Budo traditional karate kicks past the competition

3 RANDALL– BUDO TRADITIONAL KARATE PICKED UP SOME BIG TIME HARDWARE LAST WEEKEND IN CHICAGO…. OVER 20 MEMBERS FROM THE OPWENSBORO DOJO COMPETED AGAINTS SOME OF THE BEST MATRIAL ARTISTS STUDENT IN THE MDIWEST…AND THE DOMINATED MICHAEL GILBERT SPENT WITH AFTERNOON WITH SOME OF THOSE COMPETITORS…. AND HAS THE STORY…..Owensboro’s Budo traditional karate is kicking down the competition…The Kentucky Dojo recently brought home 55 medals after dominating in the Annual Windy City Tournament. 3 SENSEI ALLEN RENFROW”Well I think you kind of lose count after a while, but I think it was around somewhere up to 56. Once or twice a year, I take them to competition, and I was surpised to see how many medals we did win.”former World champion, Sensei Renfrow, took over twenty competitors to the annual event, His team earned 28 gold medals in various divisions and age groups.some as young as 6, others as old as their fifties.The gold medalists explain it was their focus and disciplinethat led them to victory.JERRITH HODSKINS”It’s really great sensei teaches here, is what brought it home. So we actually got to show what our dojo stands for and bringing home the golds was a bonus on top of that.”NATALIE MILLS”Most of it has to go to sensei, Allen Renfrow, how good he can connect with people and how great he understands the great art of traditional karate.”The group enjoys competiting they explain that the biggest reward isn’t the power of a kick…it’s seeing everyone improve in the sport.JAMIE FULKERSON”The kids do a great job of having attention to detail and what makes the right kick or what makes powerful move(SENSEI ALLEN RENFROW)I think we have the same kids as of everyone, We do everyone professional and thats what makes going to have good professional people.” Reporting from Owensboro, 3 Michael Gilbert, 3 Eywitness NewsRANDALLTHE DOJO ALSO TRAVELS INTERNATIONALY….AND HAS WON MULTIPLE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS…. 3

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