Bully pushes around the wrong young boxer | MORAL COURAGE EP. 18

The way people think is, “It’s not my problem,

so why should I get involved? I got involved
because I’m tired of bullies. My name is Kevin Santiago and I used to be bullied
during my middle school years. I had a lot of stress in me,
I was depressed… I had to prove to them
that I’m not the little guy for you to be picking on me. The bully pushed me,
and I came back fighting him. When I told my dad
I was bullied… The second I told him,
he signed me up for boxing. When I go to the gym,
it’s like my second home. I’m able to release my anger,
and I don’t become aggressive. So if someone would
want to fight me, I’d talk my way out of it. Boxing brought back my confidence and I wasn’t scared of nobody. Come on,
where the power at, Kev? One time,
when I was in eighth grade, a seventh grader was sitting alone. He was nerdy-looking,
like I was when I was in seventh grade. And this bully grabbed his tray
and threw it in the garbage. When I saw that, I was like,
“Yo, this has gotta stop.” And I grabbed him by the shoulder
because he was walking away. I said, “Listen, man. What you did to that man wasn’t cool.” And he was like, “Oh, who are you

to be telling me this? I said, “Because I’ve been
in that position when I was younger, and this is not cool.” You wouldn’t like it done to you.” And I explained it to him,
little by little, and I was able
to talk him out of it. The kid that was being bullied thanked me at the end of the day for the fact that I stood up for him. You have two choices: Do what’s right,
or just walk away. Even if the kid is unpopular, picture you being in his shoes. Feel what he’s feeling. My name is Kevin, and I am moral courage.

100 thoughts on “Bully pushes around the wrong young boxer | MORAL COURAGE EP. 18

  1. I've always wanted to stand up to bullies of mine, but I'm 5'1 and can barely be seen by others. I wish to change that, I'll be going to the gym and change my body and improve mentally and physically. Massive respect to you for doing what you do.
    Fuck bullies.

  2. good job Kevin! I think kids should take a martial art be it boxing, karate or jiu jitsu whatever, when a person really knows how to fight they really have won a fight before it even happens, so whats the point of fighting? You get to keep you nice clothes clean and the other person gets to keep eating solid food everyone wins 🙂

  3. Great Job Kevin, I wish you much luck, many victories, many championships, and a much successful & long boxing career! I was bullied as a kid too and it totally sucks, and when you see someone else get bullied, it automatically triggers those memories of terrible times. If you're a good person it will make you come to a decision, turn the other cheek or do the right thing. Much respect to you from me, for choosing to do the right thing. #Salute

  4. Excellent. Keep your body pure from toxins like alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Be pure and natural like wild animals. Walk your own path and don't waste your time with fools.

  5. Bullying is sadly a terrible thing and I went through it when I was younger. Boxing helped me a lot just like Kevin (and others by what I can gather in the comment section) and can only recommend it to anyone who feels that they can't stand up for themselves.

  6. Also remember that boxing, martial arts, mma and any other fighting programs aren’t for revenge against others their for defense and protection

  7. Well its nice too see a bullied student defended himself against the bullies in the school . And you inspire and motivated me man.

  8. You and I was sam because I trained matial arts because my others classmates bullying to me

  9. i was also bullyied by a guy and i released all my anger in one fight with him and i made him cry badly by body slamming him and he even told her mom.

  10. Kevin seems great but I can imagine he may become one of those cunts who decides to be a big man, however if he carries on the way he is then it will be good for society

  11. In high school when I was around 13 I was 5'4 ish I was pretty fat and some prick tried to fight me outside of school, in the summer holidays before the school year my dad taught me some boxing like foot work and generally training for punching power, so back to the kid he was 14 he was in my class funny enough, he thought because I was fat I would be weak so I get into my stance and then he tries to do a right hook but that gave me a good chance to counter with a left then gave him a few jabs he was done, unfortunately his dad was watching the whole thing.
    Now I'm 17 I'm 6ft and I still have a little fat but I now have more muscle too so I now have a brawlers build (combination of fat and muscle)
    I hope to start doing more boxing in the future it's brilliant.

  12. I have a rage inside me that is unleashed when ever I get disrespected because I'm tired of bullies. However, I don't fight, I defend. If some dude insults me, ill get mad but I won't fight him but I will defend myself

  13. Dude – I watched that video expecting a bully beat down. All talk and no action makes for a thumbs down.

  14. I do boxing 2 and at my school there was a kid getting jumped bye 3 kids so I fought them and broke 1 of the kids nose and the other one and I broke his tooth and the other one ran away

  15. Then that loser kid ends up shouting up the school thanks for the advice but no I’ll leave the nerds to their fate

  16. Respect kid good to see young lads are not all about being into gangs and weapons,you got a good life ahead of you kid I always say life is like walking through.a minefield you have to take each step and think before you do I'm sure you will apply the same practice as you go,take it easy kid.

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