CCTV “Kung Fu Abroad” 2016 I Liq Chuan Documentary 中央电视台《功夫在外》纪录片

San Francisco, U.S.A Have you heard of anybody that’s handicap
and studies Chinese Martial Arts? No, I’m from Germany actually and around there nobody does something like this No Never But it’s possible? I haven’t, no. If I knew a lot of martial arts people maybe that’d be more of an applicable question But no, I don’t. No, I have not scope, gather Carry it up when you carry it up fingertips are facing evenly Be nice and big, and swoop around So you better multi-facet the exercise here Swoop it You must keep in contact in order to know Yes? Yes You cannot let go That means it’s the flow you must be there I can’t really describe the feeling It’s a good feeling to come here and to train with other people that are just like you Choosing when to fight and if you need to fight being able to pick your battles and fight the right way so that you can basically defend yourself and discipline the mind the body Being around other people doing the same thing and I just think it’s good to know Every so often he’s volunteer he dedicate his time every few weeks or so to give us a Tai Chi lesson Because normally is Sensei Devin Fernandez who runs the marital arts class Both pull together Both pull together (Voice of ILC Instructor George Masone)
Circle out and around Push you pull now, grab me I pull, you pull Now I reverse to push, you push Right Now, you grab me Get it (the movement) smooth first Alright, feel the touch you are flowing with the touch Yes? Yes! So from here, that hand… The basics of I Liq Chuan is derived from a mixture of three martial arts The fundamentals are mostly from Feng Yang Ru Yi Ba Gua (a style of Hak Ka martial arts) Push to feel the feet so you know how to be stable Yes? Yes Your foot, both got to feel. Of course you got to feel your foot and also feel your opponent’s foot Why not I do a little bit with you first. You see? It’s not a struggle, it’s the middle point So the more I give you, the more you give me But not so much If I don’t pull you so much, don’t pull so much We also teach persons with disabilities and it changes their lives Particularly, we have a student in Russia who’s disabled He has troubles with mobility He falls even if someone accidentally touches him He’s unable to have a stable stance He’s been learning for several years He’s even able to use it for sparring now In training, the focus the less you drift from one side to the other
Yes That center point should be narrow Yes Not a big gap Really narrow Exactly The more narrow it is the more in tune you are with each other I was very young perhaps at around 10 or 11 years old I started training martial arts Back in the days, my father would used to teach in the village when they were in class I’d follow along Bang! You’d destroy his? Kill his elbow Right, do this From inside
Do this one first Boom! Ok Then boom, you go Yes? So, that means it’s like double hand to one hand If that hand come? Then you get into this Alright?
But you need to feel two hands like this first My father was born in 1930 When he was 13 years old, his father past away My grandfather The time period was around World War II He’s got lots of free time with nothing to do and therefore he’d train martial arts That’s when his interest to train started My father is a very intelligent person He’s got a photographic memory and always had a strong interest to train His first teacher trains in Lee style Kung Fu The 2nd teacher trains in Phoenix Eye style Phoenix Eyes These are all styles of the Hak Ka’s The last teacher he trained with was Lee Kam Chow Which was the Feng Yang Ru Yi style Also known as Feng Yang Ba Gua Approximately in 1972 a group of students training Feng Yang Ru Yi My father’s Kung Fu brothers They realized the skills of my father and asked him to teach them instead That’s how he started teaching On action outside you close Inside you open That’s it Alright? And… When you open, you project Close, you absorb So, normally we can say that on all action
we try to do open and close General speaking, to rely on teaching martial arts in Malaysia for a living is quite difficult it’s the same situation for my father even though he was the founder However, my father also had to teach students but he didn’t teach with intention of making money Not to make a living from it But with the intention of spreading the art instead Whoever came, he would teach A block that you’d need to realize The need to understand Alright? Need to understand as a reference As a reference to see the relationship of other things At around 1972-1973, we were Already using the name ?I Liq Chuan? for the art However, it was not until 1977 that an official association was formed and registered with the Malaysia government We went to registered in 1977 for an association for the art of “I Liq Chuan” At the time, Wang Chun Qing was the secretary (VP) he was the one who came up with the name ?I Liq Chuan? (mind over physical fist) As for me, I have incorporated Chinese Zen philosophies into our art of I Liq Chuan We call it ?Dao?, the ?Path? using the teachings of I-Jing “path” and the principles of Yin / Yang movements Merging it in with the art and teaching it as such See this You guys can feel later on If you are there at the center long enough the center will show you the way because the center itself will show
you the six directions Sifu Sam Said Yin, too Yin
Too Yang Not very good We have to go in the middle Too Yang I have to get rid of the yang and go in the middle She come in the middle so we’re right in the middle I’m so grateful for Sam’s Sifu Sam’s curriculum because it’s really helpful to go step by step and the quality of the community and the way that they treat each other is really welcomed Just today, I received so much care and instruction from my fellow students I’m more of a beginner in this form even though I’ve done Chen style for many years My heart feels very touched by their care Guys that are big and strong and they can kill me in a second if they wanted to are there and they’ve been really helpful I was a businessman in Malaysia I was a restaurant owner It’s a restaurant on the first floor Kung Fu training gym on the upper floor The economy wasn’t too great in Malaysia during the 1980s Therefore the building of my restaurant was sold by the owner Pull, push Pull Fifth circle In 1989, I came to America At the beginning I still worked in restaurants for a year or two Then in 1991, I returned to Malaysia to apply my children and wife to come over to United States When I was 8 years old I immigrated to the U.S. with my family I started training with my father and my grandfather since I was a child in Malaysia After coming to America, I started to assist my father with managing his schools My first exposure would
be back in Malaysia when I was a little girl My dad would also play with us off balance us to get the stickiness and balance And I believe that ever since then it’s became part of me When I was younger we’d have all these training seminars as I talked about and I don’t want to be the dead bird but when you’re in high school
you want to go hang out with people You want to go meet some girls or something But a lot of times I couldn’t go to parties or something because daddy had a retreat so I’d get stuck right here I’d get in argument with daddy about these things and like… it still sucks Are you boiling it or what? Boiling it I only starting spreading the art in the year of 2000 Because we had just established a curriculum then it is only by having a system do we have a proper way to teach Because I have the curriculum students are able to learn as if it was from a book (systematically) However, of course you’d still need to have an instructor, a sifu for guidance Reason being that some things are beyond words Things based on feel we call it ?Jue? (senses) it’s something you must feel Nursing home in New York That’s good You’re very important Brush knee, push Wheel to hold ball Press Right? You see? So, if I cant get you the one
(to warm up with first exercise) I get you at two, if I can’t get you at two I get you at three I can’t get you at three, I get you at four (If) I still can’t get you the last one I get you by
(having you to whack) yourself I’m sure to the extend of marital arts is more than chopping or kicking or blocking whatever it is It’s a mindset at least that’s how you see it portrayed at the popular culture It’s a mindset, it’s a discipline There’s no reason to think that can’t translate I want to say something about martial arts which is that I think that the stereotype that many Americans have is that is for fighting and aggression And so in particular Americans need to be educated about the other purposes of martial arts and how it can benefit health and then we will see more cooperation of them into health and exercise and wellness routines Oh it’s wonderful Wonderful Marvelous to watch especially the long complicated demo he did for us at the end Very excellent a real master of the art In Asia people combine western medicine treatment with eastern medicine treatment and includes the martial arts in part of their wellness program I see that increasingly becoming the case in the United States as well And the reason is so attractive I believe to people in Asia as well as people in United States is that the eastern methods are very effective in managing chronic condition Conditions that aren’t going to be cured by an operation or a drug And at the same time they are very effective in improving mental awareness mental well being as well as
physical well being and strength And I think that combination of linking the mind and the body is what Americans are discovering and what will lead to martial arts and other eastern methods becoming a very important part of our
health care programs here in the U.S. Thank you Chinese Martial Arts For helping you, right? Made a big difference My old age is getting younger and younger because of what Tai Chi (I Liq Chuan) has done for me Yes And I’m so grateful Ok Thank you! Beautiful!
Absolutely beautiful Sam Chin goes to the hospital for body check-up What? Where should I sit? Over there? Yes, better if you sit on my side Ok It was the September of 2012 The doctor told me something was wrong In my eyes, my father is a person who can endure lots of hardships He’s gone through a lot but he never tells us He wishes for us to continue living well even if one day he’s no longer with us The blood test result shows that I was anemic Because I have always trained martial arts the doctor didn’t think it would be common Why was I anemic when I’m an active martial artist So, the doctor wanted me to go through further testing He’s a good father and a good husband He takes on all finances responsibilities for the family His dedication for martial arts does not influence the harmony of our family at all He values family very much He is concern and responsible with all affairs related to the family The weight of the entire family lies on his shoulders He’s out teaching I Liq Chuan on his own traveling all over the last ten to twenty years teaching in order to make enough income for the family to survive available to more people There’s a time period when daddy had cancer He had cancer a year, two year ago? No, it was a year ago He had cancer and going through chemo and there was a ridiculous amount of pressure I felt like my siblings and mom was always pressuring me we don’t know
what’s going to happen to daddy soon But during all these time when
I had to deal with all this stress daddy was very good at keeping to himself how crappy he felt Can’t eat too much Actually, I found out first that my dad had cancer Even himself didn’t know at the time When I found out at the time I felt extremely insecure I couldn’t imagine what the future would be like The cancer that I was diagnosed with was Mantle Cell Lymphoma All my siblings knew about it The only person I kept this secret away from was my father Like this One Two Three One Cannot go out too much Like this One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Because he (my father) is already 84 years old This… He was probably concern with the situations (finance) with the family He even mentioned once that if the insurance doesn’t cover for his treatment and we don’t have the funds he will give up treatment We all told him not to be silly You can’t think that way Even if we had to sell the house we must get him treated I got cancer even when I train martial arts It’s a type of lymphoma that causes me to be anemic and so then At the time I’d be questioning myself “Why?” Asking myself ?how does this happen?? One’s the past, one’s the present Past and present So, that’s why on point of contact do you know how you act
why you act? When you act? What do you base on to act Are you base on the past or base on the present? That’s so counter-intuitive I’m in a habit I push, I pull you know from here and it just came to me a couple weeks ago when I was in the field that it’s because I’m not neutral If I were neutral it wouldn’t be counter-intuitive It would just be? Well, no
You’d just change the center And then I remember one time at the park Some asshole was there you just took your
three fingers and blocked him this way But you didn’t, do this You just and then once you hit contact you went… Like that You just get your head
out of the way and go into the center But because you were neutral
even though he was being an asshole You didn’t get angry You’re looking for the nature itself alright? The way things are, the way as it is The way as it is, there’s nothing to learn It’s just like this, how could you learn? What you are trying to learn
is only through recognizing them (It’s) already there We are not smart enough to create anything Because it’s there already If you try to add or to put or if you try to add or try to take away that means you are imposing So, that’s why our concept is nothing to learn So that’s the path I want to lay it down (so) that students follows that path Not to say this or that And principles wise there’s so many principles but every principle you must see where’s the neutral He’s got a strong mentality He keeps thinking he’s a martial artist so his physical fundamental is strong He can fight this he must fight this because he wants to be healthy again (Sam discussing I Liq Chuan with disciples) Feel your opponent’s center Feel the opponent’s center of the feet That means every touch you don’t push this way first You must have downward force to push I see When you do this, people push you already You see? Understand or not? Got it
Ok, so What if I wave on the way down while you’re dropping? Because from here now, first of all I’m closing here first Then in here
That’d be difficult to wave Understand or not? Alright? You gotta close me before you drop How do you catch my feet here? Because here you got my mass up here Because from here I round it up to here I make a curve If I do this, you are behind (your weight) Ah, ok You see? Your body gotta lean forward Yes So to be precise,
that’s why you gotta see You meet the center then you see the cross Center to center with the cross then with the cross you are able to see which is open and close in which quarter Then hang onto the center when opponent move There, it tells you where’s open, where’s close where’s empty, where’s full So the attention must be there Hi Victor Sigong here I’m in traffic I will b a bit delay So I have (just) arrived the airport now Can you walk out? I’m on the outside lane The furthest lane So you walk out here I will pick you up Ok? Alright, I will see you then I will wait for you on the outside lane Ok, alright see you then Bye Victor is coming to see my father because he really wants to be graded for level 6 He really wants to grade for that level he’s been stuck at level 5 for quite some time now Due to his physical situation it is difficult for him to master this level He wanted to come and train personally with my father Of course my father had also spend some time coming up with unique ways for training so he asked him to come over to train one on one Hi! It’s good to see you again Nice to see you Ok, come. Lets go back Give me your luggage If there are any students that would want to learn I am not concern with who they are Even if they are handicapped or any type of people at all If they are willing to learn, I’m willing to teach After his (my fahter) illness, this is the first time that he’s (Victor) coming over to see my father How’s everything back in Russia? It’s ok My Sifu said hello to you And we had 14 years anniversary 14th year? 14th year Russia have established I Liq Chuan for 14 years already Yes Ok Ok. So, very good. Hi, Victor! Hello, Sipo! Welcome here Hello Welcome in Hi Victor Hi Yen Good to see you Nice to see you again Welcome Ok, ok, go go. Two months before I came
(to join I Liq Chuan) (Victor – Disciple) I saw a movie not movie but a documentary on Russia TV and there’s some guy and he’s breaking the broad like ?whoosh? And it was named I Liq Chuan and the guy is my Sifu His Sifu searched for me in Chinatown to try the art He liked it He came back after a year stayed and trained here intensively for a month Trained every morning from 9AM to 6PM (I Liq Chuan Students from Russia)
he would train non-stop I’d teach him everyday right here I still had to go to work then That’s why this place is considered as the birthplace of I Liq Chuan Russia All his students from Russia would come pay a visit here I grew up about 30 years I started to want to meet some girls Just looking around I saw people (looking at me) on the street ?how does he walk?? It (felt) so (terrible) It was just “aaah” I can’t bare with it It was a really big difficulty (for me) Struggle I kept struggling I was so emotional about that That’s why (when) I came here Dima helped me I was so happy I didn’t care about anything after that (I didn’t know) I could move like this I don’t care about anything (else) Victor is diagnosed with cerebral palsy one of his foot was it left or right, I forgot which but one of them is lifted higher than the other At first both of his legs could barely walk steadily I think he walked like this He needs to walk on the ball of his foot He’s handicapped as long as he is willing to learn Even though there’d be challenges we shall come up with ways suitable for him to observe and experience to see how he adapts to it I remember this guy coming over who clearly had a strong physical disability And thinking, wow, he’s training kung-fu Our art I Liq Chuan’s curriculum contains 11 levels I am at level 5 Level 6 is a very difficult level It’s not like any other prior levels it requires a precise amount of skills It’s very difficult for me because it is moving, it requires stepping I am still having troubles with it My Sigung let me come here to train this level to prepare me for the level 6 grading in the future During these few days while Victor is here I’ll give guidance so he could learn as much as he can The issue is that he’s too anxious Because of his physical condition he needs more time to recognize the condition Come, sit Sit, you may sit here, it’s fine Go, go.. ok, good Do you want tofu? Here. Good enough Taste very good Come, we welcome you here! Mom, I want it also Huh? I want I felt as if I’m home Awe, really? It’s been a while, 5 years already. Yes, it’s been 5 years since you were last here So now you’re home at Sigung’s house You dip the chicken into this chilly sauce It’s not too spicy Are you ok using the chopsticks? You can use the fork Should we make more rice? Do you want? Maybe I’ll go get it The first time I met him was when he last came to my house to see my father for private lesson At that time he looked a bit messy the way he dressed and with long hair After getting to know him longer I realized that he is a very patience person When I learned that we have a student like Victor I thought it was very incredible In addition, he keeps on striving to improve himself When I heard of him grading for the first time I was almost in disbelief He trains everyday Whenever he can, he would be at the training center He needs to trains twice the amount of time than other people Before my dad got sick Victor didn’t come over Another reason why I had him come over was because of the change in my health condition I want to see if it’s possible for me to… Excuse me Nobody knows how much longer we can live Right? While I’m still alive I want to try my best to share with others what I know Excuse me Thank you (My father) He knows how it feels like to be immobile What it feels like to be weak Hello, how are you? (Victor video chatting with his mother) I’m fine. And you? how was your flight? Oh it was so long 10 hours I’m so tired but I hope I’ll be sleeping for some time and then I go to work This is 6th level I’m now level 5 Hello This is my Sigong Say hello to my Sigong Nice to meet you nice to see you Yes Victor is very good here He say he go with you, wherever it will be So, he is a very intelligent boy Very good boy you see? During the learning process we try to keep his mind calm with less distraction Don’t think too much Keeping it at the present moment If you tell him, he may feel pressured Because of my condition he might feel rushed mentally Training diligently is a good thing But if the cause was due to my illness then, the mentality is incorrect The viewpoint is different therefore the mentality will be incorrect With an incorect mentality, the path will be wrong That’s why I decided not to tell I’m trying to provide him with a condition so he has a calm mindset to train steadily During the time while he was hospitalized he had a deeper realization of the art’s philosophy, concepts and principles He has a deeper understanding The materials being taught now is even more precise It’s not just me or my father saying it this was acknowledged by all of his students Step back, forward Yes Bring back the upper hand Do some side step and see Ok, Hsin Alright, do the 5th spin 2 step back, 2 step forward His legs aren’t stable, therefore his center of gravity is different than others His center of gravity is shaky because his legs are weak Forward step two steps Alright step back and step back Forward Forward Back back Side step and see Alternate One Ok forward We are training Victor with a method specially catered to his physical condition In order to train someone you must cater to his or her specific situation Trying the best to provide the proper condition for them to learn Only my father could provide the condition for him to be fully aware of his body for him to clearly look deep into his physical condition I Liq Chuan provides the teachings for him to self adjust his body’s condition He teaches at a college What I’m trying to say is that he could train spinning hands and sticky hands going to places just like anyone could He’s seeing himself as a normal healthy being Seven, eight, nine, up, out Donna, im sorry I forgot to explain And then you start to feel the issues not like an issue then suddenly you can do it and can harmonize with it When martial arts train martially?. He knows Mandarin So some of my teaching materials (books), he could help to translate into Russian Bringing Chinese culture back to Russia To share with the Russians, to reach even more people He wants to bring this spirit back to Russia You step forward and then step backward Yes, this one is good Ok Try to lift this one and see Again Try to lift it like this Good Try to release some weight here Good Ok, good! Be careful Can you go faster? Great! Try to lift your leg one by one Pull up like this Didn’t change much Yes, everyone is still the same Old master here seemed to have gained some weight It’s incredible how our art appeal to people with disabilities Training martial arts is not to get into fights It is to maintain a healthy mind and body Like this (expands) This is ‘yang’ hugging Just like.. “tiger’s back” and “bear’s waist” “Tiger’s back, bear’s waist” Just like this First hold a ball Similar to holding a ball like this Here, you need to absorb to the ?dan-tien? As soon as you condense your ?dan-tien? your ?tiger’s back and bear’s waist? will be apparent Yes, once I do that, I can feel it Bear’s waist Yes, the bear’s waist and tiger’s back Yes, this is the feeling Then what we call the feeling is?. This force here has two energies The two energies are: The Yin is a drawing energy The Yang energy is expanding Our levels are different We all know how skillful Sam is In martial arts,
sometimes you know how great one is but without touching,
you cant experience the inner (body) feel What you see on the outside is only the form The inner energies
and attention you must touch hands to know Most importantly is the attention Speaking of form when you come in contact with Sam,
sometimes you think certain techniques are correct but you won’t be able to apply it on him The difference lies within (the attention) Now turn the other direction
(People come in, BANG) To go the other direction, same thing Correct Then your training can only be precise You! Old warriors, old warriors! My father a very optimistic person He’s also very friendly Not easy When facing difficulties and such serious illness in life the most important part is your mentality If you do not have the right mentality and a strong will to fight you’ve already lost half of the battle So he’s facing this bravely the entire family is by his side supporting him I started my chemotherapy
treatment in February of 2013 Prior to that, in February I was planned to host one more workshop During then, some students heard of the news they were shocked to why sifu is ill so… many of them came to see me at the workshop in Feb, many students came We hosted it at a hotel They were afraid that they wouldn’t see me again And him being incredibly cool about it Just going I was crying and he was making me feel better He was going ?Dima, it’s ok?. This is what life is Because students thought it might be the last time they would see their teacher This touched me dearly Students came from afar to participate in the workshop Keep going Yea, you want it more level? Yes?
A little bit more this way? Maybe put inside here a little bit more?
Ok, yea More leveled Is it leveled? Yes, this is a little better That’s good Ok The closer students in America knew I had informed them because I felt that my father needed the support most at the time I’d inform them of special occasions such as my dad’s birthdays if you like, you could send cards to the hospital I’m sure my father felt good
after seeing all the support and good wishes Every time he would go into a procedure we would get in touch and kind of say goodbye And he’d come back from a procedure and we would kind of go on like everything is wonderful as usual My father still continues his research Our school hopes to be able to continue to help those in need Mentally, looking inward to see oneself in order to know the others That’s the most important message I want to get across It doesn’t matter who or how you are One Two One Two One Back Side step and see Alternate One two You feel You see this Yin, Yin Yang Yin, Yang Not only yin not only yang Like this Try to do this to come up Hold on me hold to suspend the crown Yes, this Yes This, you see? Then you have (this stability) All the time? All the time Right Ok You have pull and push You see? You see when I pull you, you can pull me When I push no, no, no This, you see? When I push you, you have on point of contact you must have this roll Both Yes When I push you you have this When I pull you have this You see? There’s an increasingly amount of kids with depression Actually… our school is also trying to research ways to help them I know that our school can be beneficial to many people including healthy individuals as well as ones facing with difficulties physically & mentally Victor is a perfect example The message from martial arts for disabled people is you’re not sick you can do what well people can do It’s not necessarily a medical treatment like physical therapy It has a spiritual quality so it lifts their spirit It’s speaks to the spiritual psychological mental and physical aspect of a disability without being pathological or medicalized or pathologized When Victor was a child he was also depressed he saw himself differently than the others He wasn’t great at communicating with others After learning martial arts they increase their sense
of self defense (independence) therefore lifting their self confidence After learning I Liq Chuan his mood became more cheerful My father is also a very cheerful person After a while of being in contact with my father he also learn from my father the ways to approach life That’s why when he’s sees my father when he’s around my father, he feels comfortable Breathe So then you can have this Then you start to move Yes Ah, gone Yes Yes you see? The purpose of teaching martial arts is to share To share the art to share the spirit to share the martial morality to anyone, whoever you are who’s willing to change for the better Often times due to the physical disabilities it’d cause emotional scars Because of the condition of the body So you need to help them with this problem If you want the best for him,
then you should just throw him hard After becoming a disciple, my father will bluntly tell you exactly what
you’re doing wrong and what needs to be done Because we’ve trained martial arts for such a long time we can see where the power is generated from the amount of force,
or where your center of gravity lies he’d feel bad about throwing him down to the floor but at times he doesn’t have other choices Even when he feels bad about it he has the best interest for him (Victor) in mind Do I still feed it (energy) down to the feet? Lets support his hand When you spin feel (lead) him to get that engagement so he can use his legs Yes When he overcomes his physical debilitation his confidence will grow as his stability and power improves With this change, he can absolve his fears and will be able to open his heart With an open heart his approach to life will be different When I first touched hands with Victor the feeling he gave me is truly different than others However, after several days of training with my father he’s feeling quite similar from the rest of the students I can feel that he can direct his own center of gravity from his body down to the ground The center of gravity feels just the same as the others I can feel that he can generate more power Because he was so important to you I bet he felt the same way, you know Because when we found out you were such an inspiration When we found that you became a disciple and that you had your own students my dad was so happy He was so proud of you He was so proud of you Really? Yes, he was so proud I feel that Victor has gained a lot during this time of his stay here He did improve after so many days However, his mentality still needs some adjustments For our 6th level you must be very steady emotionally I feel that our school can help more people in need and can be wider spread How’s everything? Coming along You’re looking good, Sifu You’re looking good Let me feel your grip I’m good So… I could really use some acupuncture but it’s hard with a rupture (Rosalie Vespa – passed away several months ago) Gone down (swells) Yea So now, they allow you to off? No, I took it out for this I gotta put it back on Only just for… Doing this (exercise) Doing this Before my transplant and shortly after my chemo treatment I was already cleared of cancer cells It is only then that I dare to tell my father I was ill, had cancer But i’m okay now! Hey dad! How are you lately? How’s what? How’s your health? What? How’s your health? health is very good Ok…that’s good Are you still going to the park every day? Still goes to the park in the morning 6:15 a.m. I head out Do you have anything to say to Yen Lee and the others? No, nothing Because we will first head over to Taiwan Will your students go along to Taiwan? Alright, now we have to prepare Yes, grandpa, we will see you in 2 weeks! Ok, bye bye Victor come say goodbye to your great-grandmaster Goodbye! Bye bye… Ok, so this is it
Bye grandpa! OK, bye… Bye auntie… You can’t escape birth, old age,
sickness and eventually death in life Up until now I have already spread my father’s
I Liq Chuan that he passed down to me Within the last 10 years I have already spread it throughout the world to approximately 10 over countries I take that as a comfort Go I didn’t know before that Sigong had cancer I don’t know why he didn’t tell me. I really don’t know why From here Ok, see you then Alright? Ok Originally Sam wanted to go back to Malaysia
to celebrate his father’s birthday,
but sadly right upon arrival he found out
at the airport that his father had passed away… Doctor warns that the cancer may relapse at anytime
But Sam continues to carry on with his daily work
Bringing new hope to the disabilities Chin Family at Founder Chin Lik Keong’s Funeral (Subtitles by: Yen L. Chin)

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  1. Absolutely amazing. Never seen a martial arts teacher so committed to teaching. His students had to wear gloves for teachers immunity during his chemotherapy treatment. Great courage under fire. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Absolutely amazing. Never seen a martial arts teacher so committed to teaching. His students had to wear gloves for teachers immunity during his chemotherapy treatment. Great courage under fire. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Physical Therapists should study. It is a neurological miracle that Victor can now maintain more motor control. Brilliant. Past NDT

  4. Sifu sam chin is a genuine master of the Dao, a compassionate Bodhisattva who embodies the best qualities of a warrior. I am so indebted to him for his generosity and teaching. May he continues on in his teaching and transmission of this ancient art of Zhong Xin Dao, the Tao of the Centering of the Heart.

  5. Victor is such an inspiration to me and Master Sam Chin. Never met Master who knows the art, shows the way and walks the path. May Master abide in wellbeing , free from distress and anxiety and guide himself to bliss.

  6. Sorry to hear that Sam had cancer a couple of times. I wonder if you have looked at Ty & Charlene Bollinger's new 9-part new documentary series on natural cures for cancer…There are some vegetable and fruits, herbs and spices, that are powerfully cause apoptosis without harming the rest of the body: frankincense oil, apricot seeds, tumeric, etc. These are more in line with tai-ji than chemo or radiation. The history of the cancer business is also covered in this series and helps me to understand why we never hear of natural methods (when there are over 100,000 medical scientific articles available on natural cures..!). Doctors in the US only get half an hour education on vitamins and how they work..!

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