Burnie Vlog: Ellie Learns Krav Maga

Do you have a cup? No Ok That can be a problem. I…I do have one that you can borrow. Okay cool Extra small? Yeah, perfect. It’s actually very big. It’s Thursday and I’ve organized To have a Krav Maga lesson with Eddie Rivas who’s one of the writers for The Know, and he’s a Krav Maga instructor And I have recruited a fellow trainee That’s me for this exercise and we’re both gonna learn Krav Maga together. Yeah, we’re gonna be human weapons Yes That’s definitely what we’re gonna be what’s gonna happen So I think what I’m actually going to do is that Eddie needed someone to demonstrate all this stuff on So that I can learn it and say I’m gonna beat miles and basically He doesn’t exactly know. What? So we’re really fortunate to have Eddie instructing us with this because he’s a Qualified Krav Maga instructor, this isn’t like a “this is super easy try this at home kind” of thing This is gonna … this has like a lot of context. Just like very specific Self-defense techniques about it. So this is basically a don’t try this at home And Eddie is gonna give us like a little bit more information on that again and about Krav Maga about what he does said crash pat that miles is super excited about I’m gonna tested it out. Yeah, you are oh Oh So this is Eddie you guys know him from The Know and other things. So what exactly can you give us an idea and what exactly that small puzzle piece that we’re gonna do today? Sure. And why Miles here? We work our way up to defending Against a gun to the front and then defending against a knife and working some disarms for those We’ll start with some basic strikes working our way up through the system one of the cool things about Krav Maga Is that all the pieces of the system work together to chain kind of up the line so you learn one simple thing? That’s so cool. It moves its way up to the thing. We’re gonna treat this like a class if I could ask you guys Totally okay to have fun with this, yeah But because we’re working with weapons things that could hurt you or kill you let’s not clown around with weapons treat them seriously Train it like they’re real training like they’re alive be serious will make your train But I noticed I noticed that entire part of the like monologue was directed solely to me, and I understand respect that Yes Do you know me? Yeah, what do you think you’re here for? Well, it’s different than what I thought it was earlier today I’m just pumped You’re going to get kicked in the balls a lot. Ok I was gonna say I’m just as enthused as ever But I’m really not. Yeah? We’ll see how you feel about that milk more in a minute That’s what this shit’s about this just cuz I made you do rewrites the other day? Yeah, probably. Fuck! I’ve just been instructed by Eddie that Miles is gonna appreciate if I take my shoes off. Awesome So, first thing we’re gonna do…I’m gonna get you holding the pad Hold the pad here, tight to your chest gonna keep your elbows pinned in nice and tight here. First thing we’re gonna do, we’re going to work some punches Not vertical, not horizontal. 45 degrees Elbow behind them Go ahead and switch your feet and as you’re doing this also make sure that I’m not hyper extending my arm here I want to leave a slight bend in my elbow so I can penetrate through just a little Like two to three inches. Okay. As I’m following through the punch That’s the motion to keep your hands safe, and we’ll talk about everything else as we go. So Miles what you’re gonna You’re going to keep the pad down, down here? Just gonna throw two punches. It doesn’t get easier So you’re going to bring it back down Every time you want her to punch you just bring it back up, one two Let’s uh, let’s keep your hands nice and high in between each one Nice punches, yeah. Again. Good, two more. Good Punches were our medium range now we’re gonna work our long range. I want you to bend here Hold at right about here Keep it here. Okay, don’t completely straighten them out, but don’t believe it too relaxed here, okay, so next thing working So without the pad without the pad Without the pad my goal here, I can kick with a ball of my foot Or I can kick with my shin if I’m a little bit closer This is really nice for a groin kick. Real nice for a groin kick. Again, my goal when I’m throwing with the shit I just want to kick fucking all the way up from the shin through his head to the roof. Bobby Hill that shit Oh my God, it’s so scary when you’re on the other end of this. We’re about to do this drill where I put together when I just learn and beat Miles up. Cool Ready? Yeah. Ok. Two One Good, lower. Two One Four One One Yeah Two All right, so today is a huge Tough up day for Ellie. I want her to get to the point where she will be an excellent bodyguard I mean when things go south you have you’re ready to step up. You know what I’m saying so today We have Ellie Learning Krav Maga Hi, Burnie. How are you doing? Doing fine. Yeah? Ellie you’re not, er Eddie you’re not working them hard enough Alright, well. I can only interrupt Eddie so many times with dumb jokes before he puts me in a chokehold So I’m gonna let them do that because that seems dangerous, which is exactly the kind of stuff I think Elly should be doing on a regular basis … dangerous stuff Meatshield. That’s her new job. Stay between me and the danger So we’re gonna take those things we learned and Translate them up the system to a gun. Problems that we’re gonna deal with don’t put your finger in the trigger right problems We’re gonna deal with here is just pistol from the front Things that I really want to do I’m gonna use my hand Quickest tool that I have to deflect. I need to redirect the barrel. I need to get it away from me second thing. I have is my body I want to get my hand to deflect the barrel I want to get my body out of the way of the pistol. Yeah. Here, my hand is kind of obscured by his arm here So together same time And body this goes pointing away From here and the body pointing the pistol away here my other hand is going to come up near my face And then I’m gonna grab the back of the hammer here That’s going to give me double control Hand, body, boom, but I haven’t started hurting Miles yet so from here. Whoa Jesus Christ. Hand, body. Yeah. Double control same time boom Throw in those kicks that we were working earlier. Bang. Also totally fine solution from here I can kick him till he throws up, and he’s on the ground Totally fine until he decides I don’t want to hold on to this fucking gun anymore because I’m just doing this putting him on the ground So then, I’m like really like holding that yeah Make your weight talk to the gun Good another quick tweak if I’m here throw this and I end up here if this fingers in if I’m pulling like this I’m actually pulling into his grip. Yeah. He actually has a stronger hold on so from here. If you need to pop it out That’s why you don’t have the finger in there right now Suddenly, I don’t even want to hold the gun anymore. Yeah, so from here. You need to make sure it’s 90 degrees here That’s why the finger is not staying in the trigger when we practice with this Bang. Now step. ‘Cause you could like break a finger. Yep Yeah So from here Go ahead and do the whole thing, kick me in the balls Whoa If that kick sends me to the ground You can shoot me Now this gun is pointed back at you So that’s why the weight has to be setting forward So even if that dynamic movement Here, boom. Go and fall down after I kick you. So yeah I mean the first time we did this Miles went to the ground. Yeah I did I was just trying to remember that ulgh Keep thinning my weight here When I want to take it And I want to let go. That was oddly sensual That was very sss So what’s nice about this? We’ve got other solutions and the gun is off to the side or different angles if it’s here There are all kinds of other variations we can do But there’s a lot to be said for training the thing that you’re really competent in and you can adapt it right so the guns Over here, I can do this same thing. I’m just have to spin on my hips a little bit right okay. Yeah bang Yeah, then throwing that kick if the gun is off to the front a little bit here boom I’m just gonna have to get my hips involved yeah Reach, so if this is off to the side. I can do all these things Yeah, did I just train here, and I couldn’t work it into different behind will be a little bit different But if you can talk your way to turning over to the side and go for it Do the same thing effect handling with a VIP situation protecting Bernie someone’s here pointing the gun you’re next to him. Yeah. You can do the same thing. Okay, yeah. Okay, ready? Yeah. Hey what’s up I just need some money ugh Oagh Nice. That was awesome. Lady, I don’t want no trouble. I don’t want no trouble, lady. Miles, not to self, don’t ever trust Ellie again So I’m you see I’m like real sweaty I just did my first hour of Krav Maga and my arms feel like noodles And thank you so much Eddie. Eddie’s an amazing instructor. You actually teach in town? Yes, I teach at a place called Lions Krav Maga here in Austin and I’m an instructor there for time. You can see on his shirt Lions Krav Maga. That’s so cool How long have you been doing it for? Uh, seven years. Seven years, so in seven years you can move like a muscly scorpion like Eddie. Would you say that review is fair, Miles? I think it’s a very ah yeah Yeah, how scary is it when Eddie comes at you? You don’t even like It’s like being at the opposite end of like a cannon. Right. And you just don’t know, you don’t know if the cannons Gonna like kick you in the nuts or break your wrist. But one of those things. It’s one of those things all right Hey, Eddie. We’ve got a writer’s meeting in like an hour so right Yeah, I think I’m gonna need you to do a few more revisions Oh my gosh, I actually have to like lie down. My arms hurt so much, I can’t be a tripod anymore. 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  1. how much longer can i think of this as a joke, before it dawns on me that she's really being trained to become an assassin/bodyguard

  2. This is super fascinating to see the inner mechanics of this system and it's always amazing to see the wide array of people that populate Rooster Teeth.

  3. The entire vlog is literally my life when doing pad strikes in my first degree black belt karate class. (Especially the miles reaction parts) It just tends to get really awkward when you don't normally do this stuff in regular day to day life.

  4. This message is too
    EDDY RIVAS…! i just want you to know that i know that your Heart is in the right place..! On helping Ellie out and i do LOVE, ADMIRER & RESPECT You for that it and i do apologise too you for any uncertainty that i have caused you.. it was not my intention to put you down.! In any way!. it was just mindset of that people do not use Rubber Guns or Knives in the street.!! i just want you too know that it takes A bigger man to be Honest with when it just comes too training any female's for there safety.!!! all i hope is that we can bigger people that will put this behind us if not.! i will accept that..! but if can then i really hope that you and i can become good friends on TWITTER…? so we can pass training methods & idea's with each other for ELLIE'S safety..!!! It's only 'cause that i don't want too see Ellie get hurt our there trying too protect Burnie..! when it just comes to having so much HEART & ENERGY Cause Ellie just has so much of it. Cause thats all i see in Ellie. i just want you to know that EDDY…! So i hope that you do read this.!! Apologise Gavan Roger Simkin.

  5. so what im getting here is that they are turning Ellie into the ultimate human weapon ………. cant wait until this back fires

  6. I would not grab the gun like he showed because if the gun is fired say goodbye to some pieces of hand skin, and most likely if your hands are on the gun and its fired you'll get scared and lose grip.

  7. I'm a martial artist myself and I can appreciate that Eddie is rotating his hips when he punched the shield as that's where most of the power comes from

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