BRUTAL Kata Bunkai For Self-Defense (UNSU)

– What’s up? I’m Jesse from, a.k.a “The Karate Nerd”, and today I am joined by
Sensei Iain Abernethy, the world’s number one
Kata application expert. Thank-you so much Sensei
Iain for joining us. So when it comes to the more
brutal aspects of self-defense as found in Kata moves, what do you think is one of the top ones? Is there any specific
Kata that come to mind? – There’s lots of brutal
stuff in lots of brutal Kata but I think for sheer
brutality from the off Unsu is hard to beat. – Okay, Unsu. That’s a very
popular competition Kata. – Well, I mean it looks spectacular. That’s one of things I love about it, there’s a real yin-yang with that Kata. It looks beautiful, yet there’s a very dark,
seedy underbelly to it. – It’s like yin and yang. – There’s definitely a yin
and yang happening, yeah. – All right, so let’s
get into that darkness. – So the opening move, where
we’ve got the arms tending to come up and out. A great thing to do, self-defense wise, is if the guy is raining
shots down on you, you cover your head up. – So if I’m punching you– – I’m just covering in from here. Then once I’ve got that position the next thing I need to do is I need space. I kinda push when, I won’t know which side I’m on so as you’re swinging shots
I may have ended up here but if I push I go “Oh that’s
an arm, that’s a head.” So I’ll have an idea of where I am. Having established that, the next thing that Kata does is you go “Right, take hold of his head.” Now, everyone thinks of this finger and I would say that this is
the least important finger of that position. So I’m gonna put my fingers
on your forehead for safety, but the idea would be those three fingers are on the back of the jaw, this finger is doing nothing
and that thumb is in the eye. So what we have there is
grabbing the back of the jaw and both thumbs into the eyeballs, so this Kata doesn’t mess about, right? (laughs)
– Okay, let’s have a look. – So you’ve got from there and again I’ll do it on
the forehead for safety, I won’t dig in, but
that’s the general idea. Once I’ve got that, you’ve
got the movement in the Kata where the foot arches. – Right, the foot does a circle, kind of. – It is, and I think that’s a given. So I’ve got a hold of your head, that will drive in and create space, I take my foot behind. Now if I was to pop down with
this one, your head will spin but if I push with this thumb, I’m gonna drive you against my own leg against that line so this will be here and then we have the take down, bang and move away. (thigh clap) So the idea being that I
get the leg in position and drive it out the
floor via your eyeball, which by anyone’s standards
is a pretty extreme version of osotogari, right? – Right. And it’s kind of hard to resist because, there’s no strength in my
eyeball to go against your thumb. Plus you’ve got the
nerves just below the jaw, that you’re using for leverage,
so it’s really painful. – Yeah, two sets of pain. And it’s instinctive, right? The thumb into the eye,
you want to move away, but I’ve set it up so that
if you want to move away, you have to go down. Because that’s the way I’m pushing and the legs to stop you from stepping. – Okay, let’s do that
from the other direction. – Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah. – Okay, so. – So my neck, people are swinging in, I’m covering, finding out where you are. As soon as I’ve got that,
I’m going to pull my thumbs in towards your eyes, driving through, move the leg behind, drive my thumb down. Bang! Always give them an extra hit so that they don’t get up immediately. Run away and look for his friends. So yeah, it’s a beautiful looking Kata with a rather savage style. – Whoa! All right, thank-you so much. – My pleasure. – That was beautiful and brutal. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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  1. Hey I knowed that kata by the way excellent work jesse you are cool love you plz visit india I live in india and there are many fans of yours in india ok and learn hindi language as well plz love from india ❤❤❤❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🤘🏻🤘🏻

  2. Unsu, one of my favourite katas…… thanks for the great insight, masters👊👊….
    Btw, I AM FIRST😜😀😀
    Oops……looks like I missed it😛😛
    – A Shōtōkan boy from India.

  3. Yes, I definitely enjoyed it!
    I really appreciate your work and I hope that I some day will be able to go on KNX 🙂

    1st kyu guy from Poland 🙂
    (Style is Seido-juku, I could see that in last KNX there was one guy from Seido, I wanna be the second one 😀 )

  4. Can you do a video on Taekwondo Forms? I am very confused, as apparently it seems that General Choi Hong Hi created the Taekwondo Forms based on the Shotokan Kata without actually knowing the application of those kata

  5. Sensei Abernethy is a classic in Bunkai, but here along with the one and only, Sensei Enkamp, makes a TERRIFIC combo! AWESOME VIDEO!! THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU!

  6. It.becomes more brutal if you smash the head against the ground… I gotta say Ian is good at deciphering kata.

    That was brutal jesse, I thought we hide these techniques from the public eye (no pun intended)

  7. I wont be looking at the wierd hand positions the same way anymore!😯. This is pure savagery!(or savageness pardon my english!😅)

  8. katas are usefull but teaching them without application and sparring (like most schools/dojos sadly do nowadays) is like teaching someone to swin on dry land

  9. I love it, but I can't love it. I know it's confusing, but… my problem is there is not enough! I'm ready to see more, especially now that Abernethy Sensei has said it's the darkest, most brutal kata. I wanna know EVERYTHING! Please? 😀

  10. Nice one to both of you. Blue belt here. Don’t dare to touch Unsu yet. But was a nice bubkai of it. Also nice glitch at the end. Jesse😉

  11. People say "Karatê doesn't work in the streets." – People sees any bunkai video – "Wait, what? Do you teach THIS for children?!"

  12. Hey Jesse San
    So another training week passed and i completly lost faith.
    You see i was at this seminar with an italian sensei who mzst have been studying Inoue ha shito ryu at some point.
    There was no artefficial breathing or other noises. Everything seemed so relaxed and flawless.
    Now i (for the past years) have been thought to breathe more extensive because its supposed to be good for kime.
    And i tried without and really had to reevaluate everything i knew about my Kata.
    My question is wheter you think the Inoue style works for Shotokan Katas (bigger movements, harder techniques).
    Also whats your take at the breathing thing?
    Thanks and greetings from smelly Germany

  13. Beauty and the beast, yin and the yang… Unshu a beauty with a beast in it… Can you give details of high level katas in video… Always love and respect from india..

  14. Again. Just brilliant. Iain you are a genius. Jesse you are awesome in front of a camera. You guys really should do more together. Just a fantastic partnership. Thank you again for these "eye opening" videos. 🥴

  15. As a Karateka & Judoka I would argue that the footwork looks more like O Uchi Gari to me & instead of sweeping from the back like Ian mentioned (Osoto Gari) it’s look to me to be a sweep from the inside instead but that’s the beautiful thing about Kata different people interpret it different ways (:

  16. Makes so much more sense than the femoral artery strike everyone seems to teach for that move. In a self-defense situation, the chances you'll be accurate enough to strike the femoral artery with one finger (and not shatter that finger) is remote. Great stuff, Iain and Jesse!

  17. We use the same techniques in Kali. It’s actually a very basic and common technique in both Kali and Silat. I’ve also seen it in Krav Maga.

  18. I would´ve never imagine that movement was about that! This guy is a MASTER of bunkai, no doubt about it!
    "Beautiful and Brutal", indeed!!!🤣

  19. Usss , from a Goyu Ryu student… great video, good kata! I also liked the interview you had with Mr. Big Foot Wallace!

  20. You think you could push your thumbs into somebody's eye sockets and squeeze until they go through the eyes? No, you couldn't. Most people are not capable of doing such a thing.

  21. This is so great to watch, I do this kata with shotokan and absolutely hated it when our sensei makes us practice Unsu but this was an excellent video Osu

  22. I have trained with Iain here in the States,his knowledge and expertise is amazing . Thanks for posting this working together always makes us better.

  23. If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you’ll never get it done, don’t over think it, stop thinking and start doing

  24. I'd like to learn whole kata & most important are the applications.
    Please teach us how to apply (use,) any kata!!!!!!
    Most of us improvise oppent , with leg= broom on chair or 2 brooms tied in cross & pillows tied to it hung from door frame.
    We need improvised experience (not pretend) to remember & react with 1or 2 things from a 1000 moves when the time comes.
    With improvised experience there's a REWARD = ENJOYMENT so I study & relax more. I'm able to give LOVE to those who HATE, HARM,& DESIRED to ROB me!!!!!!!

    I love how this vid demonstrated that Kata is NOT useless in any way, shape or form. I hear and see a lot of people dismissing Kata because they think it is useless.
    Now, I only practice a handful of my favorite Katas, but I respect them all and once in while I find a new one that I never heard of and I'll try it out

  26. There is brutality in every kata. You just need to be able to think outside the box & realize what is obivious isn't all that is happening.

  27. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  28. Sorry, but I can't see the point in kata's. A set of moves like a dance, a non resisting opponent. Wouldn't the time be better spent getting in good physical condition? The only thing you can learn from kata's is bad habits, in my opinion of course :). Did enjoy the Bill Wallace video, this just looks like LARPING.

  29. It is interesting that you bring all this Sensei around to teach Bunkai. I am not really a fan of this guy "Ian". He does have a great imagination that at the end of the day is what give life to "Bunkai" and other factors of the kata. Nevertheless this could be a good way to apply this movements in real life. There can be a hundred more ways to look at them too. Maybe a good idea for future videos is compare his ideas with other Sensei to see different variations to the same move. (my humble opinion)

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