths
have been visible.
It’s been a great fight.– All right, all right, break!
Break out, break out.Jones:
Fantastic fight.
Maidana is the kind of fighter
who is not appreciated until he
gets into this kind of fight.
Then everybody says,
“Well, maybe he’s special.”
Whoop, light uppercut.
Blood from the nose of Khan.
Jones: Oh!Lampley:
Huge right hand by Khan.
Jones: And Maidana’s
almost out on his feet.
Uppercut lands for Maidana.
Uppercut lands
for Maidana.
A minute to go in the 11th.Khan seeming to get
some of his energy back.
Khan’s gonna choose to risk
and fight again!
Jones: Yeah, but he should be
going to the body, Jim.
Sure should.
Absolutely crazy not to be
throwing to the body
given what’s happened
in the fight.
Another show of hand speed
by Khan.
Now he’s moving
more steadily on his feet.
Checks the clock
on the big screen.
– Oh, whoa, whoa, come on. Whoa, break, break, break,
break; no, break it.Merchant:
Now, if one hand is free,
why is the referee
breaking them up?
[loud tapping] [bell dings] – Whoa! Come on, come on, hey.Lampley:
They’ve got one round to go.
– [speaking Spanish] – Come on, you’ve got him
hurt, you’ve got him hurt. Gain your strength. Let me in. – I decided I’m gonna let you
do that whole round, okay? All right? You’re in the ropes, be clean.
– Can’t fall on the other side. Now blow in the cloth. – All right,
you’re tying him up. – It’s the last round,
touch him up. Give me a clean round. – Joe.
Come here. – [speaking Spanish] – Marco. Let’s go, breathe. You’re the rock out– [whistle blows] Let’s go,
with everything.Lampley: Marcos Maidana
out-landed Amir Khan
19-12 overall in the 11th,
probably won the round,
narrowing the scorecards
once again.
[bell dings]Martinez:
Final round!
[cheers and applause] – Come on.Lampley: It means that Khan
leads by two points
on Harold Lederman’s scorecard
as we come to the 12th.
– Come on.
Come on, get on over.Lampley: Our first fight
between Victor Ortiz
and Lamont Peterson
was a style contrast
which ended in
a majority draw.
A draw isn’t
out of the question here…
if Maidana could have
another big round.
He landed a low blow
which Cortez didn’t see.
Merchant: Could the difference
in this be–
in this fight be an elbow
landed on Joe Cortez…
Jones: [laughs]
Merchant: That cost a point?
– Break! Break! Break!
[speaking Spanish] Break! Break!
Let’s go, finish the round. Let’s go.
Free round. [crowd cheering]Lampley:
Uppercut lands for Maidana.
Uppercut lands
for Maidana.
Hits Khan
on the back of the head
with the overhand right.Cortez warns him about hitting
on the back of the head.
Khan’s hurt bad again.
Oh, good overhand.Merchant: Khan has to stop
and punch back.
– Hold on, hey, come on.
[speaking Spanish]Merchant: He just can’t run,
because he’s allowing Maidana–
Maidana takes slight–
Merchant: To run over him.
Jones: Yup.
Lampley: Maidana’s coming on
like a truck, and Khan,
by backing up, is giving him
the chance to keep coming.
Jones: I agree with you, Har–
I mean, uh, Larry.
I don’t know why
the referee was breaking them
while his hands are free.– Oh, oh, stop!
Stop! Come on, let’s go.Lampley:
A minute and 18 to go.
Can Amir Khan stand up?Lands an uppercut
and backs away.
Maidana stalking,
stalking, stalking.
Misses with the right.– Hey, hey, knock it off. [crowd cheering]Jones: Maybe okay now.
I think–
Good left hand by Khan.
Lampley: Marcos Maidana caught
by the left hand.
Khan has stopped
and fought again,
now he covers up
one more time.
But he hasn’t hurt him
since those body punches
in the 1st round.
Jones: Yeah,
but I don’t know Maidana
can hurt him too much
right now either.
– Let’s go.Lampley:
Well, if Khan gets the win,
some of the luster of
the first seven or eight rounds
will be gone,
as the result of having to run
to get
out of the fight.
Merchant: Well–Lampley: Maidana should have
started this earlier.
And now Khan fires
one last combination
in the center
of the ring
to try to put the icing
on the cake.
– Oh, stop, stop!
Stop! [loud tapping]Lampley:
That one last combination
secured safety for Khan,
and this may win him the round,
and if he wins the round,
he may be safe.
[bell dings] [cheers and applause]Merchant:
Gentlemen, that was a fight.
– He needs to go. Go ahead.
He needs to go. [indistinct chatter]Lampley:
Highlights from the fight.
Round 1, and Amir Khan began
in a blaze of lightning.
His hand speed was dominant
in the first couple of rounds.
He knocked Maidana down
with that body shot
at the end
of the 1st round.
By the 5th round, things
had changed considerably.
And Marcos Maidana was
penalized a point
for attempting
to hit Amir Khan–
or Joe Cortez, one of the two–
with an elbow.
In the 10th round,Maidana caught Khan
with that right hand.
You see Khan wobbling
next to the ropes,
and Amir was lucky to make it
out of the 10th.
And in the 12th, Maidana
was assaulting him again.
When Khan, in the closing
seconds of the fight,
stood his ground
and fired a combination,
and may have warded off
the evil forces he faced
in all these punches
and all of the power shots
that Maidana tried
to hit him with
down the stretch.Incidentally, Harold Lederman
scored the 10th round–
or the 12th round
for Amir Khan.
The judges are C.J. Ross.Only 14 title fights,and had Chad Dawson
a clear winner
over Antonio Tarver,
as did the other judges.
Jerry Roth,
the most experienced
and well-known judge
in Las Vegas,
had Marquez the winner
of Pacquiao/Marquez II,
as did many ringsiders.Glenn Trowbridge,
22 title fights,
recently scored
Marquez over Diaz.
Harold Lederman’s
final scorecard
is gonna show 114-111
for Amir Khan,
I believe,
and there it is.
Khan, 114-111.Oh, he scored the 12th
for Maidana.
Well, card I’m looking at
shows that to me incorrectly,
but I’m not sure.At any rate,
a final score of 114-111.
Harold, did you score the 12th
for Khan or Maidana?
Lederman: Maidana.
Lampley: Okay.
Lederman: Jim, I thought
he hurt him early.
I don’t think Amir Khan
really did enough
at the end of that round.Lampley: Okay, let’s–
I’m glad that’s clear now.
Let’s go to Joe Martinez
for the official decision.
[bell dings]Martinez: Ladies and gentlemen,
after 12 exciting rounds
between the ropes,
we go to the scorecards,
but first,
Las Vegas, Nevada,
how about a big round
of applause
for the effort out of these
two warriors in the ring?
[cheers and applause]And now, here are
the judge’s scoring totals.
Judge C.J. Ross and Jerry Roth
scored the bout 114-111.
Judge Glenn Trowbridge
has it 113-112.
All three for your winner
by unanimous decision,
and still WBA super lightweight
champion of the world,
Amir “King” Khan! [cheers and applause][triumphant music]♪ ♪

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  29. Khan did what we had to and he deserved to win. But the ref did a terrible job in this fight

  30. Amir is a great boxer, very fast, Just doesn't have the chin to take really big shots. If he had a chin hed probably be the guy to beat. He probably would have beaten canelo

  31. Khan kept turning his back cuz he didn't want to keep getting punched in the face. The poor guy was running for his life. If it wasn't for that ref, he could've been killed in those last three rounds. Khan has blinding hand speed, but no power. Khan has good escape skills, but loves to get smashed in the back of the head. Khan, has decent head movement, but almost loses his head every time he gets throttled. He won on points, but he should thank the ref for that point deduction for that elbow that actually missed and hit the ref…Great fight though.

  32. Clearly some you hate him because of his Religion or Nationality. You Can't hate him cause of his boxing, This man was a beast

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