Chinese kickboxing +Shaolin Kung fu Training in China Mountain

Ghomel .I’m French I’ve been here in
China eight years I first planned to stay a year and then I stay assistant my
master master Gao this is Sanda Shaolin master and I think
it’s very hard to learn kung fu you must play ready to and hard to put your
heart in it I try to do that here in my training when I was training I’m still
training actually and by the same when I’m teaching I try to put my heart and Chinese kids here when I come down very
young the youngest I knew when he came was in the group was 11 but now he’s a
most like 16 and I saw him growing here it’s not just about learning kung fu and
martial art skills it’s about become a man how to behave you know in China the
martial arts and the kungfu people who practice kung fu’ they got a very good
reputation they should be like very clean person they trained harder than
orders to suffer together but you improve together a lot of discipline a
lot of respect for masters and other people it’s good for foreigners
foreigners to meet Chinese when they train with other Chinese students they
can just share some simple words with them but they share the training the
share life while maybe six month maybe three
months maybe a year or more depend of how long and the Westerner stay here we
focusing more on the fight this aspect of the Shaolin fighting
skills and then we use Sanda(Chinese kickboxing) because Sanshou is a sport you can practice in
competition and everywhere on earth the roots are the same it’s always
Shaolin Kung fu and I’m Daisy and during my stay I got to meet amazing people and made a
lot of new friends when I first came here I was a very old wait I think I
weighed 92 kilos and I couldn’t run and I got trained sanshou was my first few weeks were very tough but with the head like of my
master and the other students in my group you’re screaming JiaoYou encouraging
me I was a bit like to push myself beyond any like limitations thing down
to 74 kilograms now and demanders pretty good I think and I’ve never been fitter
my biggest gain of God from staying here is the mental aspect back home I’d be
very stressed about school and exams and since I’ve been here it’s like it’s like
peace of mind in a very refreshing and free so my spar experience it was also
very tough not a lot of girls like to be punched in the face or just punched in
general but I really wanted to learn how to fight and how to defend myself
Shifu pushed me a lot though and put me up against the pole
that were better like in technique and that’s how I improved the losses oh and
I’m really happy with what I’ve accomplished I think that the group
spirit we have been amazing I’ve never
experienced anything like that before why you’re training it’s just the energy
of everyone that kind of dudes the energy – and you’re just full of
powering to push through training James from the US did muy Thai kickboxing for
a number of years kind of on and off again I really enjoy it it’s kind of my
passion while I was in Thailand one time I came across another student that had
trained kung fu in China and that’s what kind of inspired me to come here and
check it out why once I tried the group just the spirit of the group the energy
and the group kind of kept me kept me there there’s training and there’s
eating and sleeping and training there’s not I mean you can just you can create
distractions for yourself but otherwise there’s not a whole lot of outside
distractions for it I do I really enjoy that and your group you also train with
some Chinese students yes I think they they train exceptionally hard and they
definitely set the example for the other students I mean anytime maybe didn’t
hear instructions from the master clearly but they did you know they big
jump right on it and you can just follow them or you kind of look to see like to
make sure you’re doing something right and kind of just glanced over and okay
yes this is what we’re working on they really are quite exceptional
we’ve got explosive power that did not expect to see in students of
their age it’s quite impressive and the Masters sometimes sometimes you don’t
necessarily know why they’re pushing you in a particular way but they always seem
to kind of know where it’s going to take you and how it’s going to improve you
coaches included just give really good guidance and assistance it’s been an
overall just a good experience

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  2. mappelle joel rousse poirier jaimerai savoir plus en detaille les prix si on peu travailler au monastere et si il y a un temp maximal pour reste merci davence joel

  3. i′m travelling to china this Sep. here in argentina i′m practicing qi gong, so i'd like to use my trip to china to continue my studies in this field.

  4. I`m 66 years old but feel fit according to my age. I`ve been training at a Shaolin Kung Fu academy here in Germany for nearly a year. The dream of my life is to visit your school and take part in some lessons.

  5. I am currently training my body and following a great and intensive diet to become as fit as possible. After I am fit enough and I save up enough money, I would like to train in Kunyu academy

  6. soy chileno, relacionador publico, no soy exitoso en lo economico, y no se como pagar, pero quiero irme a un templo shaolin y aprender, y vivir asi, no tengo mas que ofercer que mi esfuerzo y mi trabajo, solo quiero vivir asi y no se que hacer para poder hacerlo

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