CHECK OUT MY DOJO! Martial Arts School Tour — Jesse Enkamp

– What’s up “Karate Nerds”! Today I’m coming at you
live and direct from Sweden, where I wanted to give you
a private tour of my dojo. A virtual walkthrough, so to speak. Because most of my videos
are shot when I’m traveling to compete or teach seminars, but today I wanna show you
where I spend most of my days practicing, teaching
and learning on my own. Check it out. Alright so here’s the
entrance as you can see. It is a beautiful gate which is supposed to look like a “torii”,
you know that Japanese nice red gate you can see everywhere, and I actually painted
this whole staircase and everything myself, which took a while. As we enter… you come to another gate. This right here is made of wood. Let me just leave my
flip flops right there. And in fact this is a replica
of the Shuri Gate in Okinawa. If you look at the
details those are copied exactly like in the birthplace of karate. And so, people leave their shoes here. As they enter through the gate and then to our left
right here we have a ring, a reception area, where people check in, get some soft drinks and they can also buy everything we have here in the shop, including some gear right there. Over here we have some focus
pads and the boxing ring where they do some Thai Boxing as well because this is a martial
arts center, right? It’s not just karate. This is one of my favorite torture tools known as the Rumble Roller
which is great for your body. Then of course we have some trophies and medals from many years of competing. As we move on… we step into the first bigger training area
which is a matted area. This is where we do takedowns and throws and wall techniques because all of this, see, it’s mats, right? So it doesn’t hurt if you fall. I actually prefer Judo mats to train on. Then we enter the traditional dojo. Hey that’s me in the mirror, hey guys. Lots of mirrors in here. This is the weapon rack
for Kobudo practice, those ancient weapons of karate. Most of the weapons right here we use for training every week and then some calligraphy right there, this is actually hand
painted, finger painted, even, by Nakamoto Masahiro
Sensei from Okinawa. That says “Shin Gi Tai Bun Bu Ken Shu”, which basically means that this is a place where you can practice the mind, the body, and the technique, in theory and practice. That’s “Bun Bu” right? And “Shin Gi Tai” is
the mind, body and technique. And then of course we have the Daruma, the famous legendary figure
of karate right there. It has been said that no
matter where you stand he can always see you. That’s like a legend. Anyway, moving on, this is the front, what we call the “shaman” in Japanese. This calligraphy right here is from Hokama Sensei in Okinawa. And it’s one of the most important ones. It says “Nintai Shinnen” which is the principle, or the
concept, of never giving up. Usually people just use this first kanji right there to symbolize
the whole concept, which is one of the most important ones and up there we have
another one and essentially this is more advanced but
let’s say it means that your inner and outer
reality are reflections of each other basically,
so make sure that you surround yourself with positive,
upbringing people, okay? And then we move on, a lot
of mirrors as you can see, we got some more modern
karate competition style mats. What many people call “tatami” but of course in Japan, these
are not tatami, tatami are different, and then we
have some kicking shields and focus pads because we do
a lot of impact-based training not just punching and kicking in thin air. Moving outside, oh I forgot to bow before, alright, here we have
a Kobudo makiwara we use our weapons to
punish this guy right there. Some more focus pads and
stuff, and then we got Bruce Lee up there, I actually
created those for free online and there was some kind
of software I found, where you could print out an image, several small ones and put
them together, pretty cool. Moving on. Some more calligraphy up there, we got the chill, the lounge area, some nice work by Sensei Patrick McCarthy here the Matsumura stuff and
the Itosu Ankoh’s Ten Lessons, historical very important documents. This is the changing room for women, it’s not super big, some people forgot their stuff in here, showers… Bathroom… Hey guys. But it’s enough, most
people actually come here already in their training clothes, right? So, and then of course, next, men’s changing room is a bit bigger, yeah
I made that one as well for the MMA people cause
we have MMA here as well which my brother is the head coach of, hello, and then there’s the bathroom, this is actually pretty fun, that one, I bought this in Okinawa it
says (speaks in Japanese) if you wanna have the
Japanese pronunciation which means that it’s
more important to have control than speed when
you go to the bathroom, okay you guys understand that right? Don’t pee on the floor. And then, here are the showers. Let’s see, oh there’s
blood on the wall there, just ignore that. Basically that’s what the
changing room looks like. As we move on, we have an office in there, we’re not gonna go in there right now, we go downstairs, because
we actually have two floors actually three floors
because if I go back here you can see there’s an office up there where my mom is right
now doing some paperwork, as well as the shop
behind that wall up there, so, moving on, we go downstairs. This whole place takes about three hours to clean up every morning,
and it’s spotless, I would have no hesitation
to eat off of the floor here. This is the first room downstairs, which is where people can
come on their own time whenever they want to to do some strength and conditioning work or just punch the bags with their friends, that kind of stuff. This is for the MMA people and that’s from my brother’s UFC debut, we
just put that on the wall. I think his signature’s there maybe. Anyway, that right there is like the motto of our dojo or club, and
I actually did a blog post explaining how I painted this thing using like a projector on the wall and stuff. So check that out on my website. Many, many, many years ago. Moving on, into the
bigger dojo downstairs. This is where I do most
of my own training, cause like I said, I
prefer practicing on mats. Some kicking shields, speed ladders, sound system, makiwara that traditional striking
post from Okinawa. More mirrors, wall mats when they do techniques against the wall. Another one, GSP doing
some ground and pound and then of course the deadlifting area and some plyo balls and stuff that we use. And finally another smaller area for training against the wall. And then the monkey bar up there, and some gymnastic rings which my brother uses more than me. And I guess that’s it, basically a quick, virtual, private walkthrough of my dojo. Let me know what you think, if you have any questions please leave a comment. I hope you liked it, bye.

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  1. Thanks for your awesome comments! 🌟 Visit to learn more about me, my travels, books, videos, seminars, free articles, training programs etc… 😃

  2. I love how you guys seamlessly mixed modern and traditional designs and made it work perfectly. I would love to train in your dojo!

  3. This is such a nice dojo! I have to train in a primary school gym. We don’t even have mirrors 🙁 One day I’ll find a proper dojo to attend.

  4. Awesome video! Can I ask you how you clean your dojo? I can never for some reason get it to be a 100% clean

  5. Lovely school……After 45 years plus of training and teaching my dojo is a double garage under my house. Nothing fancy but its my "baby".

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  7. Hey Jesse! Your Dojo is truly amazing! It's really cool if you can do that for life, and can focus on martial arts alone! Keep going! Greetings from Berlin! 🙂

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    Thank you for giving us all a tour of your magnificent dojo! I truly liked also the posters of the legendary Bruce Lee, Chuck Liddell, as well as Georges St. Pierre. I hope your brother's mixed martial arts career, is going well.

    If you do not mind me asking, what is the name of your Karate style? Also what is your mother's rank, your rank and that of your brother, if you do not mind me asking. I remember in one of your other videos, that you mentioned, that your lovely mother is a Kancho in your organisation, in terms of her rank? I myself am currently a Kyokushin Karate black belt third dan, as of September of this year, thus recently became officially a Sensei ☺ . Thank you as always for continually uploading interesting content, about Karate and martial arts in general, as well as for responding to all of our questions. Osu! 👍 ☺ ✌

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