Canelo vs. Chavez, Jr. Preview Show (HBO Boxing)

What you are about to see
has never happened before. It’s not based on a true story. It is a true story. -(cheering) -Narrator:
In this corner, Canelo Alvarez,
boxing’s biggest star. -Man: Oh!
Right hand shot by Canelo. -Narrator:
A young man of 26 years
who has risen from the streets
of Guadalajara. He started with nothing.
Fought his way to the top. -Announcer:
He’s ready to take that mantle as the next great
Mexican fighter. -Narrator:
And now, he’s a two-time
world champion. A celebrity in his country
and throughout the world. The king of boxing. -(announcers speak
indiscernibly) -Announcer:
It’s all over!
That one was vicious! -Narrator:
On May 6th, he will face
his first true rival, his self-proclaimed
archenemy. -For me, it’s personal. -Narrator:
In this corner, introducing
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. -Announcer:
Hard right hand by Chavez! -Announcer 2: Chavez made
his Mexican fans proud. -Narrator:
A 30-year-old
superstar from Mexico, who, unlike Canelo,
was born into boxing royalty. The son of a legend,
the greatest Mexican fighter
of all time, six-time world champion
Julio Cesar Chavez. -Announcer:
Julio Cesar Chavez is dangerous
up till the final second. Look at this!
-Announcer 2:
Tremendous action! -Narrator: Following
in the almost impossible footsteps of his father… -Chavez Jr.:
You have, uh, the best father
in the world, you know. It’s impossible
to be better than him. -Narrator:
…Chavez Jr. had the world
of boxing handed to him. But it wasn’t enough. He created his own legacy, to eventually win
a WBC world championship, just as his father once did. On Saturday, May 6th,
the fate of Mexico
will be decided, as the world’s eyes
turn to Las Vegas to witness which is harder
to face and overcome: to come from nothing
and accomplish your dream… -Announcer:
Hard right hand by Canelo! -(speaking Spanish) -Narrator:
…or to come from everything and achieve the greatest victory in your boxing career. -(Chavez Sr. speaking Spanish) -Announcer:
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
pounding away! Quite a performance
by Canelo Alvarez! -Narrator:
This is the journey,
the adventure, the destination,
and the experience. On the road
that ends in Las Vegas. -Oscar De La Hoya:
You have two Mexicans
in the ring on Cinco de Mayo weekend. It’s gonna be a bloodbath.
It’s gonna be a civil war. -Narrator:
Only one will be crowned
the king. -Announcer:
Canelo working, working! Chavez has his chance! -Narrator:
This is the countdown
to Canelo/Chavez Jr. -Announcer 2:
The question now is,
did Chavez find something in that 11th round
that helped him salvage
this event somehow? Show what he’s made of– (echoing)
what he’s made of–
what he’s made of. -Announcer:
Huge right hand by Chavez! Biggest punch of the fight!
-Announcer 2: Half a round left! -Announcer: Plenty of time!
-Announcer 2: Oh, there he goes! -Announcer: Plenty of time!
Down goes Martinez! -(cheering) -Narrator:
Otomi, a spiritual mecca high in the mountains
of Mexico. It’s a place where
legends are made. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.,
the son of one such legend, is preparing for his turn
at greatness. -Chavez Jr.:
I feel a lot of energy here,
you know? Because a lot of champions
have trained here, and I feel this energy,
you know, come to me,
and– and with me. Everything here is special,
you know? The steps, you know,
the altitude. I feel happy, you know,
to stay here. I feel the energy
of all the people
who stay with me. And, you know, I’m ready
to make the– the next step of my career
and win this fight. This fight May 6th
is the most important fight
of my life. -(knocking on door) -(Chavez Jr. speaks)
-Man: Getting him– -He said–
He said– He said to wait.
He’s getting ready. -Chavez Jr.: Leave me alone.
-He’s coming, he said. -Man:
Go ahead. Hello, champ! -What’s up?
-Have to train, my man! -(laughing) -After you put off
the– the camera,
I’m gonna sleep again. (laughs) -Narrator:
Training in Otomi is grueling. At 10,000 feet, the thin air
burns the lungs. But when your mentor
and father was the greatest
Mexican boxer ever and you live in his shadow,
that pressure can crush you. -(Chavez Sr. speaks Spanish) -Narrator:
He’s been groomed from birth
to see the moment that is ahead of him, to take the crown
of Mexico boxing
from his father. But it’s also
what’s held him back– the expectation
to be Chavez Sr. -David Avila:
If Chavez wins, he follows
his father’s footsteps. He’s the heir to the throne.
His dad is considered the greatest Mexican fighter
amongst many experts,
many fans. If he wins, he’s the heir. He can say that he is
the best of the best,
in my opinion. -Narrator:
There have been many
great moments in his career, with even greater potential. What haunts him are the moments
that he didn’t take seriously. But this time, it’s different. He has taken the steps
to find peace within. -Frida Munez:
He likes to be with Julia. And he doesn’t like
that Julia is staying
in another place that he’s not there.
That’s why we’re here. -(speaking in Spanish) -I see him very focused,
very positive, happy. -(speaking in Spanish) -Narrator:
He has also surrounded himself
with the best minds and managers in the business. All with one goal: to train like never before. -(Nacho speaks Spanish) -Memo:
Julio’s doing good.
I really feel confident things gonna be good, not only making weight, ’cause we’re gonna make weight, but we definitely gonna
come in to fight. -Doug Fischer:
I don’t think we’ve
actually seen the best
of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. I think he’s somebody
who won a major world title maybe giving about 70 percent. And I think that speaks
to some natural talent that he has.
You can’t learn
to have a good chin, and he’s got a world class chin. -Announcer:
Good combination by Zbik. Throttles back the head! But Chavez Jr. just wants more. -Doug Fischer:
And the size that he has, when he’s dedicated,
he’s a punisher in there. -Announcer:
Zbik gets knocked back, Chavez Jr. opening up! -(cheering) -(speaks Spanish) -(Nacho speaks Spanish) -De La Hoya:
Chavez Jr. is motivated.
He wants to prove to everyone that he can do this. This is the fight
that can turn Chavez Jr.’s
career all around. If he beats Canelo,
then Chavez Jr. becomes
the iconic figure of Mexico. -Announcer:
More and more,
Julio Cesar Chavez looks like a middleweight
Mack truck. -Narrator:
And while the weight
of his country’s expectations are daunting,
the shadow of his father
can be even heavier. -I think I’m criticized
too much for who I am,
you know? I am the son of Chavez,
and everything I do
is double bad, and when I do something good,
it’s half. -(chattering) -(Chavez Sr. speaks Spanish) -Announcer:
Oh, we’ve got a knockout coming! Lee’s badly hurt! Knockout for Julio Cesar Chavez! -Announcer 2:
The immense pride and toughness
of Cesar Chavez! -(Chavez Sr. speaks Spanish) -(announcer speaking in Spanish) -(bell dings) -Narrator:
He is known as boxing’s
biggest star. -Announcer:
A guy who brings in more gold
than any other fighter on the planet right now. -Announcer 2:
And he can hurt you. -Announcer 3:
How about that! -Canelo:
I’m 26 years old, and I’ve fought
the best fighters
in the world. -Announcer:
He comes out and he methodically
takes his opponents apart. -Announcer 2:
What is it about Canelo Alvarez
that has his country starstruck? -Announcer 3:
Something like
you’ve never seen before. -I’m the best.
I’m training hard, and I’m gonna put
all my mind and my ability in the ring for that win. -Announcer:
He’s ready to take that mantle as the next great
Mexican fighter. -Announcer:
Solid right hand! Look at these
clean shots! Wow! -Canelo in his mind,
I think, he believes
that he’s earned the right to be, sort of the Mexican icon,
the face of Mexican boxing. -Announcer:
The body shot… good night! -Announcer 2:
It’s all over, that one
was vicious! -He’s got the accomplishments,
he’s got the names
on the resume, he’s fought the hall of famers,
and he’s also one of the biggest
attractions in the world. -Announcer:
Here comes the offensive surge
from Canelo! -David: That’s
the great thing about it:
he wants the challenge. And it’s a huge challenge,
but he’s always been that way, he’s always been fearless. -(cheering) -Interviewer:
That night, for you,
for Mexico, for the world, what will victory mean? -(Canelo speaks Spanish) -For him to get toppled
by– by Chavez, it would
be devastating. Not just for him
and his reputation, but– but also for the people
that back Canelo. -Narrator:
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Canelo Alvarez
was the antithesis
to Chavez Jr. He grew up with very little
and lived a life of hard knocks. -(Santos Alvarez
speaking Spanish) -(cheering) -Announcer: I don’t know
if he can recover from that. -Narrator:
As Canelo grew in popularity, so did the animosity
between him and Chavez Jr. It was more than
just a war of words. It was a battle
for Mexico’s boxing crown. -This is not business.
This is a fight. A real fight. Because the rivalry of me
and him, the– a lot of things he told about me,
for me, it’s personal. -(Santos speaking Spanish) -(Canelo speaks Spanish) -Narrator:
Now, Canelo is determined
to work harder than ever before. He knows he’s not only
fighting Chavez Jr., he’s fighting
the half of Mexico
that is rooting for Chavez to prove to them
that he is boxing’s king. -Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,
bah, bah, bah, bah! -What’s at stake for Canelo
is pride. It’s honor. That’s why this fight
is so intriguing,
it’s personal. -Canelo:
I’m training
so hard for this fight, and I’m gonna put everything
I got into it, for the fight, and I’m gonna win…
for the people. -(cheering) -(cheering) -Doug:
A lot of loyal Mexican fans don’t think
that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
really trained the way a champion
should’ve trained when he held the WBC
middleweight title. They believe he could’ve
had a longer reign. They believe he could’ve beat
Sergio Martinez. -Announcer:
The question now is
did Chavez find something in that 11th round
that helped him salvage
this event somehow? Show what he’s made of. Give these fans something
to cheer about going forward. -Announcer 2:
Huge right hand by Chavez! Biggest punch of the fight! -Announcer: Half a round left!
-Announcer 2: Plenty of time! -Announcer: Oh, there he goes!
-Announcer 2: Plenty of time! -Announcer 2:
Down goes Martinez! -(cheering) -Announcer 2:
High drama down the stretch! Julio Cesar Chavez
made his dramatic bid,
and almost pulled it off. -Doug:
Junior almost had Martinez out
in the twelfth and final round of their title fight, but wasn’t able
to finish the job. -(Chavez Sr. speaks Spanish) -Doug:
Had he trained the way
a champion is supposed to train, he could’ve had that moment
in the ninth or tenth round and maybe stopped
Sergio Martinez, really earned recognition
as the middleweight champion, and really would’ve filled
his father’s very big shoes by– by doing so. -Narrator:
Chavez Jr. still feels
the pressure of that fight in more ways than one. It’s a haunting memory
he fights to displace. As the heir apparent
to Mexico’s boxing throne, most think Chavez Jr.
lived a charmed life, with the world of boxing
placed at his fingertips. But for him, the reality
was quite different. -(Chavez Jr. speaking Spanish) -Announcer:
Chavez Jr. does not fight like a guy who grew up
in Rolls Royces, that’s for sure. -(Chavez Sr. speaking Spanish) -(whistle blowing) -Up!
-Let’s go, let’s go! -Up! Up! -Narrator:
Chavez Sr.’s shadow
looms large over his son. To break free, Chavez Jr.
is finding his own way, doing things
he never thought possible
and not looking back. Now, with this fight,
I have my second chance. -Narrator:
All that remains for him
is also the key to his success– to defeat Canelo Alvarez. -(Chavez Sr. speaking Spanish) -Narrator:
On May 6th, Chavez Jr.
plans to prove to himself and the world
that he can transcend
his father’s legacy and earn the crown
as Mexico’s boxing king. -Chavez Jr. is motivated.
He is serious about this fight. There is fire in his eyes. So do not be surprised
if Chavez Jr. can pull out
an upset. -(Chavez Jr. speaking Spanish) -(cheering) -Narrator:
Canelo Alvarez has lived
with a thorn in his side since the beginning
of his professional
boxing career… Chavez Jr. On May 6th, he’ll need
to go deeper than ever before to heal this wound. -(Canelo speaks Spanish) -Ooh! Ah-ah! Ah-ah! Ah! Hoo! Aah! -Announcer:
Oh! Right on the body! -Narrator:
But for Canelo,
the question remains: which is harder to do,
to come from nothing
and earn everything, or to have everything
and prove you deserve
to be there? -Santos:
Canelo… -Announcer:
He can be dangerous
with a left uppercut or the right uppercut. -(Santos speaking Spanish) -Ah-ahh! Ah, ah, ah! -Narrator:
After weeks
of constant training, Canelo and his team know
it’s time to put down
the gloves. For just a day. Today is about rest,
for his body and mind. -Canelo:
Always is good to have
something else. No more the boxing
because sometimes
is– is bad. You need to refresh your mind. -It’s a great honor
to have Mr. Canelo aboard,
thank you. Uh, we have guests all the time,
but it’s an honor to have
the world champ on-board the Midway Museum. So, hope you come back
and visit us. -Man:
The key is to be as fast
as possible. And accurate,
just like fighting. Two to the body,
one to the head. -Right!
-(gunshot) -(gunshots) -Man! Man! Excellent! -(Canelo speaking Spanish) -Drivers ready!
On your mark…
get set… -Go!
-Go! -Go! -Come on! -Ha-ha, ha! Woooo!
Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! -(laughing) -(laughing) -Narrator:
With laser-like focus, Canelo is back to work.
-Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! -Narrator:
All in preparation
for the fight of his life. It’s a fight to win over
the hearts of his countrymen and remove any doubt
that he is the king. -De La Hoya:
These are the types
of fights that can motivate a Canelo Alvarez,
and take him to the next level. -Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah! -De La Hoya:
In terms of training harder,
being smarter up in the ring, doing things correctly,
making sure you’re
in tip-top shape for the fight,
there’s no excuses. That’s who Canelo is. -Narrator:
The heir apparent
carries the name and legacy of the throne. To break from that tradition, Canelo will do everything
he must, which will take him
to a place he’s never
gone before. -Man:
Think that when you shoot, the key is to be
as fast as possible and accurate, right?
J– Just like fighting. Two to the body…
one to the head. Fight! ♪ ♪ -Narrator:
For Canelo and Chavez Jr., the challenge on May 6th
will not only be battling
each other… but winning the hearts
of their countrymen. One will face a giant
in size and name, the other will face his past
in an attempt to overcome
his demons. Both will confront the question
of which is harder to do… to come from nothing
and win the fight
of your life or to come from everything? On that night, the answer
will be decided, at least for a moment. -(bell rings) -De La Hoya:
Canelo can’t lose,
Chavez can’t lose, because the fighter that loses
has to go back to Mexico and face his countrymen. And that’s why this fight
is so intriguing, it’s personal.

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