Canelo vs. Kirkland 2015 – Full Fight (HBO Boxing)

♪ Announcer: The following is
a presentation of HBO Sports. Hello. I’m Jim Lampley. On November 21, HBO Pay-Per-View takes you live to the Mandalay
Bay Events Center in Las Vegas for the middleweight
championship showdown between the premier
Puerto Rican fighter of the current generation–
Miguel Cotto– and the number-one Mexican brand
of the moment–Canelo Alvarez. Cotto holds the lineal
middleweight crown. Canelo is the number-one
junior middleweight. And it’s the latest
in a historic line of memorable fights between
Mexican and Puerto Rican stars. So, to help get you ready
for Cotto versus Canelo, we’re going to revisit
the 25-year-old Alvarez’s last appearance,
an exciting firefight against unpredictable
Texas tornado James Kirkland in Houston’s Minute Maid Stadium
on May 9. It was one week to the day after the hyper-ballyhooed
superfight between Floyd Mayweather
and Manny Pacquiao had laid a frustrating egg
in Las Vegas. 31,000 boxing fans flocked to
the ballpark in downtown Houston to see something
entirely different, and that’s what they got. Let’s go back and hear
how I called it with Max Kellerman
and Roy Jones. OK, those trunks
are good there, those trunks
are good there. James, give me
a good, clean fight. Obey my commands and protect
yourselves at all times. Canelo… [speaking Spanish] Kellerman: Well,
if you love action, and the big fight last
week put you to sleep, wake up, because
more likely than not, one of these two is
about to go to sleep. Lampley:
This fight might knock you out. The relatively unknown trainer in James Kirkland’s
corner tonight is San Antonio’s Rick Morones. He’s 32 years old.
He’s never trained a fighter of Kirkland’s quality
in a fight this big. [bell rings] Canelo Alvarez has been
trained his entire career by the father-son team
in his corner, Chepo Reynoso and his son Jose. Round one begins.
Right hand over the top by Canelo Alvarez. Roy, would you regard him more as an attacker or
a counterpuncher? Jones: Well, he’s
a counterpuncher, and tonight,
he’ll have to be
a counterpuncher, because he’s
fighting a guy who’s gonna be
all over him. But he can fight
either way, Jim. He can attack
,or he can counter. Lampley: Canelo on
the defensive right now as Kirkland fires away, and Canelo keeps his
guard up in the corner. Kellerman: Canelo already
ate a good right hand
from Kirkland. It’s one of the reasons
he’s in the corner
right now. Hard right hand
by Canelo. Kirkland firing away. Lands a left,
lands another left. Canelo’s getting
hit by Kirkland and he’s stuck in the corner. But let’s remember,
Kirkland is vulnerable, especially early. We saw it
against Angulo. He sometimes goes
too offensive early and against Angulo was
dropped with a right hand. And when he gets knocked down,
sometimes it’s because Kirkland squares
his feet up and forgets to stay in
a responsible boxing stance. He just got hurt bad
with a left hook. Just got
hurt real bad
with a left hook. Canelo with that
good left hook. Oh, he got hurt bad
again with it. Canelo almost landed
a third big left hook, but he’s landed two
good ones in a row. And a straight
right hand
behind it. They’re willing
to take that left hook instead of gambling on
Canelo’s right uppercut. Kirkland open
to the right hand. Right hand leads down
the middle by Alvarez. Kirkland hurt again. Hurt very bad, Jim. Both fighters have been
hurt in round one. Hard right hand by Canelo. Alvarez has a chance
for something big. I’ve never seen
Kirkland try to play
rope-a-dope. That tells you
how hurt he must be. Well, Canelo
taking his time and landing the
big shot low… A right hand.
Down goes Kirkland. A minute still to go
in the first round. Possible opportunity
for a first-round knockout by Canelo. 8. Stay there. Come here, come here,
come here, come here. Lampley: No stranger to getting
knocked down in round one, Kirkland has tasted
the canvas here. Jones: He should’ve
stayed close
to Canelo. He must stay
really close.
He can’t outbox him, and he can’t
box with him. Close range was
his best option, because now,
Canelo is throwing
wicked body shots, wicked uppercuts, and Canelo has
gotten comfortable. And Canelo can’t miss with the straight
right hand. He is painting Kirkland
with those shots. Not from that
distance, Jim. Now he’s doing
the same thing that Pacquiao
did last week– he’s staying
right in the
wrong distance to win
the fight. Hard left hook by Alvarez. Kellerman: Guys, the reason
we know Kirkland’s name is precisely
because he walks through stuff
like this, but again, that’s only
been with Ann Wolfe. The only other time
he didn’t have her, he was knocked out
in the first round, and he’s in jeopardy
here in the first round. Another right hand. Bad body shot. Huge body shot by Canelo. He’s piecing this
together brilliantly, ever since the early
assault from Kirkland that locked him
in the corner. Huge right hand. Left hook to the body. Canelo working, working. Jon Schorle looking. [bell rings] And Kirkland’s gonna
make it out of the round just barely. That was an assault. [laughs] ♪ Crowd is rocking and roaring
in Houston. More action in
the first round here than in 12 rounds
last Saturday night. Mayweather and Pacquiao
could fight 120 rounds. They won’t produce
that much action
against each other. Man: Take advantage, man.
Keep them hands up
all nice and tight. Jones: Here you
see Canelo throw a left body shot
followed by a straight
right hand right down the pipe. That hurt,
and that sent Kirkland to
the canvas
quickly. [whistle] Once again, we
see a straight right lead,
body shot, straight right
down the pipe. That right hand
will put you
down every time. [crowd cheering] [bell rings] Lampley: Canelo’s mother
Anna Alvarez and girlfriend Melda
both reacting very positively to what
they saw in round one. CompuBox numbers–Alvarez
was 38 of 68 in round one. 36 of them were power connects. 10 to the body, just like that
left hook to the body there. And another big left hook
knocks Kirkland into the ropes. Alvarez landing everything. Straight right.
Straight right.
Straight right. Left to the body. Kellerman: Kirkland’s
gonna get stopped if he doesn’t
throw some shots. Tremendous shots. How is he
still here?
I don’t know. Incredible conditioning
is the only answer. And punching
back. And still
trying. Uppercut by Alvarez. He’s hitting him with
everything but the kitchen sink and Kirkland’s
still standing up. That’s why
they call him the Mandingo
Warrior, Jim. And now the Mandingo Warrior
starts to fire himself. He is throwing punches. Amazing that he can survive that assault. He is throwing punches
and he’s showing
great resolve, but the punches
don’t yet have
the snap that they do when
he starts to come back in these many
fights we’ve seen. Well, because Canelo
is smart enough to attack the body
as well as the head. He’s not
just attacking
to the head like most people
make the mistake
and do. And look at this, guys.
Canelo loves this
kind of fight. You can see it. This is what
your boy Triple G talks about when he
says Mexican style. This is
Mexican style… at its best. Now Kirkland once again pins Canelo against the ropes. Kirkland went
for a minute. Brings himself up into
a southpaw stance. Throws some jabs, looking for
a chance to land a left hand. Reaching over the top
and missing. And Canelo getting a little
bit of a breather here. What heart–what heart
Kirkland has already shown. You couldn’t find
a bigger one, Max. 99 out of 100 fighters
have already lost this fight. Twice. [Laughs] Good head movement
by Canelo Alvarez. Now he fires back
to the body. Good left-hand shot
to the body. Hurt Kirkland again.
Straight right hand. Here comes Kirkland. It’s an all-out war
in round two. And these are
big, powerful
junior middleweights throwing bombs
with every punch. How is he
taking those
body shots, Jim, I do not know. You wonder if Canelo Alvarez
is punched out a little bit after all the throwing in the
last minute of the first round. No, he’s not, Jim.
This is what
he’s used to. This is what
he prepared for. As you know, he was
taking his time, economically picking
his shots. He wasn’t just going
haywire with them. So, he is not
punched out. That was
the right uppercut Team Kirkland
hoped to avoid. They’re getting hit
with everything. But that uppercut
lifted him
off the canvas. Left to the body, right to
the body, right uppercut. Another big rally
by Alvarez. [bell rings] And he is tight. [crowd cheering] ♪ Tucker: Keep your
fucking hands up! Don’t drop your
hands, son, at all! Close your eyes.
Close your eyes. Stay prepared
for that hook. He’s wearing
down, man. Hey. He’s
wearing down. That’s why
you see him– he’s taking
breaks on the
ropes again. Hey? Keep
your fucking
hands up. Get your
feet together. Keep that front
foot in front
of you. Don’t square up,
baby, OK? I got it. Hey, don’t
fight like this. Spit? Spit?
Spit? Big breath. Again. One more. Jones: Here you
see Canelo land a beautiful
left uppercut. What keeps Kirkland
up on his feet, I do not know. You couldn’t ask for
a better-placed
left uppercut, just like this
left hook, right on
the button. Left hooks
don’t get landed any cleaner
than this. I mean, wow. What a beard and what
conditioning Kirkland must
have right now. Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in round two– Alvarez landed 29 of 54. Kirkland threw 90 punches
in the second round after almost getting
knocked out in the first round. Only landed 16 of them, but landed some very hard shots. Right uppercut is landing still
for Canelo Alvarez. Now Kirkland begins
to throw to the body. Kellerman:
Kirkland’s conditioning
coach Bay-Bay McClinton said that the only athlete
he’s ever worked with, and he’s worked
with a lot of
NBA and NFL players, the only one that
compares to Kirkland in terms of his will
is Priest Holmes. And Kirkland
has that kind of great running back
quality. When the play is over,
his legs are
still churning. Here’s Kirkland,
arms still churning after those first
two rounds. Amazing. Man. What will. How shocked would we
be at this point if this fight went 12 rounds? Oh, no way. No way. [Laughter] This what you
should’ve gave
$100 to see if you wanted
to see a fight. You got a boxing
match last week. That’s a different
thing than a fight. Oh. Oh. And this is a fight. Yeah, this is
a fight. This is not
much skill,
but a fight. A little skill
but less than what we see
from the best. But if there’s a skill
advantage, it belongs to Canelo Alvarez,
and that means the premium for Kirkland
is on heart and will
and guts, and he has them all
in abundance. So far, it’s
skill over will, and Kirkland has to
change that equation. Perfect shots by
Canelo Alvarez. Kirkland keeps coming. He can’t keep
giving Canelo them big shots,
though, Jim. All those
body shots. Those body shots
will wear
anybody down. What a savage
beating… This is target practice
for Canelo Alvarez. Yes, it is. And Kirkland’s taking every shot
and coming back. And telling
There he goes. Uppercut knocks
Kirkland down. Second knockdown
of the fight. 3, 4, 5,
6, 7. OK, baby? 8. Stay there.
Come here, come here,
come here. Show me something. Lampley: Kirkland at great pains
to let Jon Schorle know he’s not knocked out,
just knocked down. Second knockdown. Right uppercut
continues to land. There’s a perfect
straight right hand, and Schorle’s gonna
stop the fight. What a performance
by Canelo Alvarez. Kellerman: Maybe
all things considered, the most electrifying
of Canelo Alvarez’s career. ♪ Talk about
closing the show. Alvarez landed 20
out of 28 punches in the second round,
all of them power shots, and that uppercut
was unbelievable tonight. Jones: Yeah, Jim,
the uppercut
was unbelievable. the overhand right
even more
unbelievable, but the guy, he–
he made him do that. Uh, Kirkland put so
much pressure on him that he had to
resort to just
throwing big shots. Forget the jab.
Forget the
tap shots. Throw big shots
till you either get him out of there
or get him off you. And they are still working
with James Kirkland on the deck, as Canelo Alvarez rem–
thinks to himself about what he’s been through
in an unbelievable fight. Jones: That was
that uppercut, Jim, right up under
the left jab, which is why he
abandoned the jab. He wanted Kirkland
to throw those
type punches so that
he could counter. Once again,
Kirkland threw
that left hand, and then–the left
hand, he stuck it
out like a jab, but then
he countered it
with the uppercut, which is why you
don’t stick late, lagging punches
out like that. You give a guy
to work off. So, through all of
the firefight in there, Canelo was thinking
the whole time. Thinking
the whole time. He looked down
to the body right
with a jab and comes right
over the top with the overhand
right. He knew that
Kirkland was prone to getting
knocked down, and if you can
get knocked down
like that, it’s not as hard
to knock you out if you keep working
the body shots. If you watch
his attack, Canelo always got
good body shots in during those
attacks. Talking about body shots, there he aims low
and then fires upstairs. A perfect fake. That’s what I
call look down
but come up. Ha ha! A brilliant display
by Canelo Alvarez.
One more look. Remember–
Wilfred Benitez knockout of
Maurice Hope was almost the
exact same punch. Just without
the jab. He looked down, it
came over the top, and that’s
where you see real old-school
boxing lessons right there where
Canelo Alvarez just showed you. Wow. An amazing win
for Alvarez. Let’s go to Michael Buffer for
the particulars on the knockout. [bell rings] Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen,
here at Houston, Texas, in the tradition of
slugger versus slugger, the end comes at two minutes,
19 seconds of round number 3, the winner by knockout victory, the fighting pride of
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Saul “Canelo”… Alvarez. [crowd cheering] Lampley: I know
CompuBox numbers, and once again,
Canelo landed 20 out of 28 in the third round
en route to the knockout. Every one of them
was a power shot. All in all, he lands
58% of his punches, landing 45 more than Kirkland while throwing 47 fewer. Kirkland not nearly
as accurate, though he was throwing hard all the way through the second
and third rounds after having gotten hurt badly
in the first. Power punches–Canelo,
79 out of 132. 60%. He had a willing target. He took advantage of it. He mixed his
punches brilliantly. Kirkland landing 41 of 177, and some of those
41 landed punches were hellacious shots. But at the end of the day,
Canelo Alvarez had too much skill
and too much presence of mind for James Kirkland. Let’s go to Max Kellerman
with the winner. Kellerman:
Congratulations, Canelo, on a sensational,
knockout win… [speaking Spanish] in front of
all these people… [speaking Spanish] How do you feel
about being in a fight
like this? [speaking Spanish] [speaking Spanish] Translator: I feel very good,
I feel very happy with all the people that
are here supporting me. [speaking Spanish] Translator: This gives me
great motivation to get up in the morning,
to keep running,
to keep winning fights. Thank you, everyone. But you’ve won
plenty of fights
in the past. This was a
high-profile fight where the two of you
went to war. It was
an action fight. What do you think
about that kind
of fight? [speaking Spanish] Translator: Kirkland
is a great fighter. We knew he was gonna
come in, throw punches. You know, at the beginning, we
were both a little exhausted, but I knew it would happen. I knew we would win the fight. It seems to me
that you prefer this kind of
fight to a Lara
kind of fight, where there’s
not as much action. Is that the case? [speaking Spanish] Translator: Fighting a man
against–like Kirkland, a man that comes,
and comes to fight, is something that the public
likes and that I love. Did you feel
after last week’s
big fight that didn’t
produce fireworks, that you could
create something
special here for boxing fans
who were hungry for
that kind of fight? [speaking Spanish] Translator: Personally, I don’t
focus on other fighters. I don’t focus on other fights. I do what I do.
I do what the people like, and that’s what’s
important to me. So, let’s focus
on your next fight. You just took care
of business. If Cotto takes care
of business in June, are you interested
in fighting Cotto before the end
of this year? [speaking Spanish] Translator: I’m ready
for any rival. I don’t run away from anyone.
I’m ready for anyone. That’s one of
the things we all
love about you. Does that include
Triple G in the
future? Gennady Golovkin? [speaking Spanish] Translator: Yes, why not?
He’s a great champion, he’s a warrior, and that’s
the type of fighter
that I want to fight. In the future, yes. Thank you, Canelo,
for a spectacular
showing. [crowd cheering] OK. You OK? Yeah…
Respect for you. Thank you.
You, too. James, congratulations
on a tough showing. You jumped on him
You seemed to catch him with
a right hand early. Followed him
into the corner. And then he seemed
to start unloading
on you. How badly were you
hurt in that
first round? Honestly, first I want
to give thanks to God for this opportunity
because without him, none of this
is possible. And–I should ask,
can you even remember clearly
a fight like that at a moment like this
when so many punches were exchanged? Most definitely.
You know, I’m
a fighter, so, most definitely
you got to be able to know your ins
and your outs when it comes to
being in the ring. Uh…like I say, you
know, I got in there, putting work together. Evidently, left my–
left my left hand down and he came over the top and caught me
with a shot. You know, I tried
to regroup.
The–the referee, he called it off, so,
most definitely was– I take nothing away
from Canelo. He did an outstanding
job, but at the end
of the day, you know, I’m
a warrior, you know. I definitely like
that type of fighting, that type of exposure,
you know, and that’s
exactly what I needed. Oh, you’re a warrior.
That’s why everyone
loves you. Uh, boxing fans. But the way you
usually win fights is you may
have to get over
some rocky moments, and we’ve consistently
seen you do that except for
the Ishida fight. What was it
about Canelo when even when
you got back and you overcame
and you shook
the cobwebs and you started
pressuring him, what was it
about Canelo that you ultimately
weren’t able
to overcome? Um, as I say, you know,
he’s a crafty fighter. You know, he come
with a lot of skill, a lot of fights,
you know. Uh, take nothing
away from him. He was just
on his Ps and Qs. And he
showed it tonight. Thank you, James.
We look forward to
seeing you again. Jim? Kirkland attacked low and hard, very much the way
Miguel Cotto does. Canelo’s accurate
counterpunching suggested he just might
have the formula to lift the middleweight ground
from Cotto. We’ll all find out
the night of November 21, when HBO Pay-Per-View brings you Miguel Cotto versus
Canelo Alvarez, Puerto Rico versus Mexico, live from Las Vegas. Don’t miss it. ♪

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