Bruce Lee’s REAL Take on Kung Fu (PLUS 9mins of Action Footage!)

It’s bad to say the best, but in my
opinion I think Kung Fu is pretty good. What is the difference between Kung Fu
and Karate? Well, the main difference, I would say, in my school is, it’s more
offensive attack and defense are simultaneous. Well, Kung Fu, the best example would be a
glass of water. Why? Because water is the softest
substance in the world, but yet it can penetrate the hardest rock, or anything–
granite, you name it. Water also, is insubstantial–by that I mean you cannot
grasp all of it. You cannot punch it, and hurt it. So every
Kung Fu man is trying to do that–to be soft like water, and flexible, and adapt
itself to the opponent. My last name is Lee. Bruce Lee. What’s the difference between a Kung Fu
punch, and a karate punch? Well, the Karate punch is like an iron bar, “Whack!” A Kung Fu
punch is like an iron chain, with an iron ball attached to the end, and it go “Whang!”
and it hurt inside. What is Kung Fu, Bruce? Well, Kung Fu is a Chinese form of combat. Arts like Karate or Jiu Jitsu derived from
Kung Fu. It’s more of a complete system and it’s
more fluid. By that I mean it’s more flowing, there is continuity and movement,
instead of one movement to movement and then stop. Ultimately, martial arts means honestly
expressing yourself. Now, it is very difficult to do.
Okay. I mean it is easy for me to put on a show, and be cocky, and be flooded with
a cocky feeling, and then feel like pretty cool, and all that, “Oh I can make
all kinds of funny things,” you see what I mean?
Blinded by it, or I can show you some really fancy movement. But to express
oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, and to express myself honestly? Now that,
my friend, is very hard to do. Now I’m leaning for a little bit, hoping
not to hurt any camera angle. I mean you got to put the whole hip into it. Snap it, and
get all your energy in there, and make this into a natural instinct. And here is
control. You are to combine the two in harmony. Not if you have one to the
extreme, you will be very unscientific. If you have another to the extreme, you
become, all of a sudden, a mechanical man. No longer a human being. So you–it is a
successful combination of both.

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  1. When certain commentators in the political talk show world open their mouths’ about how Bruce Lee was not a great fighter, because the,”witnesses,” were his friends, it is clear they have no idea what they are looking at.

  2. The flip on and off with the music feels weird. Might have been better just to keep the music consistent and just lower the volume of it while Bruce Lee is talking.

  3. …bruce at 5:12 is unbelievable. He out manuevered and controlled the fight. Ive never seen Anyone ever do that. Wouls be intresting if we had fighters like Scott Adkins back in those days…would love to see bruce take a guy like him down

  4. Gung fu isn't the best….Bruce Lee is the best! Call it what you will. Sure his roots were in Wing Chun but it's what he does with all of it makes it so destructive.

  5. 8:49 is this the same guy of the way of the dragon?
    In that movie theres a very similar scene where lee is shirt less and throwing kicks to the camera, but the face is sooo diferent..

  6. Bruce at that time combine martial arts styles but was honest that traditional forms board breaking and tournament point fighting wasn't realistic only a show. So he stopped believing in many style or a style. Through his researched and studying and training he found that u take what's works and combined them these r things he believes were better than a degrees on a black belt. If u can master attributes such as speed power footwork agilities. Timing how use ure waist and hips to generate power and explosiveness Bruce Lee was far head of his time like 40 years the octagon was to find out what styles really works but Bruce already did that. I was more of the martial arts fan of Bruce then his films this why I believe Bruce was the greatest martial artist. His goals was to find out what really works in a street fight not compatiton . today MMA fighters said he wasn't real a fighter never proved himself they were only movie fans of Bruce and not the martial arts fans of him So they no very little. I was self taught with Bruce stop hit philosophy i was able to defeat a boxer instructer and a black belt 3rd degree. And Bruce at his time train like MMA fighters and had a the gloves that all 10 fingers r free to grab a true martial arts genius. I developed my own none classical system like Bruce but Life took a turned.

  7. Bruce Lee made himself a legend. I wonder what he would say if he woke up now from the dead and see that people are still influenced by him.


  9. Brandon had friends next door that were afraid to come over to play with him because they used to hear Bruce practicing the yell for the movies, lol.

  10. Of course Bruce Lee had power. But in the chair slide shown, people overlook the components in play. First note that chair feet on a solid floor have less friction than two shoe soles. Second, don't forget to add in the added energy from gravity as the man's body moved from standing to down on an angle into the chair. And, that most of that energy (due to the stopping power of the floor) was then diverted to a horizontal direction. So, a bag the weight and density of the man, standing on two shoe soles would not have slid that far if these other modifiers were eliminated. But to people's eyes, it looks like the whole slide was only from the power of Bruce Lee's punch. Instead there was some gravity power and reduced friction in play. Not to mention that nobody really knows what that guys brain was unconsciously doing to his quadricep muscles. I mean, when you start to fall down a part of you wants to push back. Which if the timing was right, going into the chair. Who knows? 9:22 At the time stamp, if you watch at one quarter speed, the guys shoes do contact the floor in a pushing back motion at least once per leg.


  12. I'm a little guy 5"1 iused to get bullied at lot in school from bigger kids i used to watch BL videos now i learned BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Tae Kwon Do i'm going to learn complete mma and nobody's ever gonna bully me ever again. Once again thanks to Bruce Lee I would've never been a got into martial arts and never would've competed in combat sports?

  13. Even he admitted that most (Not all, mind you) of the best kung fu practitioners and lineages died during the Boxer Rebellion. He felt that most people teaching kung fu in his times were charlatans

  14. Can you imagine if Bruce had have lived to a great old age, this iconic, truly awesomely talented man
    would have been one of the richest, most famous modern philosophers in the world.
    People from all walks of life would have travelled many miles to see/hear his words of
    wisdom on the after dinner speech circuit.

  15. I would say the comments at the beginning of this excellent video reflect Bruce Lee's early take on Kung Fu which shows he is loyal to Chinese styles. However, the true legacy and brilliance of Bruce Lee came later in that he adopted and adapted knowledge from all systems and cultures incorporating it into his own style. It is apparent in the sparring sequence where he is using kicking techniques not found in Kung Fu at that time. Styles and systems evolve over time as do individuals. Bruce Lee said take what is useful and discard the rest. Obviously, if you limit yourself to only trying to understand your own style you will not possess the advantage of knowing your opponents intent.

  16. I'm in awe of Bruce. I can't grasp how at 3:40 to 3:45 Bruce's fist ( hand ) was at the guys face before his body caught up with itself. He bends time itself! 😮

  17. I love to hear Bruce Lee talk, thick Cantonese accent. Speaks with confidence, intelligence, enthusiasm and just so damn self assured. Rightfully so! In a class all of his own.

  18. We all make editing mistakes. I learned from mine. What I would have done was ditch the rock music, show mostly the fight footage and have Bruce Lee's interview AUDIO play while watching his demos.

    Watching his demos with generic rock and then getting inserts of his interviews was jarring.

  19. Im usually an admirer of lee but where did he get ,juijitsu ,come from gungfu ,?juijitsu comes from judo.ive allways been told .

  20. EVERYONE knows if Bruce ever used any of his skills in a REAL fight, he would kill someone. He was just too skilled, too technical and too fast! If anyone disagrees, u gotta watch this post. Great clip! Thought i outgrew martial arts/Kung fu movies and stuff, guess I’m gettin back into watchin it again. On the funny side, Bruce was VERY expressive and passionate when he talked. Imagine him at his kid’s open house and discussing ways to improve his son’s grades? Ha!

  21. It's interesting that even though Bruce came to publicly, and for some people antagonistically, espouse a very scientific, almost non-cultural approach to martial arts, many Chinese viewed, and still view him today, as the epitome of a kung fu master. It's like in spite of what he said about leaving behind systems and styles, they see him as someone who, basically, made kung fu work—did "real" kung fu—presented it to the world, and made everyone appreciate and respect something so representative of Chinese culture. An impressive feat from an impressive man.

  22. Αny time i so a kung fu guy guy go against a karate guy the kung fu guy got obliterated there is a good reason why police forces around the world train on karate and not praying mantis

  23. I may be wrong but this is just a thought,it is very possible that the advanced teachings of ip man that he didn't teach Bruce Bruce somehow may have figured it out unknowingly. Bruce was a martial arts scientist constantly experimenting with new methods of combat discovering formulas that noone would ever think of some genious this man was!

  24. Bruce lee was ahead of his time in both Mind set and Physical approach. His philosophy of martial art exemplified his creativity in moulding his ultimate form of a true being on this Earth. Lee had perceptional knowledge that travelled through and beyond what was once thought possible from the Human mind set. He was humble and at the same time deadly…A true inspiration to the World from which we can all Learn. If he had lived on this Planet would have been a much more fulfilling and richer environment. What Lee did leave us was a legacy to aspire to and help us in our everyday life's. We miss you so much Bruce. The fire of your spirit will never Die.

  25. 防具つけてのデモンストレーションよく見てると、ブルースりーは 一発のパンチも食らってないんだよね、

  26. Super human,legend,filosofer,almost a demi god.Thanks to him,many began to practice martial arts.💪👊🐉🐲☯

  27. You also have to remember that back in early 60’s, Shotokan and point Karate were widely spread. Point Karate and Shotokan were hardly complete martial arts at the time and I think Kung-Fu was far more advanced. So I understand what Bruce Lee was trying to express. Kyokushin only saw the light in 1964. Kyokushin is in my opinion a far more advanced art than any other Karate styles. Karate and martial arts have evolved a lot since especially in the 80’s so you couldn’t agree if this was said today. But during the time Bruce Lee was alive, he was completely right. K

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