Bruce Lee Shows His Side Kick – Brutal Speed and Strength (New Footage)

Bruce Lee shows his side kick Welcome to Bruce Lee Real Fight Channel 2 kicks in 0.5 seconds See it in 0.5X Slow Motion See it in 0.25X Slow Motion Bruce Lee high kick in 0.5x slow motion You have just seen how fast Bruce Lee was, now let’s see how powerful he was Let’s see how fast Bruce Lee was. The speed in this footage has not been altered.Bruce Lee was insanely that Fast! Imagine where martial arts would be now if Bruce Lee had lived another 30 to 40 years? Please leave your comment below Please like share subscribe and ring the notification bell. Thanks for watching

47 thoughts on “Bruce Lee Shows His Side Kick – Brutal Speed and Strength (New Footage)

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  2. I might as well correct this notion
    Bruce lee never used any pure strength in his martial arts
    He at one time pursued strength as in muscles cos that’s how strength is built but found out it hampered speed and decreased stamina
    So he pursued balance in strength stamina endurance and speed but found out that his speed quadrupled so instead he learnt how to use force rather than strength
    He used his full body weight and force x his speed to achieve the same thing as someone using only pure strength

  3. Micheal jai white and Francis ngannou are an example of strength, weight and force with a little speed
    Micheal is faster than Francis but they are not as fast as Bruce Lee’s speed level

  4. Bruce Lee był wielkim mistrzem. Do dziś nie widze nikogo kto by mu dorównał. Jest dużo wojowników w UFC , Bellator i innych, ale nikt nie ma takiego potencjału co Bruce Lee. Szkoda, że zmarł w wieku 32 lat☹ Great Master!

  5. I have been living on earth for 50 years and Bruce Lee is the fastest martial artist I have ever seen. This footage is amazing, keep up the good work my friend.

  6. The best ever the GOAT Bruce Lee be like warer n strike like water the hit will be like a wave of ocean ! Hoit!" 1973 Bruce Lee

  7. the last footage is unbelievable even in ultra slow motion 0.125x he is not getting caught by the camera and manage to put the leg back into it's position with the blink of an eye.

  8. Look at that Chambering! Before, During and After them Kicks, one can certainly see that Lee was Amazing. That Retract….I dunno man, but those Kicks had a Slicing Effect to them that you could barely see.

  9. Dude new FOOTAGE means it has not been seen, THIS FOOTAGE IS OLDER THAN U AND ME WTF…STOP LYING!!!!

  10. What more can be said about the absolute genius of martial arts! Other fighters should develop their own styles cos there's no one gonna get to speeds like what we see (or don't see) in this video. The Godfather of Martial Arts!

  11. Thanks for sharing! The more I see the more I miss my Soul brothers in Martial Arts, I say Soul cause unless you feel with the very essence of your being. You will never get to a level of freedom & Understanding!

  12. I dont know if it is easy to do but i think this videos should remastered and maybe coloured like this video

  13. you can be fast but stay in balance after punching or kicking thats what he masters too.iI have seen a video of i believe jet lee comparising with bruce lee .Jet was fast too but the balance that was not the balance bruce had.

  14. If Bruce lee was still here,all martial arts movies today would have everything to do with Bruce lee and his philosophy…

  15. If bruce lee lived another 30 or 40 years martial arts would not have been told fake by mma guys. And they would have told bruce is not a fighter… but still Bruce lee is a legend

  16. just by looking at this video… one can tell the power in his kick…. speed, brutal, precise & deadly…. just unbelievable

  17. WOW! Sidekick is so fast! Thank you, thank you for this!
    This is the best channel for Bruce Lee. Subscribe! I love BruceLeeRealFight channel!!

  18. Thanks for sharing your videos, wouldn't it be great if he was still here, i travelled to all the local Cinemas in the early 1970's to watch the Kung Fu movies.

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