Bunkai Meikyo – Karate avec Lionel Froidure

This video his presented by www.IMAGINARTS.digital The only online martial arts plateform in french speaking. More than 130h of content to discover now on www.imaginarts.digital Hello dear karateka friens, hope you’re great today! Today, let’s train on Meikyo Bunkai with and without a long stick. Olivier will attack with a vertical strike. Move back please, you’re too close. Attack quikely. You first need to get out of the axis of the attack. We ra eperforming the bunkai of this sequence. You need to pay attention to this… This not a block. Put that outside your head it’s not a block or you’re going to have a broken arm if he’s attacking with speed and power. Your arm has to di this. And the other hand, have to go there directly. Of course, you need to do both mouvement at the same time in a perfect timing while moving out. Then after, you can disarm him. Mouve aside, go around, push and disarm. Sadely, this kind of technique is OK if your opponent doens’t know how to really use a long stick. If he knows how to manipulate the staff, you’re in trouble. It’s gonna be more defficult to dismar him. For being able to disarm him, I recommand you to go learn martial arts who are specialised in this kind of technics : Filipino Martial Arts. As sson as I have to defend myself against a weapon, I am using Filipino Martial Arts. Mch more efficient and safe. How can we do it against Maite Zuki? It’s the same 😉 My hand goes here in Nagashi The other hand goes under his elbow. Then you push or dislocate. Here it’s too late. Because he will be able to strike me. I need to do it at the right time : just before the puch is finished. Leave me your comment under and thanks for watching Now go train and see you soon for another video.

4 thoughts on “Bunkai Meikyo – Karate avec Lionel Froidure

  1. Merci pour la vidéo . Pourquoi le kobudo donc le karaté serait moins efficace que les arts philippins contre un maniement du bâton expert ?

  2. Étant pratiquant de karaté shotokan à la jka , je suis totalement d'accord le karaté n'est pas fait pour se défendre contre des armes (bâtons, couteaux, ect) .

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