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FOR WRESTLING) Hang on. We’ve got to save
this for the mat. OK, you’re right. I mean, we’re about
to meet Erica Wiebe here. Yeah, she’s a Canadian
Olympic wrestler. Let’s go inside, meet Erica,
have a meet and greet. Let’s do it. I’m Erica Wiebe, Canadian
freestyle wrestler and Rio 2016 Olympic champion. Being a woman in the sport
of wrestling, a traditionally
male-dominated sport, you’re constantly
challenging gender norms. You’re constantly
challenging stereotypes. And in some ways, you’re constantly
fighting for legitimacy. In the sport of wrestling,
hitting the wall has often translated
into getting taken down, again and again and again, in
training and in competition. But it’s getting up one more
time, every single time, that differentiates champions. – Hey, guys.
– Hey, how are you doing? – Good. How are you doing?
– Nice meeting you. All right, come on.
I got a table for us. So when did you first
get into wrestling? I started in grade 9. I was always like
a jock growing up. And suddenly, I was hooked. I love the physicality of it,
the technique. I don’t have a lot of
experience wrestling myself. But from what I’ve
heard, this is one of the most
gruelling sports that you can be a part of. We have a joke that
there’s nothing that a wrestler likes
to talk about more – than how hard wrestling is.
– OK, gotcha. So you’re speaking my language. You’re already
on her good side. But in the sport of wrestling,
anything can happen. It’s a combat sport. And it’s physical, and it’s
tactical and technical. And it’s all in one day
at the Olympic games. Oh, and our food has arrived. – There you go.
– Thank you. Are you guys ready
to hit the gym? – We are ready.
– Oh, yeah. – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. Hey, guys.
Welcome to the gym. So we’re starting off like
I do every day, just doing a little warm-up on the bike. And I just get the body
moving, get the heart rate up. And then I’ll go on to some
agility and some mobility, and then do the good,
hard work. – Heart’s already pumping.
– Yeah, definitely. All right, you guys
ready to get going? – Yeah, I think so.
– Yes. So the next part of my warm-up,
or one on my activation list, is med ball throw. And so I do
four different throws. So overhead forward. I’m not trying to throw
it as hard as I can, am I? – As high as you can.
– Really? Yeah, it’s according
to height, yeah. Overhand for distance. Overhand backwards
for distance. And then the squat toss. And this is geared
specifically on power. Yes, exactly.
So power explosive strength. That’s what it’s for. It’s what
wrestling is all about. All right, now we get to
the fun stuff. – You guys ready to lift?
– Yes. Oh, yeah. Let’s do it. All right, let’s put
some weight on the bar. Yeah. And so today,
we’ll do five sets of three out of our power cleans. Feels so good
to drop the weight. And then we’ll super set it
with box jumps. A lot of times,
we’ll see people say strength. I think it’s maybe
just pushing the bar. This is a completely
different story. Very functional movements, and it also tests your
cardiovascular strength too. So you’ll probably
see me and Hudson very winded throughout
this training. So we’re working on
that power endurance and so creating that powerful
explosive use of strength. But again, and again,
and again. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Over the course of six months, which is what a wrestling
match is all about. Freestyle wrestling is a lot
about the takedowns, correct? Exactly. So it’s
a six-minute match. And you got to
have a lot of power to bend someone
against their will. Oh, yeah. Definitely. So you got to have a lot of
endurance, a lot of power, a lot of strength. A lot of
grit. A little bit of everything. Yeah, a lot in there,
isn’t there? – Yeah.
– Here we go. Talking about grit. I’m just running
on grit right now. Oh, nice. There we go. All right, so next
on the docket, we have some nice pin squats. You know, squatting and
lower body strength is really important
in my sport. But we like to think
about being strong at different heights,
different ranges of motion. And so we do pin squats. In the sport of
wrestling, I’m going to be taking down
your legs like this and I’ve got to be strong
lifting from that position. – Hudson was backing up.
– I was. I actually got scared. So I’ll do pin squats
on the back. So just getting down
into the rack, you’re just coming
up from the depth. And down. Are you releasing your tension? Yes. OK, so each time,
release and then… So it’s like kind of
de-loading. Letting the bar hit the pins. And coming back up from
that bottom position. Come on, hamstrings. Yeah, so that was in that
eccentric loading on the way down that you get in
a typical squat, this time, you have to
activate the muscles and create that strength
and power from the bottom. So it’s a little different way
of thinking and mix it up. Definitely different, yeah. And really applicable
in my sport. Absolutely. Chest up. Oh, nice. And you know, it’s really
important for the ladies and for the guys to have good,
strong lower body, you know. That’s what we all like. Every day is leg day
for me personally. That’s true. It shows. That is a great motto to have. And you’re right, it does show. All right, guys.
So just to finish off, we’re going to do one little
overload challenge. This is something
that I did to prepare that kind of cardiovascular
system for what’s required
in wrestling. Three, two, one, go. Fast feet, fast feet,
fast feet, fast feet. Shuffle left,
right, left, right. Sprawl. Fast feet, fast feet. Spin. Sprawl. Spin. Sprawl. Shuffle left, shuffle right,
shuffle left. Sprawl. Fast feet, fast feet,
fast feet. Sprawl. Done. All right, guys. I think now maybe you’re
ready for the real work. And are you guys ready
to go to my wrestling room? Freestyle wrestling
is one of two types of wrestling at the Olympics. Along with Greco-Roman
wrestling, it has a pretty long history
as part of the games. But women’s freestyle
wrestling wasn’t introduced until over
100 years later, in 2004. Each bout is made up of
two three-minute sessions, and points are awarded
depending on a number of factors, like takedowns,
reversals, and exposures. All right, guys. Now we’re here at the
University of Calgary. I’m going to run you
through a little warm-up, and we’re going
to get wrestling. Let’s do it. All we’re going to be doing
is sprawl and penetrate. The next thing
we’re going to do is we’re going to do bear
crawl but piggy back. So this is another kind of
sports specific just warm-up little exercises that we do. Nice. Good. You know, it’s really
working together as a team. And it’s really hard. You guys have been so tested. A lot of fun now, though. I get the easy job. Come on, get up. All right, last couple,
we’re going to do some hop over
shoot throughs. All right, guys,
so we’ve warmed up. We’re ready to go. I have
three challenges for you. Best two out of three
will take home the Hitting The Wall medal. Good luck, red wrestler.
Good luck, blue wrestler. – Let the games begin.
– Thanks. (BEST OUT OF 3
HUMAN TUG-OF-WAR) All right, the first
challenge is human tug-of-war. The first person to
step off the line loses. Go! Oh! Hudson is the winner! All right. Second game. So you’re going to be in
a nice little frog stance. And you’re going to be
only touching your palms. And you’re going to be trying
to push one another over. The first person to touch their
hands to the ground loses. – OK.
– All right. Go! This is a battle royale. Who is going to win?
I think Hudson… Oh! Hudson, you’re down. All right. It’s winner takes all.
Last one. So what we’re going to do
now is we’re going to play a little Sumo challenge, OK? First person to step
over the line loses. And the person who wins
gets this beautiful Hitting The Wall medal. – You ready, wrestlers?
– Yeah. Go! We have a winner! Whoo! – Congrats, red wrestler.
– Thank you. We’re ready to watch
you wrestle. – All right.
– At the 2020 games. We’re rooting for
you all the way. Thanks, guys. Tokyo 2020.
That’s my goal. That was intense.
It was hard core. This is the camera for winners. Yes, I’m happy. I won something. I was really impressed with
Brandon and Hudson in the gym this morning.
They’re really strong guys. But as we got into the
wrestling specific movements when we were in
the wrestling room, I noticed that they were
a little uncomfortable. And they’re just unfamiliar
with those movements. I was very intimidated
right off the bat. Wrestling is such
a physical sport. And just because we’re
in the gym quite often, doesn’t exactly mean we’re up
for that level of intensity that they provide. I’d love to take some
time with them and teach them
a little bit more. I think they have
lots of promise. So is was really fun
to share with them the passion that I have
for the sport of wrestling. Next time on Hitting
The Wall… We’re training with
Olympic rower Tom. – Can we keep up?
– Let’s find out.

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