Bunkai Tekki Shodan – Karate avec Lionel Froidure

This video is brought to you by www.IMAGINARTS.digital What’s up karateka friends, hope you’re graet! Enjoying the semiar here in St-Jean-en-Royans and filming this episode of Thursday Karate. Today, let’s train on Tekki Shodan bunkai (naihanchi) So let’s do this part of the bunkai of Tekki Shodan. Often it’s kinda confusing for karatekas. As for Yin-Yang, your hands are compatibles. It should work together. And not 1 hand striking
and the other one doing nothing. He’s attacking Kizami Tsuki, I will block it this way, then I will strike back when going back to him. At the same time I am striking on the neck or head, the other is also striking under on the ribs. Let’s turn so they can better see. So block, strike… and see, I am like in the kata. From here I have a lot of possibilities, for exemple… the next part of the kata. Remember? It’s like this in the kata. Let’s do it a little faster. Our hands are working all the time. They can… grab. Strike. Pulling. Doing it at the same time or one after the other. It’s a question of rythm. The kata teach us the moves, after, we have to interpret it in bunkai. Hope you liked it and the english subtitles too. Tell me in the comments under. Smash the like button and and feel free to subscribes. See you soon. Ciao.

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