Chinese Sword Kung Fu vs. 10 Men – Condor Heroes Ep3

Hey Guys, welcome to the Storybook Panda Channel. We learned last time that the Taoist wasn’t
such a bad guy after all. He had killed a corrupt Chancellor and being
pursued by the government’s men. We left off last time with him leaping into
the trees with the Chancellor’s head using his Hing Gong – an Internal Kung Fu ability. Check out the previous videos if you need
to get caught up. Otherwise, let’s see what happens next. So without further ado, here we go! Ten riders arrived in black. “Look over there – someone’s been here
recently,” one of the riders announced as he pointed to the area where Ironheart and
the Priest had held their duel. A number of the men dismounted their horses
and approached the area. “Search the houses,” ordered one of the
riders. Suddenly, a large object was launched out
of the tree, knocked one of the riders off his horse and split his skull wide open. The rest of the men turned to the fallen rider
and looked at the object that had hit him. “It’s Chancellor Wong’s head,” exclaimed
one of the men. A number of men drew their swords and surrounded
the tree, while others drew their bows and shot arrows into the tree branches. But oddly enough, the arrows neither bounced
back nor came through the other side of the tree. The men stood and paused, contemplating whether
they’ve been mistaken by the direction from which Wong’s head came. All of a sudden, the arrows came screeching
from the tree and hit two of the men, dropping them to the ground. The Taoist, Yau Chieu Gei dove down from the
tree with his sword drawn and sliced through two men upon landing. “It’s the Taoist,” yelled one of the
riders, “get him!” The remaining men charged at him but they
were no match for the Priest’s elusive footwork. He easily sliced through two other men before
taking two quick steps to leap into the air towards one of the riders and dismembered
him while he was still on his horse. After seeing the Taoist’s effortlessness
with dismantling their group, the remaining riders galloped away on their horses. Ironheart and Skyfury rushed out to the Priest
and asked, “”Yau-Do Jeung, who were they?” “Let’s find out,” responded the Priest
as he searched their corpses. Some of the men had tags from the “Song” Government,
while others had tags with the Jurchen language. The Priest also found a letter in which the
“Song” Government had approved a request by the Jin to search for the murderer of Chancellor
Wong. “Traitors,” exclaimed Ironheart. “Our country has not been lost and yet the
“Song” Government is already taking orders from the Jin.” He shook his head. Ironheart and Skyfury took out their shovels
and worked with the Priest to bury the dead men. Their wives took out brooms to sweep away
the blood-stained snow. Ironheart’s wife, Bao Sik Yerk – Charity
Bao, was sweeping but she suddenly dropped to her knees. Ironheart rushed over to her, “What’s
wrong?” he asked while carefully supporting her. She did not answer but her face was pale. The Priest walked over to them and checked
her pulse at her wrist. After a few moments of sensing the characteristics
of the pulse, he smiled. “Yeung-hing,” he said to Ironheart, “Congratuations!” “What? Why are you saying that,” asked Ironheart
heart. “I’ll explain when we get inside. Your wife needs rest,” insisted the Priest. After dusting off the snow and arriving in
the Yeung home, the Priest announced, “Your wife is pregnant.” “Are you sure?” Ironheart asked, completely caught off guard
by the diagnosis. “Absolutely,” replied the Priest. Ironheart was beaming with joy. “Yau-Do Jeung, this is truly a joyous occasion. You see, my brother’s wife is pregnant as
well. Would you do us the honour of naming the two
children?” “It would be my pleasure.” The Priest paced for a moment to think of
suitable names. “For Skyfury’s child – I propose the name
“Kwok Jing” – meaning Serenity. For Ironheart’s child – I propose “Yeung
Hong” – meaning Vitality. The intention behind these names is to remind
them of the responsibility they have as young people to stand strong as “Song” citizens
in the face of foreign threat – never to forget what our people have suffered as a result
of the Jinghong Incident.” “Kwok Jing and Yeung Hong, what great names,”
applauded Ironheart. “Yes indeed. These names would work for either a boy or
a girl,” added Skyfury. The Priest took out two daggers and carved
out the characters of “Kwok Jing” and “Yeung Hong” on each of the daggers, respectively. “Please give these to the children when
they are born as a gift from me,” said the Priest. “If I am still alive in ten years, I will
return to Ox village and teach them Kung Fu. But for now I must go.” And with that the Priest left into the night
before the two blood-brothers could extend their invitation to further host their eccentric
guest. But the two brothers and the mothers-to-be
were too ecstatic with the news and the new names to be affected by their new friend’s
sudden departure. “Blood brother – I have wonderful idea,”
exclaimed Ironheart, “if the newborns are of the same gender, let’s have them become
blood-siblings like us…” “And if there is one boy and one girl,”
interrupted Skyfury, “let’s have them become husband and wife!” Everyone laughed and celebrated at the thought
of the two families continuing their strong bond into the next generation. The two brothers swapped daggers with one
another to honour that bond. Ironheart was passed out drunk at the table
as his wife was cleaning up the living room. When she went to close the window for the
evening, she noticed that there was still some hints of blood in the snow outside. She grabbed her broom and headed out to sweep
it. But as she swept, she noticed more and more
blood. It formed a trail and she followed it to the
back of the house. She saw that the trail ended at a dark mound
by the tree. She proceeded forward carefully to inspect
it. It was a body and it was alive. And that’s it for this episode. Hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, please show your support by liking this video and subscribing to the channel. Leave your questions or comments below and I’ll be sure to address them in the near future. And I’ll see you next time on Storybook Panda!

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