Children Learn Discipline and Focus at NY Martial Arts Academy

So the program in the New York martial
arts academy has given my son a lot of confidence. So when it comes to the class and he’s excelling, he feels better about himself and it’s actually gone over to
his school. So the skills that he’s learned in New York martial arts academy
has helped him academically. I’ve seen a great improvement in my child’s ability
to stay focused. New York martial Arts Academy has truly made my son a lot more focused, confident and disciplined. There is no doubt in my mind that my son
Hunter will be able to defend himself and his confidence level is so high that
he also knows how to walk away from situations. I truly enjoy watching him
express himself through fun while they’re learning something that is a
life lesson. Thank You New York Martial Arts Academy for everything you have
done for my son. My son looks up to all the instructors here at New York Martial
Arts Academy and they’ve been great role models for him. I think one of my
favorite parts was the day that he got his yellow belt, he was so excited, he was
so excited. And it was such a face of accomplishment, like look mom I got this.
The program has definitely made Brooke much more confident. She’s much more
focused and you know she’s very controlling of her emotions. When she’s happy, she’s happy but sometimes she holds it back when she needs to.
She used to be afraid of trying hard, now she tries her best. She doesn’t want
anything less. She has to tell herself that she can do it. She tells herself “I’m
able to do it”. She actually kind of psyches herself up a little bit, you know,
she gets into that motivation sometimes she puts her hands up and she’s like I
could do this you know. I think he’s been able to work on his attention
to see things through outside class now. I think Sebastian’s respect has
definitely improved also from joining this class. There’s a certain amount of
discipline and respect that you have to have in martial arts and he takes that
home with him. I think this entire idea of goal setting is key. He knows that
there’s a new level that he has to achieve and in order to achieve that
level, he has to be consistent. He has to practice, not only working out, but he has
to work on his technique and I think translating that skill into
his academics, into the home life, I think it’s essential. I guess it’s a constant
struggle in this day and age where kids are constantly on
devices. They’re playing games nonstop so for me knowing that my son 2 to 3 times
a week is coming to a place where he’s being pushed physically , is key for us. I
absolutely love New York Martial Arts Academy from everybody from the
instructors, the philosophy of what they’re teaching, the techniques and everything
else that’s absolutely wholesome to the kids. As a martial arts practitioner
myself I can definitely see the actual quality to techniques, to movements that
my son has definitely taken advantage of. Well discipline is actually very
important I think for any person, any child especially in the development and
it relates everything else in life specially in school and later on when he
grows older as an adult. New York Martial Arts Academy is the best martial
arts school I’ve ever seen.

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