Chinese Red Oak Wooden Broadsword for Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Hi, my name is Doug Swift from Enso Martial Arts Today I thought I’d give you a bit of a breakdown on the Chinese Wooden Broadswords that we sell or the red Oak broadswords that we sell. The people would mainly use for Tai chi or Kungfu. So , these are the wooden broadsword that we sell the shop here. Used mainly in Kungfu or Taichi like the Chinese, the Chinese styles. Someone explains to me once that this more of a like a kind of a Peasant or Farmer type of weapon. I don’t know if that’s true but there is there is a bit more of a kind of simple approach to this it feels like a kind of hacking hacking slash type weapon rather than the kind of refined elegance of the, of the straight swords like the Jian. So yeah, please comment if you disagree that’s absolutely fine. But yeah, it feels more like of a hacking and slashing weapon that you can do lots of spins with. There’s no, nothing that really feels like a jab with it its much more slashing sort of a like a slashing bird approach. So yeah,that’s ..that’s.. that’s most of the techniques that you’ll..that you’ll practice with this will be striking slashing kind of hacking kind of approaches, lot of these kind of stuff. What you’ll find with these they do vary slightly, and the way they’re built vary slightly but usually wooden broadsword should pretty much match like them its metal version so usually its slightly shorter, I mean this ones pretty much bang on with the aluminium broadsword that we sell. And then the WuShu Broadswords again its pretty much bang on slightly, slightly shorter than the WuShu ones. Let’s have a look at the measurements so you can really get an idea of what you’re buying. So I got my tape measure here, so overall you’re looking about about 33 inches about 85 centimeters total and the blade’s about 63 or just over 2 foot, 25 inches, so 63, 64 centimeters. so that’s the type of dimensions that you want. These really are a kungfu weapon, you may see a lot of broadsword in kungfu styles. Now in styles like Shaolin or Wushu
people really would just start with a with a kind of flexible Wushu broadswords. These would mostly be used like certain styles of Kungfu the more argue, very arguably the more traditional sub styles lau gar, hang kuen, stuff like that from more down south. You will see a lot of people using this for Tai chi especially recently, we’ve had more people buying this for Taichi. Really good for balance, actually really good for like carrying around coz its quite nice and light not too,not too heavy but some of the metal broadswords can be so which..which suits a lot of Taichi practitioners. So these.. these are made entirely of red oak and they’ve perfected it. They’ve got the groves, down the back of the blade which obviously you don’t need but it looks nice, good shape. Now these are actually made from 3 pieces of old oak. So, the handle which fits in with the..with the main blade and then you got the guard which fits it over the top. What this..what this means is as you don’t have one solo piece of wood is that its not as strong you might expect or it might fail and its certainly not as strong as say like the Japanese red oak bokken. I wouldn’t recommend to use this for pattern practice at all, I wouldn’t recommend to like hit anything or practice striking because I just don’t think the joint here is up to it. These are made or designed much more for solo work, like practicing your forms and drills and and..and that’s what I’d use it for. So yeah, there we have it, that’s..that’s the sword that’s the Chinese broadsword your brilliant start training with it, really good to get, get used to it and obviously, a much cheaper option than going straight on to a metal sword. So yeah, great weapon really good fun to train with it, you get to learn loads more forms and really get..get your arms working show them moving.So yeah, I totally recommend these and yeah pop in the shop or have a look online and view the products online and also DON’T forget to subscribe to the channel. I hope this video has been useful and we hope we’ll see you soon! Cheers! Thanks!

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