Bunkai Empi (enpi) – Karate avec Lionel Froidure

Hello and welcome into this new karate video. Today, practical kata bunkai of the opening of EMPI. So we will do this sequence. You know the kata. He will grab my left wrist. Get out of the axis and strike. I am ging out of axis, why? Because after the grab there going to be a punch. We talk about it last time. From here, I will go around his arm
and make and elbow lock. I move aside his arm and stike Kagi Zuki. Grab. Get out. Strike. Strike. I keep his arm close to me. If not,
he will be able to strike me again. So I keep it close to me. Go around. Make him go down. Push and strike. The sequence must be fluid. Please, don’t this kind of stop in your defense. You need to be fluid! Like water my friend Like water. So he doesn’t have time. Don’t waste time. If you loose time, and you stop, he won’t stop to push you. So strike and follow up the sequence. From here you can finish him. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you don’t wan’t to miss any upcoming video. See you soon and don’t forget to train!

2 thoughts on “Bunkai Empi (enpi) – Karate avec Lionel Froidure

  1. Vous avez des questions ou une id矇e pour la prochaine vid矇o Jeudi Karat矇 ?
    Merci, bient繫t et en attendant, bons entra簾nements !

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