Capoeira (Mixed Martial Arts) on Trampolines

We are an American family of 7, living working and loving Brazil. Welcome to the adventures of Our Brazilian Life. Capoeira is an afro-brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It’s an expression
that mixes martial arts, sports and culture. Developed in Brazil by descendants of African slaves. It’s known for its quick and complex maneuvers
using power, speed and leverage with a wide variety of kicks spins and other techniques. Capoeira masters Rudson and Ramon brought their group of performers to Big Jump. They had fun practicing flips on the trampolines, performed and taught our family a capoeira lesson. Topazio is a capoeira school here in Salvador, Bahia. It teaches students ancient and new techniques and promotes a healthy discipline and drug-free lifestyle. We were honored to have them at Big Jump and hope to continue classes with them. Thanks Tapazio. Tell us a little bit about your capoeira school. We are a group called Capoeira Topazio that was founded by our father. Our school is thirty years old and we have students all over the world. We not only use capoeira as fighting but we also have great demonstrations and shows. Thank you.

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