100 thoughts on “Cain Velasquez brings the fight to Brock Lesnar: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

  1. I love Cain amazing fighter.
    He has brown pride on his chest…
    Now if a white person did white pride.
    Would that be considered racist????

  2. So this fool can have brown pride on his chest. And a shaved head…But if a white boy did it im sure white boy would be called a Racist.. And i saw this UFC fight back in the day.. They sucked the too.

  3. after Brock vs Cain, then Brock vs DC (because cancelled before at UFC)..After later DC fights Stipe, then retire from UFC, then move to WWE….

  4. It looked like brock lesnar did not know that velasquiz would be there.
    Brock made some questioning faces as if he was surprised that after all this time velasquez would come to wwe, like "really?", but that "i get it! They pulled a fast one on me"!
    He was a little bit afraid but he realized he would prefer to prepare when he goes home.
    So when will we see the match?

  5. Lol this is terrible – it's one thing to beat Brock in the ufc when your in your prime and about the same size but no way he beats Brock when Brock is WWE size. What is WWE doing – a weird skinny way past his prime Cain vs a massive Brock Lesnar and an embarrassing Tyson Fury vs the Monster Strowman??? What a joke – get it together.

  6. To be fair tho no disrespect to the wwe but having a fake fight between 2 ufc fighters when one beat you in real life is so humiliating Brock needs to fight cain in a real MMA fight

  7. Would be awesome if brock lesnar put in more work as a MMA fighter see how good he could of got but he bitched out 😂😂

  8. That's why i stoped watching WWE no ideas and with no ideas they are bringing ufc fighters. Stupid. What will be next a NFL player coms to settle thing with roman reigns?

  9. I sure hope the WWE allows Cain to wear a knee Brace at the Crowned Jewel so the fight won't end in less than a minute like Cain's last fight did when his knee went out.

  10. "Whens the last time you seen lesner retreat" almost every ppv promotion.. WWE is such a joke now bring back the old wrestling

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