35 thoughts on “Cage Fighting Clinches & Dirty Boxing | MMA Fighting

  1. i know muay thai and a bit of mma and this guy isnt a very good trainer or wate eva he dont wat hes talking about i know my clnches beleive

  2. He's thinks the other would be standing there playing games and we can beat the crap outta him and he'll do nothing.. xD

  3. This is really great stuff!! I don't know why the MMA and Traditional Martial Arts guys are wasting time bashung each other…this stuff is very closely related in my opinion.I guess that's why they call it Mixed Martial Arts.Great stuff once you educate yourself.I regret I put this stuff down in the early days.

  4. what is the point of pummeling if you never show what happens with 2 underhooks, anytime i see that its like you practice to trade underhooks with your opponents lol

  5. what's the ultimate goal of pummeling double underhooks? What about the Brazilian jiu-jitsu clinch?

  6. horrible ideas. first, thats the sloppiest thai clinch ive ever seen. and elbows from that position are almost impossible UNLESS you hlep you opponent by moving your head back to give him space to throw the elbow, EXACtLY as you did. no smart fighter would do that.

  7. I can come with hundreds disadvantages to all these clinches. There are hardly any advantages to that realty work well.

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