Calimacil Martial Arts Series

Good evening! Patrick Lessard from Calimacil, live at Sherbrooke’s cathedral. Here we are looking at images from Fiore, historical documents on swordfighting. Jean-Louis here studied these documents. Can you talk about the documents used? Fiore was an italian swordsman, and based on his treaties and the translations from Benjamin Conan – as these were written in ancient italian – we try to recreate an historical martial art based on the longsword. Here are a few of my students practicing. So, inspired by those historical documents, if you want some contact information just let us know. There are people practicing all around Europe and the world. Here we have a good example of swords used to practice, called a trainer, which is safer than steel swords. Calimacil also developed, during the last few years, another type of trainer, made of hard foam. We’re trying to give you more safety and, of course, an historical realism in the sword’s handling. So this is a sneak peek of some of the next models that we’ll create. Thank you Jean-Louis!

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