Chinese Power Stretching – Kung Fu Flexibility

Hey, It’s Radolav here do not try this at home don’t do this in your gym really don’t recommend trying this yeah basically this is our first was in my first time doing power stretching here at the Kung Fu school and a few of the other students first time so you basically get to see us suffer from power stretching enjoy ah I I ask what you owe re ready 0000 go wee-wee sure you do your we can do this 13 ah i don’t i’m gonna go ahead and get the few years old Oh executive mouth no you can’t do it you can’t give up I know what we think we should give up everything hard-luck case I don’t oh wow no it doesn’t God

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  2. This would be great to improve stretching but done way slower, you can't go from 0 to 10 without the obvious pain, so if you don't want to feel that pain do this gradually with someone willing to help you and letting your body adjust to every graduation.

  3. Did this help your flexibility? Furthermore, is this dangerous? How does the instructor not damage your muscles? Does he know your limit well?

  4. Dude…. Just saw this. First thing to come up when I search 'Power Stretching'. Brings back some memories. Glorious, painful memories….

  5. I remember when I used to train wushu. The most painful times of my life when had to stretch and the Shifu comes to push me down. And all he says is relax relax like I can relax while dying from pain. Now one thing I noticed when stretching at home. Smoke some good dank and I don't feel anything while stretching and can fully relax and stretch much further than usual

  6. The real kung fu do you no who make kung is born in nepal he is god iadian super star tiger tell us kung fu is made by napel god

  7. I have a strong feeling that by doing this, this would accelerate (1) our flexibility, (2) fix hyper-lordosis or anterior pelvic tilt, and (3) make our roundhouses smoother.

    That said, I remember doing some of this with my uncle during my SoCal Combine Football Days.

  8. To me a tear of a tendon or ligament is far more worse than a fracture.
    Mid-splits are best achieved if you continuously induce it by self having supported your hands on bench that is equivalent/lesser in height to farthest point of your front-splits position then slowly transitioning to mid-split position then swaying back to the front-split position of the opposite leg & doing this to the point where you feel sore & not pain for 30sec – 1min. Then finish it off by holding your knees to chest.
    Have a safe mid-split

  9. This is super bad, had it done to me a couple times during a MA bootcamp. Left me with such mental scars that I refused to perform even basic stretching for 6 years (effectively losing all the progress I've made there)

  10. bro am trying to improve flexibility and i seeing your list of reproduction but idk how to begin can you advise me a video or a order?? for twf or taekwondo

  11. People in China HonKong and other far east countries have flexed bone structure due to consuming sea products from their very early ages like fish cuttlefish and octupus

    Every bone in their bodies classically flexes and durable against pain and bumps

    That's why western people cannot truely achieve kung fu


  12. Could you do the splits before you came to this school? How flexible were you before you went to China?

  13. Nice video, thanx for sharing. I'm planing to go next year for 4 months. What months are included in the "Summer season" when you guys do the main work of chin na, throws, stretching and all that? what 4 months do you recommend me? Thank you!

  14. .most people don't stretch and are extremely tight that's why they are in pain there body has never been stretch like this

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