Charles interview: how engineering combines his interests in tech and boxing – This Is Engineering

Growing up I really had no idea what exactly
it was that I wanted to do, but I have that analytical mind and I think it became a natural
choice to look into engineering. When I went to university what I realised
is actually I was starting to learn a set of skills that could be used to solve anything
and that was a really powerful feeling. Engineering is through and through about problem solving.
The problems that I experience in my day-to-day life, those are the things that I care
about and are the problems that I want to solve. Corner came about through my interest in tech,
along with boxing. From just training on a day-to-day basis, you start to see things
which are missing. Not knowing exactly how many punches I’m throwing around. I don’t
know on a given day where my fitness is at – I don’t know if I’m improving and
in a sport like boxing your mental state is so important. You need that confidence in
yourself. If you go into the ring doubting yourself, you’ve already lost. So, going
into the ring knowing I’m on my peak performance and so on, that is such an important aspect,
and with this skill set engineering gives you, you can start to just notice these problems,
notice these opportunities for more in everyday life. A big part of engineering is outside of the
workshop. It’s meeting with the people you’re building for, and it’s been fantastic to
work with up-and-coming fighters, people who are now at the top of their game, the Olympic
team. All these characters that you never saw yourself necessarily being in the same
room with or, kind of, helping them out or learning from them. But then also get close
to the fight, get stats from the fight and actually the exciting part will be putting
that on TV, sharing that with other people. All the analytics that we’re collecting
ringside will be available to people at home and we’re boosting that fight experience
and that is really exciting. We just want to see people using it and benefiting
from it. And that’s the really exciting part, that we can build something that people
can have in their hands and use every day. The best part for me is that the skills that
engineering has given me has allowed me to build a career, earn a living doing something
that I’m passionate about and something I love.

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