Celebrating 100 Subscribers at Annual West Salem ATA Karate Picnic!

Hi guys welcome back to Zoi and Taylor Fun Time Surprise Time Today we’re gonna be celebrating 100 subscribers! But before we get started subscribe to our channel, give us a big thumbs up and hit that bell for more notifications Ok guys we wanted to thank you for supporting us and subscribing to our channel and we celebrated at the our all
school annual ATA karate picnic and we’re gonna show you the video of where
our whole school did a giant form together and what else and I dunked her
in the dunk tank all by myself and I just did one throw into the ball I got dunked two times and that was fun dunking my sister Okay guys let’s carry on with the video! I don’t know mr. sigh hi guys thanks for
watching thank you so much for celebrating with us 100 subscribers
don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and hit that
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23 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 Subscribers at Annual West Salem ATA Karate Picnic!

  1. Hey there 🙌 New permanent Subscriber here saw you's on the Instagram Today 🌸 🌸🌸 🌸🌸 🌸

  2. 🎁👦👶Congratulations! By now you have reached more than 300 subbies! Isn't it great?! Very nice video class of Karate!!! A lot of good energy and passion! Big thumbs up!👶👦🎁

  3. Oh WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!! what an amazing way to celebrate!! Can't imagine when you get to 10k!! We want to be there to celebrate !!

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