Canelo vs. Khan 2016 – Full Fight

[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer:
The following is a presentation
of HBO Sports.– Hello again,
I’m Jim Lampley. Coming up September 17,
HBO Pay-Per-View will take you live to Dallas, Texas,
for the battle between Canelo Álvarez and British 154-pound
title holder Liam Smith. Álvarez going
back down in weight from his previous perch
at middleweight, looking
for 154-pound title. To get you ready for that,
we’re going to look back at Canelo Álvarez’s most recent
appearance in the ring. It took place May 7
in Las Vegas against British
welterweight star Amir Khan, who was moving up
two divisions in weight, hoping that his speed and skills
would create a puzzle for the larger,
stronger Álvarez. Let’s take a look back to May 7
and see how that turned out and how I called the fight with Roy Jones
and Max Kellerman. – Okay, gentlemen,
trunks are okay on both sides. Anything landing on the belt,
I’ll consider it low. Now, Saúl, Amir, we went over the rules
in the dressing room. I would caution to keep
this fight clean at all times, protect yourself at all times,
and what I say, you must obey. Good luck to both of you. Touch ’em up,
Buena suerte.
The good big man
usually beats
the good little man,
and sometimes
they make a good fight.
Lampley: Amir Khan has not been
in the ring for a prize fight
in 344 days–21 days short of a year.will that affect him early,
Jones: Yes,
that will affect him early,
but because he’s
such a speedy guy,
it won’t have the affect
it has on normal guys…
[bell dings]
Because he’s not looking
to counterpunch,he’s looking
to front [unintelligible].
Round 1 begins.
First two punches are
jabs from Khan.
Doing a very smart thing, Jim.
He’s not completely running
from Álvarez.
Lampley: Hard right hand
by Khan following the jab,
and immediately you see
the hand speed advantage
for Amir Khan.Jones: And that’s
what he had to do, Jim.
He had to put something on him
and let him know
that he has to respect him
right away,
and right there, uh, uh,
Canelo just missed a left hook
that he could’ve got Khan with,
but he didn’t throw it.
Now you saw it.
You saw how–you saw the setup.
You saw that he missed it,
then he tried to throw it
a second time,
but it was too late.
Whenever you’ve seen
little guys move up
and beat big guys,
they have to make a showing
in that first round.
They have to land
something big.
Ali versus Foreman,
Roy Jones versus John Ruiz,
they have to let
the bigger guy know
that they’re in there
with a real fighter.
Lampley: And Khan is trying
to do that right now.
Jones: Yeah,
he did it right away
with that straight right hand.Lampley:
Got in a left hook there.
Jones: But the problem is now
that he also has to prove
that he can absorb
one of Canelo’s punches.
Lampley: Canelo is
a measured, patient fighter.
There’s part
of his bread and butter
as he fires the right hand
to the body and digs it in.
Just missing with a right cross
across the top.
Kellerman: You can see, Khan’s
really got sizzling hand speed.
And not bad power.
Lampley: Hard left hook
by Álvarez in there.
Khan took it well.Jones: Yeah,
he took that very well.
Kellerman: But we see, when did
he get caught with the hook?
When he led.Canelo is
a natural counterpuncher,
wants the other guy
to come to him.
[cheers and applause]Lampley: Crowd oohs and ahhs
as again,
Canelo lands the left–
wasn’t big.
Khan once again flashing
his hand speed in combination.
Jones: Can’t get too big
for his own heart, Jim.
He has to keep it basic
and keep it smart.
He can’t go in and just attack
like he’s a big puncher.
Lampley: Well, so far I think
Khan’s trainer Virgil Hunter
is gonna like
this first round,
because his fighter has
shown some aggression,
has demonstrated
his hand speed,
and the one time he got caught
with a left hook,
he handled it well.Jones: Very well.Lampley: Khan’s movement–
critically important.
Can he do it
for 12 rounds?
[loud tapping]Jones:
That’s the question.
Kellerman: And can he move
without running–
not waste energy and give
Canelo a head of steam?
[bell dings]
– Time!Lampley:
An excellent first round.
And from a tactical standpoint,
maybe you make Khan the winner,
because he did
what he wanted to do.
– Tell me something.
– Yeah? – You see everything, huh?
– Everything. – Breathe deep. Make sure you don’t stop
your feet, okay? I told you he will not be able
to deal with your speed. You just stay relaxed and
keep it at that one-two and keep it
like you’re doing. Okay, he telegraphs
everything he does. You remember I told you,
when he walks in, if he’s walking,
he has to throw one punch when he’s moving his feet,
so don’t set your feet, okay? You already got his right
eye side puffed up. I don’t know if you noticed it.
– Yeah. – Keep your eyes
on his hands. You know, those punches
are gonna do it.Jones:
Here you see Canelo feint
and get caught
by that hook.
Right hand–
beautiful, straight right hand
right on the face
of Canelo…
[whistle blows]Jones: Something that
he’s definitely not
used to happening to him
in the first round.
And here’s how visible it was.
27 nieces and nephews
at ringside,
and there’s the response of one
of them being comforted…
[bell dings]By the boy next to her
and the girl to the right
after she almost criesfrom a single right hand
that Khan landed.
Jones: Not used to seeing him
get hit,
seeing Uncle Álvarez
get caught with shots like that
in round one.Lampley:
Khan trying to get away
as Álvarez reaches
with a right hand to the body.
Kellerman: Canelo’s obviously
stepping up the pressure
here in the second round.Lampley: Moving closer,
trying to breathe on Amir,
forcing Amir to move
on his feet.
Kellerman: This is when
Amir’s movement
has to be purposeful…Lampley: Fights his way out
of the corner with hand speed.
Rather than excessive.
Jones: Purposeful, and
he also has to make, uh, Canelo
keep his hands–
or his defense on high alert.
Kellerman: And make him pay
for misses like that.
Jones: Yeah–
Lampley: Another one-two
that lands for Amir Khan.Jones: Canelo’s going
for broke, and we see that.
That’s how you know
that Amir Khan hurt him
with that shot–or got
his attention with that shot
in the first round,because he’s trying
to get it back already.
Lampley: Canelo landed
a right hand to the body,
missed with the left hook.– No, no, no, no!
Let him up.Lampley: Khan peppers him
with jabs and gets picked up.
Kellerman: I don’t know
if the danger for Khan
is just those wild swings
by Canelo.
The danger is when Khan leads,
comes to Canelo
or throws more
than two punches at a time,
and it gives Canelo
the chance to counter.
Jones: He should only
pot-shot Canelo
until about the fifth
or the sixth round.
Don’t give him
that chance to punch
between the second
and third punch.
Terrific fight so far
in terms of tactics,
speed, and skill.
Lampley: Very difficult
for Amir Khan to stop himself
from throwing three
and four-punch combinations
if he lands.
It may not be the best idea,
but his punches flow like water
when he’s in the groove.
Yeah, they do.
– All right, stop, stop.
Step back, please. There you go. Let him up, let him up,
let him up.Kellerman:
Canelo’s issue in the past–
fleet-footed boxers–
has been cutting off
the ring.
He seems to have
quicker hands than feet.
And here, it seems,Khan is able to move
where he pleases.
Jones: Like I said,
the whole thing will be,
can he move like this
for 12 complete rounds?
Well, Khan’s hand speed
and foot speed advantages
have shown up.
The question now is
when or if
Álvarez’s power advantage
will show up as well.
Virtually every boxing expert
who predicted the fight…
[loud tapping]Picked Álvarez to win
by knockout.
He seems pretty clearly to have
lost the first two rounds
on the scorecards.
[bell dings] – Time!
Jones: Without a doubt.
– [speaking Spanish] – Breathe. How are you feeling?
Good? – Yeah. – Take it in. Come on, you got to pay
attention because he’s so fast and he comes in
with his feet, okay? So you gotta be careful
there. If you’re going in,
you got to be fast, and after you fake, okay? Don’t go in slowly,
because he can catch you because he’s got
the speed, okay? You got to flex your waist
and attack. – [speaking Spanish] – Take position
over the shoulder, right? If you going to your right,
over his left shoulder. If you going to your left,
over his right shoulder. All right, see if you can start
tapping that glove and stepping over
to that angle, okay? Good job. Make sure you don’t
stop your feet, okay? Good job. You see everything
and you relax. It’s not even time
[unintelligible].Jones: Here we see Canelo
finally catch Khan
with a beautiful left hook.Looked down and came up
and Khan took that shot well
and actually landed a little
cross jab of his own back.
[whistle blows]Lampley: Andre Ward,
grinning at ringside,
looking for another fight
prior to his meeting
with Sergey Kovalev…[bell dings]Scheduled in the fall.Kellerman: Andre is the master
of the Virgil Hunter style,
kind of consummate
professional boxer.
Lampley: And no doubt
pulling for his training mate
Amir Khan
here tonight.
Harold Lederman
agreeing with us, as you see,
giving the first two rounds
to the British star.
That’s not terribly surprising,
given the speed advantage.
Jones: Of course,
he’s a front-runner,
which is why I said that
that layoff
wouldn’t hurt him much,
because he’s not looking
to make shots
off of counter shots,
he’s looking
to be ahead.
And Khan took that left hook
very well
from Canelo.
He’s landed three of them now.
Canelo has landed
three solid left hooks.
He hasn’t yet hurt Amir Khan
with a punch.
Jones: Gonna have to
wear him down some
before he hurts him, Jim.Lampley: My prediction is
he hurts him
after he catches him
with a body shot.
In fact, if I were training
Canelo Álvarez,
I would tell him,
“Focus on the body
for the first
several rounds.”
Jones: That’s what he should’ve
did, but you know,
different trainers have
different philosophies.
Good left hook by Khan.
Kellerman: There’s a sense
because many Mexican greats
of the past have been
kind of seek-and-destroy,
kind of fighters
that Canelo
should be that too,
but that’s not really
his style.
When he’s doing it,
he’s trying to kind of imitate
a style that’s not
completely natural for him.
Jones: And guess what,
because that’s not his style,
that’s why he couldn’t give
Floyd Mayweather
the fight that we
expected him to give Floyd,
because to give Floyd
a fight,
that’s the fight
he would’ve had to fight.
He’s already falling, Canelo,
into the kind of fight
that Amir Khan wanted,
where you pick your head up
after a couple rounds, say.
Canelo may be down
in this fight.
Does he have the kind
of tactics to turn it around?
Jones: Now you see Canelo doing
something smart, though.
He’s even hitting Khan
on the arms very hard.
Virgil: [unintelligible] point!
[cheers and applause]Lampley: Okay, so Virgil yells,
“Point, point.”
Either of you guys know
what that means?
Jones: Could be telling him
about the pivot,
pointing with the left foot,
point to the left,
point to the right,
keep him out of position.
Don’t stand there
and look at him,
keep pointing to the left
and pointing to the right…
[loud tapping]Therefore you’re not allowing
him to set up
an attack
straight ahead on you.
This was a pretty even round
until Khan landed that one-two
right there.
Kellerman: Looked like
that right hand
bothered Canelo
from where I’m sitting.
[bell dings]
– Time!Lampley: I make Khan the winner
of the third round as well.
[all cheering]Not crying anymore
in the Canelo family section.
– Breathe. Without the spare.
Relax. Don’t touch [unintelligible].
Don’t load up, okay? You don’t want to take him out
with just one punch. Flex your waist,
cut the exits. Fake to the body,
pick up top. Okay?
Okay. – All you have to do
is stay– every time he misses
these big shots, it’s wearing him down. Stay focused, okay? You up three already,
okay, so you keep doing
what you’re doing, okay? As he starts slowing down,
we gon’ do, okay? Now, remember, when you’re
along the ropes, and he’s do–
keep the prevent out, okay, that lean hand and
that angle, okay? Keep that straight jab out like you’re gon’ hit him
and everything, okay? [whistle blows] Start to him, pound it.
Breathe deep.Lampley: The beautiful new
T-Mobile Arena
on the strip
in Las Vegas.
Very good crowd
filling the arena tonight…
[bell dings]For Canelo Álvarez
versus Amir Khan.
I think I’m
a little too enthusiastic
about what Khan did in the last
30 seconds of round three.
Overall, Harold Lederman
sees it differently.
what do you have so far?
Okay, Jim, I got it 29-28,
two rounds to one,
Amir Khan.
Jim, in the third roundI thought Canelo
cracked him down,
but you know, he–he tries
to move forward slowly,
land hard shots.That’s what we do
in round three to win a round.I mean, he’s obviously
the more powerful guy.
I thought, you know,
he got inside.
Amir Khan didn’t dominate him
with that left jab
like he did
in rounds one and two.
Canelo got to him,and I thought he got to him
enough to win round 3.
Two to one, Amir Khan.Kellerman: Everyone loves
the blood-and-guts,
all-out action fightswith two guys
coming at each other,
but this is of a type
of a fight in boxing
that’s among
the most dramatic–
the smaller, faster fighter
walking a tightrope
against a bigger, stronger guy,
so far successfully.
Jones: Classic boxer
versus classic puncher.
Lampley: Oh, a right hand
by Kahn over the top.
Good body shot by Álvarez
in return.
Jones: And that was the right
counterpunch for Álvarez.
Kellerman: Oh, that was
a devastating right
to the body
from Canelo.
Lampley: Left hand to the body
by Canelo.
Starting to get closer,
which is giving him
a better chance
to land his body shots.
Kellerman: You see Khan,
unlike Erislandy Lara,
who fought Canelo
very tough and close,
but ultimately lost
the decision.
Khan’s movement is
much more purposeful
and less wasteful.He remains in position
to counter, like that,
when he avoids
Canelo’s shots.
Álvarez getting his jab going,
but he missed
with the right hand,
and Khan countered accurately
in return.
Jones: And Khan’s quick hands
are causing Álvarez
a little bit of a problem
right now.
Lampley: Question is,
is Álvarez’s power
causing Khan a problem?How much is he feeling
those punches to the body?
Jones: That and Khan–
Álvarez is using
a beautiful jab
right now.
Lampley: Yes, he’s landed
his jab in this round.
Jones: Reminding us
of how Triple G came out
and used his jab
against the kid we saw tonight.
Lampley: David Lemieux.
Jones: Yes.
Kellerman: Khan wound up
in an exchange moments ago
that’s the danger zone
for him–
little bit wild,
maybe a few too many punches,
exposing him to that counter
from Canelo.
Jones: Now Canelo doing
exactly what he needs to do.
Now he’s consistently
on the hunt,
keeping the pressure
on Canelo…
[loud tapping]Not allowing Canelo
to rest.
Doing a much better job
of cutting off the ring
here in the fourth
than had been the case
up to this point.
Jones: This is the way
you want to see him fight.
[bell dings]
– Time! [cheers and applause]Lampley: 1/3 of the way through
the 12-round distance
in Las Vegas.– Good job, way to take
that round off and still win it. Breathe deep.
Feeling good? Huh?
– Yeah. – You got a lot of energy, huh?
– I know. – Keep showing him those jabs,
those feint jabs, you know,
that sleight of hand, making him think
he’s gonna get in. You can bring your other shots
off of it, okay? You see he’s pulling away
from you now? – Yeah, right.
– Why? ‘Cause he feels
your thing. That’s what he feels, okay? He’s pumping up now.
You see that?Jones: Here you see the classic
power shot by Canelo,
that beautiful right,
hard body shot right there.
Hard punch to the body because
he’s the more powerful guy,
but right here you see
the quick guy step–
one jab, step up to counter,
and one, two, three punches
with that quick hand speed…
[whistle blows]Before Canelo can
get back.
Lampley: Gennady Golovkin
at ringside
with his trainer,
Abel Sanchez.
[bell dings]Triple G is designated
by the governing body
which controls Canelo Álvarez’s
middleweight title belt
as an absolute must, mandatory
challenger after this fight.
Hard left hook for Álvarez
lands upstairs.
He had to reach a little bit,
but he caught Khan with it.
I thought Khan’s legs
wobbled a little bit
from that punch.
Just a little bit.
So far this fight has been
the best version of what
it seemed it could be.
And Triple G, if he’s hoping
for a Canelo fight,
at a certain point I think is
gonna get a little bit nervous.
Lampley: Well, almost nobody
has conjured the question
of whether Amir Khan
with his hand speed
would pose a riddle
for Triple G.
That’s just not something
people have even thought about,
but Khan does say
that he would expect
to fight Triple G
if he wins the fight.
Long way to go.
Yeah, but Khan has that heart.
Khan has a heart that he won’t
duck or dodge nobody.
Lampley: Any question
about Khan’s heart
should have been erased
when he won
an Olympic silver medal
at age 17,
and then stuck around,rebuffing huge financial offers
to become a pro,
so that he could get
another chance to fight
Mario Kindelán of Cuba–
the man who beat him–
and win the world championship
from him the following year.
That’s heart.
Jones: That’s real heart.
Kellerman: This seems to be
a pivotal round to me,
strategically.Lampley: Hard punch by Canelo.Kellerman: Canelo is able
to land more of his big shots
that seem to affect Khan,
and yet Khan is also
not letting the play
get taken away from him.
They’re both fighting,
it seems,
as well as possible
at the moment.
Jones: But the thing for Canelo
right now is
he has to do
what we want Khan not to do.
We don’t want Khan to throw
three or four punches,
because he’ll get caught
between him,
but Canelo has to throw
three or four punches
to land that third or fourth
or fifth punch.
Here’s the gradual undercurrent
which may ultimately
decide the fight.
Khan is throwing almost
exclusively head punches,
and he’s outlanding Canelo
to the head,
but Canelo is piling up
body punches.
Coming into this round, he had
landed 16 to only 3 for Khan,
and as those numbers grow,those are like the hidden boats
from out in the rural areas.
Canelo is building up
the body damage on Khan.
But what Canelo can’t do is try
and stand back and box Khan
like he’s doing right now,
because he won’t
beat Khan like this.
Lampley: Oh, good right
to the body from Canelo.
Jones: Khan has a redness
around that right eye,
may have a cut either
on the nose or on the–
right up under the eye
from that left hook earlier.
Kellerman: Khan now forced
to acknowledge
those Canelo shots.Lampley: He’s having
more and more difficulty
getting away
from Khan’s pressure,
as Khan does a better job
of cutting off the ring.
Or excuse me–
Jones: Canelo.
Lampley: Canelo does
a better job
of cutting off the ring.Jones: That’s the shot.
See that third shot?
[loud tapping]Those are the ones
that he has to land.
Kellerman: And even though
Khan won’t let the play
get taken away,
it does feel like there’s been
a kind of sea change
in this fifth round.
[bell dings]
– Time! [cheers and applause] – What happened? Want some water? No, no.
You’re good? See, you’re starting
to catch him more now. Just like that,
let go of those punches, be faster, but not so much power
because you miss more. Flex your waist, flex your–
jab to the top and fake him to the body
and then change it up. Change them up. Don’t be overconfident,
all right? – [speaking Spanish][chimes ringing]– Are you all right? – [speaking Spanish] – I told you
this would happen. Believe me the rest of the way,
okay? He’s got to try now,
he knows he’s behind, so he’s looking for big punches. – Yeah. – Remember to keep showing him
sleight of hand. Do not bring your hands in here
and punch from here. Punch from down and
where they are, okay? Show him taps,
step, step, pow, pow. Tap, pow, pow, okay?Jones: Here you see Canelo land
a beautiful left hook,
and it looked like Khan
might have been hurting,
but it’s just
the way he is.
His movement’s so awkward,
like right there.
[whistle blows]He bounces both feet
up in the air at the same time,
and he just does that,so I don’t think
he’s really hurt.
And here you see
a beautiful body shot
right to the body
by Canelo.
Those are the shots that Canelo
has to land.
[bell dings]Lampley: Right hand
to the body has been
Canelo’s best punch
all night long.
Khan has been landing
his jab
and sometimes
his right hand across the top,
but if there’s
a decisive punch
in the flow of the fight
so far, it would appear to be
Canelo’s right hand
to the body.
Canelo outlanding Khan 36 to 29
in the last three rounds,
and as you see, he’s won
all of those rounds
on Harold Lederman’s
So at least on Harold’s
unofficial scorecard,
Canelo Álvarez
inching ahead in the fight.
– Up, up.
Bring ’em up, bring ’em up.Lampley: The longer it goes,
the more ringside experts
expect the damage to pile up
in Canelo’s favor.
Larger, stronger man.Amir Khan fighting
above the 147-pound level
for the first time
in his career.
Canelo at his preferred weight
of 155.
Hard body shot
with the right hand by Canelo.
Kellerman: And now
Canelo’s outboxing Khan.
Khan’s attempts are
hitting air or gloves,
and Canelo’s attempts
are landing clean.
Jones: And that was that third
punch that I was talking about.
He threw
a one, two, three–
right hook to the body,
left hook to the head,
and the left hook and
the right body shot landed.
Lampley: It’s just been
a simple matter
of closing the distance–
getting closer,
cutting off the ring,creating
less and less physical space
between himself and Khan.And what a display
of hand speed by Khan there.
Jones: Exactly, it was
because Canelo backs out,
now it gives him time.Tries to box like he did,
again, with Floyd Mayweather,
and you can’t
box a boxer.
You have to fight him.Kellerman:
That’s much harder to do
against Floyd Mayweather
than anybody else.
Jones: I’m not saying that,
I’m just saying
you should’ve learned that
from Floyd–
from the Floyd fight,
and you definitely
are supposed to imply–impose
the will on a guy like this.
I think slowly he is.
It seems that
over the last several rounds,
Canelo’s having his way
Body shots, body shots.
And now the jab upstairs
landing with frequency.
Kellerman: It’s not just that
the body shots score points.
It’s money in the bank,
and there’s a cumulative effect
that I think
we’re starting to see it.
Lampley: You sap a man’s
confidence with body shots,
as well as taking away
his energy, and everybody…
Jones: Oh!
Lampley: Tremendous!
Right hand shot by Canelo![crowd cheering]And Kenny Bayless
is stopping the fight.
And Canelo Álvarez is
the first one there.
And, oh, Álvarez may have
knocked Khan cold
with that shot.Jones: He did.Kellerman: The danger
from a shot like that
is not only
the punch on the chin
that short-circuited
Khan’s legs,
it’s the fact that
the back of his head
smacks off the canvas,
which is the cause for concern.
A spectacular knockout.
A Triple G
kind of a knockout.
A knockout
that’s gonna want–
make the boxing world
want to see
Canelo Álvarez do that
against Golovkin.
And not to disregard
the condition of Amir Khan
at this moment,
because there’s
some cause for concern,
but that was
a really good fight…
Very good fight.
Right up until the end.
Lampley: That was a fight
in which both fighters
showed their skills,
their command,
their commitment to the sport,
their conditioning,
their understanding
of what to do,
and it ended
the way almost everybody
thought it would end,with a power shot
by Canelo Álvarez.
Khan is awake.Álvarez did his job.Let’s take another look
at how it happened, Roy.
Jones: Yeah, you see Khan
just setting there.
Threw that jab, not ready,
he gave him a feint,
Khan was not ready
for the feint,
and the overhand right
caught him,
because he had held him
with the feints earlier.
When you hold a guy, you feint
him, he doesn’t move,
next time you feint him, you go
at him with the kitchen sink.
Right here,
feint the jab.
He didn’t want to hit the jab,
he’s just feinting him
to get close enough and close
the door with the kitchen sink,
and that’s how
you put a guy…out.
Very reminiscent
of the feint
and right hand combination
that knocked out James Kirkland
one year ago.
Exactly, same exact shot,
just against a right-handerinstead of a left-hander
this time.
Lampley: Canelo knew
that he had wrecked Khan
with that shot, and he was
immediately concerned
about the condition
of his opponent.
Kenny Bayless will
wave it off.
Now watch Canelo
come into the picture.
On his knees.Great shot.And now let’s take a look
at the Álvarez family reaction
at ringside.[all cheering]No more of that consternation
that you saw in round 1.
Ecstasy…as the knockout materializes
before their eyes.
Virgil Hunter
with his fighter.
[unintelligible chatter]Let’s go to ring announcer
Joe Martinez
with the particulars
on the knockout.
[bell dings]Martinez: Ladies and gentlemen,
the end comes officially
2:37, round number 6.Your winner by KO victory
and still…
WBC “Ring” magazinelineal middleweight champion
of the world,
Saúl Canelo-o-oÁ-a-alvarez![crowd cheering]Lampley:
Final CompuBox numbers–
Álvarez lands
16 more total punches,
throws 4 more, lands
at a higher connect percentage.
A lot of that was because
he was landing to the body.
Amir Khan never even
really tried.
[man yells unintelligibly]Lampley: Power shots,
and there’s only one of the 42
that really mattered.He lands 14 more,
he throws 5 more,
he lands
at a 51% connect percentage.
How many times
have we told you
if a guy lands 50%
of his power shots,
he’s probably going to win
the fight.
[rock music playing]Punch shown–
Punch Zone will show you
where the punches landed,
and you can see
that Amir Khan landed
a total of five body shots,
and Canelo landed
his right hand
to Amir’s left side
25 times in the fight.
He wore him down,
he set him up,
he used the brilliant feint
with the left hand
to freeze him,
and he knocked him out
with a right hand shot.Max Kellerman stands bywith the middleweight champion
of the world.
– Congratulations, Canelo,
that was a terrific fight and a vicious knockout. – [speaking Spanish] – Let’s start
at the beginning. Did he surprise you
with his speed early? – [speaking Spanish] – Like I said
from the beginning, you know, he’s a fast fighter,
he’s very fast, and I knew that things
were gonna be complicated at the beginning,
but I knew that time would be– would come to my favor,
and obviously you saw that. – Time seemed to come
to your favor not only because you were
bigger and stronger, but also because
of your boxing skills. As the fight wore on,
you seemed to be able to make him miss and
counter more effectively. Can you talk about the skills
that you showed in this fight? – [speaking Spanish] – You know–
– [speaking Spanish] – You know, many people
focus on my power and talk about my power,
but I’ve got many more qualities in the ring,
and people see that, and that’s what happened
in the ring. – [speaking Spanish] – I like to surprise everyone. – Well,
speaking of that, you seem much more comfortable
with a fighter who comes at you than a fighter who runs away. Why is that? – [speaking Spanish] – You know, a boxer–
someone that comes in to box obviously gives you
more trouble, obviously, but you know, someone that comes
to attack and comes to press you gives you the opportunity
to have a very, very nice fight, but obviously it’s difficult
with someone who boxes. – There’s a guy ringside
watching this fight tonight who comes to attack. [crowd cheering] Triple G.Álvarez: [speaking Spanish]man: I invited him
to come to the ring.
Kellerman: You invited
him to the ring?
Why?– [speaking Spanish] [crowd cheering] [speaking Spanish] – I invited him into the ring,
and like we say in Mexico, we don’t fuck around. We don’t–we don’t fight
for rings and stuff like that. I don’t fear anyone. – [speaking Spanish] – We don’t come to play
in this sport. I fear no one
in this sport. – Does that mean that you will
fight Triple G later this year? – [speaking Spanish] – As I said
in the last fight, right now
I’ll put on the gloves again. –Gracias.
[speaking Spanish]Viva Mexico![crowd cheering] – Thank you, Canelo.
Congratulations.Lampley: Let’s go back to Max
with Amir Khan.
– Amir, right up to the point
that you got hit on the chin with that right hand,
that was a terrific performance. What were you thinking
as that fight wore on? – First of all,
I just want to say a big thank you to everyone,
and you know, I mean, I’m on of them fighters,
you know, I’ll step in the ring
with whoever, and I think
it’s time now where Canelo needs to step in
with Triple G, because everyone’s been waiting
for that fight, so I showed my balls
by getting in the ring and getting into the ring
with a big guy, but look, I mean,
this is boxing. I want to go out there
as a champion. I was unfortunately–
I didn’t make it to the end, but I tried my best, and I just
want to say a big thank you to everyone
who turned up here, and I want to say thank you
for the support. – Given how well
you fought tonight against a much bigger,
naturally– a naturally bigger guy,
younger guy, you’d mentioned to us
in the past that you need
that kind of challenge to bring out
the best in you. Are you gonna go
down in weight now? Are we gonna see this Amir Khan
at your natural weight? – You know, I mean, I’m naturally
a 147-pound fighter, and this challenge came and
it was very hard to turn down. I want to be the best,
I want to fight the best, so that’s the reason I took
this fight, but look, I’ll probably be
going down. I mean, my natural weight
is 147, I’ll be probably going
down to that. – And–
right here. He took the risk.
He gave up everything. No concessions. Now it’s time for him
to take the risk and quit hiding
behind little stuff, okay? Amir took the risk. – Why is it important
for you guys that Canelo takes that risk against Triple G? It seems personal. – Because he set the tone.
Amir set the tone. Fighters should fight
each other. We’re setting the tone. He took the risk,
he didn’t. He got to quit hiding
behind the flag and fight Triple G. – We all hope to see
that fight happen. Amir, it’s always a pleasure
to watch you fight. Jim?Lampley: Roy Jones,
it was a brilliant fight
for as long as it lasted.Khan seemed to get off
to a terrific start.
How did Canelo reel him in
and set up the knockout? – Well, Canelo was
being Canelo. He’s a very patient
counterpuncher. He knew that Khan was gonna
start early. Khan being the front-runner,
he started early, had his jab working, was doing
good with punches to the head, but he threw no body shots. Why?
Because he’s a front-runner. Front-runners don’t expect
to throw body shots or worry about tiring
a guy out. Their job is to get the lead
and hold onto it. Well, Canelo, knowing that,
constantly attacked Khan, hit his body,
hit him with 25 shots on that left side
to the body. All of those shots
predominantly going to set up that overhand right
to the head, so what happens? By the time Khan starts to tire and starts to look
for that right hook to the body, Canelo changes it. Bam, over the top to the head,
down he goes. – A vintage Canelo performance,
a thrilling knockout win. He holds on to the lineal
middleweight championship. Gennady Golovkin
was at ringside. Max, what happens next? – I don’t see a way
around the Triple G fight at this point. There’s a momentum that’s
taken on a life of its own. I’ve never seen
a vanquished opponent– in this case Amir Khan–
and his trainer call out the guy
who just beat them to fight another guy
in the division. I’ve never even
heard of it, but that’s how the boxing world
is feeling about this, and when you look at the DNA
of the Canelo camp– Oscar De La Hoya,
he didn’t duck. When he got control
of his own career, he fought everyone. Bernard Hopkins,
he never ducked anyone, and Canelo is not
the ducking type. He was emotional about the idea
that he’s ducking Triple G in the ring,
right after the fight. I think this fight can happen
this year, and that’s the fight the whole sports world
at this point wants to see. – It was a thrilling night.
Thanks very much, Max.[dramatic music]We’ll see if there are
further thrills in the future. Thank you for being with us.♪ ♪

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