100 thoughts on “[+captions] Beat-boxer Dave Crowe on Britain’s Got Talent 2008

  1. how do you not know who "that guy is" he's simon cowell he's from american idol he's pretty much the main judge of every competition he's also the most known judge of all competitions as far as singing goe's

  2. Sick of watching Simon to reject people without even listen to them or watch their talent … fucking son of a bitch -.-

  3. I do think Crowe does have a slight attitude problem, but I suppose that's just his personality. Either way he is quite talented, but like Simon said he should have prepared a full tune like on his later youtube videos. I guess this was his earlier "un refined" work, his audition felt a bit random to me.

  4. la verdad este artista no necesitaria de ninguna mierda de programa que lo lanzara a ningun sitio. este tio es el mejor y punto hubiese triunfado igual aunke no asistiera a este programa en el cual no lo valoran como se merece desde mi punto de vista. todos mis respetos desde galicia man y a seguir sorprendiendonos 😀

  5. He's done a lot better in the streets of London than he has in this. Not his best performance by a long shot, he is MUCH better than this.

  6. Slow down the beat boxer's practice piece for the host, and listen without watching the video. You'd almost swear the guy was beat boxing and pleasuring a woman at the same time lol.

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