Cats boxing. Cats fight turns into funny cats boxing match.

our contenders are The Casinator Versing Lightfoot Leo Round 1 They’re into it the fight has begun look at that determination on his face It’s all fists at the moment and she gets right back up round two Tails are going crazy oh that takedown we go to watch that take down in slow motion. here it is where’s he going Round three Well the Casinator is not impressed she has him down Casinator towers over him they’re waiting for the first move What’s he trying to do? well the Casinator is not happy with these delays Final Round surprise attack She’s pinned him down. When will lightfoot Leo win a round. He’s stuggeling to free himself Looks like he’s down for the count he’s up it’s not over yet looks like he’s giving it one last shot. Is it all worth it this is intense what’s this is the Casinator backing off? oh and there she goes right in the face She wants to end this fight what’s this? where’s he going? Is that even allowed? and he’s running away ladies and gentlemen well I think it’s over looks like the Casinator has this one she’s one every single round what’s this Lightfoot Leo makes his attack Thank you for watching

6 thoughts on “Cats boxing. Cats fight turns into funny cats boxing match.

  1. Always think it's funny how all cats have this fighting-style. One is always submissive! I wouldn't worry about how people take it, looks perfectly natural to me. 😉

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