Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Techniques – Lap Sao

Welcome to another Jeet Kune Do video
trapping technique. Today I’m going to show you the Lap Sao which is the
pulling hand. Now in the other videos I show you the Pak Sao which is slapping
hand. What’s the difference between the two? You also see it in Bruce Lee’s movie.
Now however just because Bruce does it in a movie doesn’t mean that’s how you
should do it. Not necessarily. Experiment with it. So we have the Pak Sao which is slapping hand. Now the Lap Sao which is pulling hand
it’s a pulling motion obviously. It’s when the opponent is feeding you a
forward pressure energy. Instead of fighting it I try to do Pak Sao. Give
me full force. See it’s very hard but instead he gives me energy
it’s much easier if I redirect it. Now the key with the whole thing is you’re
not pulling with your arm. Because if I — look at the muscle if I try to pull it
with my arm Shin — see it doesn’t work. Now
so you want to pull into your body your elbow and then you’re turning. So I’m not
just doing this — this is nice but I’m using my body. See that. So it’s like this
in the same time this punch through right. So it’s this kind of motion right.
So it’s shoot right — this is coming it’s like a two train hitting together. Not just
one type boom right there right that’s how it works. One more time – or you can
see the the power of that like your turn my body I turn my body. Wrong wrong right
right. Now Shin try to move. See right that’s what I’m talking about. That’s
what you want from here. I’m controlling right I’m controlling right. So from here
now one problem with it is if once I do Lap Sao and a lot of guys “Oh a Lap Sao” you don’t want the Lap Sao and you stay here I’m looking at you she’s
looking at me because it means he can hit me then I can hit him at the same
time okay. Shin try a Lap Sao and then punch at same time. See that boom.
Not good okay not good. What you want is you want to make him off balance. Make him
off balance see that. Now this is all open and that’s what you do. So from here
we did a Pak Sao now here’s the thing footwork wise turn your body makes sure you
turn your body. I personally don’t like it this way cause you get hit, I get hit.
Make sure he’s off balance but ideally it’s actually much better when — I with
the opposite stance. So let’s say Shin takes a left stance. This I would do all
day long. I’m pulling from here because this I’m safe look at the hand that is
far away right and if I pull and also I have more my bone mechanic. Right see
the power right. So from here and if I’m good this — boom and this is all open, this is
all — this is all open right this is all open. So I like to Lap Sao this way.
Now so when you practice as a drill so Shin you do a couple — do a Lap Sao.
See awesome nice power see — try again. Boom. See — it shouldn’t be — not don’t do
too much power stay the same time. See this is no good.
This is very bad habit you see a lot of Wing Chun guys to do this all fucking day
long. Okay try again boom — see that? So right right right side to the right side
and you can practice. Left side, right side right. So this way so Shin you can try
Lap Sao I’ll do the left side. Right so here see that pull — actually this way okay this
way. Awesome try again see right there.
Try again. You can see the power — that motion. Yeah if you practice this enough on the
wooden dummy — you see the wooden dummy you can move the dummy –you can move a
person. Very very powerful right you can move the wrist from here once you pull
it off the dummy stance is all good right from here. All right when he is
here this is all done and usually you can hit here and from here chop to the
neck and usually from here it’s like that right. And you can feel that a big
chest but you can feel. But that’s to the neck right. That’s like 30% power we
really get from here you turn and you go boom and you send a guy flying. And that’s
what you don’t see it oh what the hell are you hitting the wooden dummy like
that. Feel it you know what I mean so that’s the Lap Sao drill hope you
enjoyed this video you enjoyed this video. Leave a comment below and
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91 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Techniques – Lap Sao

  1. Very nice vid. you keep them short, but that way it´s more intense and one can learn much better. now I understand the one motion. it just made click. after all these years lol. thank you Dan, keep doing these vids, very helpful : )

  2. They say with most Chi Sao drills in JKD, you must have the intention to push through your opponent. But you taught us here that a forward energy can be dealt with a Lap Sao. Is the forward force applied in JKD Chi Sao drills still good? Or should be refrained?

  3. nice and cool technique man! have the video in my exercises list videos for training. greetings from Chile.

  4. I was @ Dan Inosanto's seminar a few years ago and he stated that he had to wear a neck brace because Bruce's lop sao gave Dan a SERIOUS whiplash!!!!!!

  5. That is a great video on Lap Sao. You do it the same way as sifu Carruthers teaches it. Destroying opponent's balance rather than just moving the hand out of the way. Did you get this from Ted Wong? Great channel by the way!

  6. This is similar to a Jut Sao (jerking hand) but you get a lot more power from this technique. I just wanted to ask as there is some controversy with this: people say they wouldn't use it in application as you're drawing your opponent into you – not if 'done correctly' like you are doing here.
    Cause you are not drawing him directly into you more just off-balancing him. Would you personally use this against someone on the street in a confrontation? Cause I would using the way you're demonstrating it.

    Thoughts, anyone? Thanks a lot. 🙂

  7. There was a good reason why Mast Bruce Lee: ( Phoenix). Used the power hand as a lead. Boxers canot lead with power arm because how we are taught to fight!. This way of the wing Chun is the stance that is symmetrical, give me the ability not to feel my stance uncomortable because evenly shaped, aligned, equal; mirror image; regular, uniform, consistent; balanced, proportional. This has tought me to lead with either hand. I have more trics in my basket. Tan sao, Pack sao, are ways to get pass an obsticls tan sau is used to deflect, The body turns not hand Target Eye.. Your videos are correct. because without. Use waist. I do not explain what just comes without thought. Thank you. I use palm trees too harden elbows, Bong Sao arms hads. ARattan Ring is a great tool,;it has many answers. Thank you. Please send us more?

  8. Hi Dan, i am looking at beginning my training into the martial art, i am in Israel and have contacted a few schools. Do you have any advice in choosing a teacher?

  9. One must remember that if there was a big difference in SIZE between opponents Pac Sao & Lap Sao would not work effectively…….Where their is SIZE advantage on one opponent it is better in JKD to DIS-engage…..Remain DETATCHED and to go for decisive targets like a FENCER……Simple, direct…..Not complex. Fencing with the hands and feet….Daily decrease.

  10. In JKD be the Matador that is fighting the Bull or in any style. I do not belive in stiles. I feel and direct energy or the force. There are different techniques. Can we do more JKD. Lets have a lession in Tan Soa. Remember our fingers are knives. Thank you>

  11. Your videos are very good. Straight forward, no bullshit, very wing chun. The movement was enlightening and helped me realize correlations in other arts that I will now implement with a better understanding. Thank you, good job.

  12. I love your training videos, thanks a lot. Only one suggestion, can you make a step-by-step videos starting from beginners level and going up in stages ?

  13. Great video, thank you. How do "you" follow up after Lap Sao do you attack knees, or the neck I guess where would you go from there

  14. Incredible conversation and demonstration regarding the power behind practicing. It is obvious the force you have created with your focus, keep up the great work.

  15. Love to watch and learn with your videos their easy to understand and i just watch it and practive By myself at home. I wish i had a teacher in my area to teach me.i had a teacher before and i learned praying mantis kung fu when i was a child but then he somehow disappeared. :'(

  16. Dan Lok I've been watching your videos… why don't u make a video on how to trap a jab from the inside not the outside of the arm, Cheers.

  17. Sifu, this is INCREDIBLE instruction. I love trapping techniques and THIS I can employ easily as do fight in a Southpaw stance. Thank you for this great information.

    Thank you Sifu

  18. Sifu…I want to know what is proper stacnce means footwork…during practicing jkd gates. I doing the same as Bruce Lee bt my teacher tell me about its badsides.
    So please clear me that, because my 90% knowledge of Martial Arts are from YouTube. Because in the case of learning I follow the the sentence – " Absorb what is useful and discard what is useless".
    So, tell me am I wrong ?

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