Chicago Fire – Battle of the Badges (Episode Highlight)

– Ladies and gentlemen, before we get to the main even, I wanted to remind you
that all ticket sales tonight go to help the families
of those affected by the attacs at the Morrison Center
for African-American Culture. [cheers and applause] Thank you. – You hear that?
– Whoo! [applause] – I don’t see Chili. – Are you surprised? – Sure I can’t talk you
out of this? – And forfeit?
No way. You trained me.
I’m ready. – Well, I trained you
for Roman. – Hey, I hurt my wrist,
not my ears. – It’s cool.
I’ll take it easy on him. – Aww, that’s so nice of you,
Antonio, but you know what? He doesn’t need that. – All right.
– All right. – Okay, good fight. – Good luck. – Let’s go.
– Yeah, good luck. – You’ll need it. – All right, you feel like
you’re in trouble, I want you to say,
“Angela del Rios.” – What? – It’s a girl we went
to high school with. You want to throw
Antonio off his game, drop her name. – I’m not gonna need that. I know what I’m doing. – Mm-hmm. [cheers and applause] [rock music] – Giving it to ’em!
– Connie! – Yeah!
– Connie! [cheering continues] – Whoo!
– Ooh! ♪ ♪ – We’re not worthy! – All right, you got this. Stay on your toes and use
your punch combinations, just like we practiced. – Fighters, to the center
of the ring. Obey my command at all times. Let’s have a clean fight.
Tap gloves. – Come on, Jimmy!
– Get him, Antonio! [cheers and applause] – Come on, you got this.
You got this. – Hands up.
Hands up, all right? [bell rings] – Box!
– Come on, Jimmy! – Come on, Antonio!
– Jab, Jimmy! – Kill him!
– Come on, come on! – Easy! – Hands up, Jimmy!
Hands up! [cheering] – No! – Eat that! – Yeah!
Good job, buddy! That’s it, Jimmy!
That’s it! – Okay, you got your one hit. One hit. – [screaming] both: CFD!
– Oh, my God. [crowd chanting]
CFD! CFD! – Oh, no. – Easy!
Okay, all right. [crowd chanting]
CFD! CFD! [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – No! – Ange– – Oh, no! – Yeah! – Ooh! – [groans] – Come on, Jimmy!
Don’t let him count you out! – One! Two! Three! Four!
– Yeah! What?
– Five! – What are you doing?
– Six! Seven! – He’s just a kid!
– Get up! – Eight!
– Get up! – Nine! Ten!
– What’s the matter with you? – It’s over!
[bell rings] [cheering] – That was a crap move!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Boo! Boo!
– Yeah, whatever. – Boo!
– [groans]

59 thoughts on “Chicago Fire – Battle of the Badges (Episode Highlight)

  1. They all knew the risks of pinning Dawson with a newbie. The boy bragging and so bam Dawson turned out to be the winner. Fuckin badass

  2. They say "All ticket sales tonight"
    and yet the clock in the background says it's 1, and it's light out. Since when is 1pm night?!

  3. I think they should do that again for the season finale but have gabby and Antonio do it that would be funny but they should make it that gabby wins it

  4. I talk for everybody what Antônio Dawson is my New Father… Because i do boxing too… But i'm from Brazil… I love The Jon Seda.. I love Chicago

  5. Don’t get me wrong I love a good boxing match but I prefer to watch Micheal B Jordan or Sylvester Stallone beat their opponents to the ground (like if u understand that reference)

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