Brooks Medieval Faire | Knights of Valour Full Contact Jousting; Medieval Martial Arts (combat)

Oh hi, I didn’t even see you there. Welcome back to another episode of Traveling
with Krushworth Where LilLizzy and I are at the Brooks Medieval Faire. Unfortunately, I had too much mead at the
tavern And now I’m stuck in the stocks as my punishment. But I’ll wait and see who releases me And we’ll show you everything to see at
the faire. See you. On this episode, Lil Lizzy, her family and I Visited the Brooks Medieval Faire for The festival in which western medieval martial
arts tournaments And jousting come alive for modern eyes. The faire has been a popular step back in time For visitors since starting as a fundraiser
in 2003. Today, the knights of the realm gather annually in August for jaw-dropping medieval action. From the moment we walked through the gates, We were wowed by the atmosphere, the market and The comrades-in-arms from Calgary-based Wardens of the Red Tower among other teams. These groups offered our first interaction
with heavy armoured combat. There were so many unbelievable moments and
for Lil Lizzy and I, These experiences are what drive us to travel. Competitors fought with sword and shield, long Swords and polearms in tournament style, and you Better believe there’s a “can’t believe we’re Seeing this in 2018” feeling in the air. But, it’s during the melee style battles That the action truly ramps up. The crowd goes wild with each hit, And as these are all real weapons, you know
the stakes can be high. However, be assured that each fighter and organizers Have safety top of mind with each sparring
match that occurs. Medieval combat is something that needs to
be seen to be believed. We were excited to attend both days of the
Brooks Medieval Faire. Our camp spot in nearby Tillebrook Provincial Park Gave us quick access to the event site at
the rodeo grounds. Having that ability to relax in the evening
over some Hot food and debrief each strike, combat style
and the Weaponry used was an important addition to
the weekend. The festival continues to introduce crowds
to a sport that Captivates new fans with each competition
held across North America. The history behind the action is fascinating. At the end of each fight, combatants pull
each other up, Provide congratulations and lift the victor’s
hand in triumph. But for me, it was hard not to think of the
violence of medieval warfare. While the events are sport, the festival brought
an often brutal history to life. Each year, the faire evolves and additional
items are added. In years past, there have been dancers, historical
demonstrations, Singers and in-costume performers. We can’t wait to see what comes next for
the Brooks Medieval Faire. It’s not everyday that travelers witness
full contact medieval jousting. The sport is witnessing a modern day renaissance and The Knights of Valour are one of the groups
leading the charge. Knights suit up in 100 pounds of armour and
line up on the list. The crowd roars and horse and rider thunder
towards each Other, hoisting 11-foot Douglas Fir lances. One point for a direct hit, five for a broken
lance and 10 points for an unhorsing. It’s a bruising sport that riles Up fans across North America. It’s a scene right out of medieval Europe. Can you imagine being struck by 5,000 pounds
of pressure Per square inch on a target right over your chest? These riders push the sport of extreme jousting
to the limit. Between combatant fights and jousting bouts,
travelers can Visit the Living Village, a place where one
learns how People existed centuries ago. Trust us, it wouldn’t have been easy. While the herald called out the day’s
announcements and The blacksmith worked the forge, LilLizzy’s
brother Marcus got into The action with axe throwing and we all tried our Hands at some old-fashioned games of skill. One of our favourite parts was seeing everyone In costume and being greeted in Old English. From the recreated village, which features the Lethbridge Medieval Club and the Living Backwards
Society’s performers, We moved onto the nearby Artisan’s Market. It was a perfect place to browse all the items
for sale, Including a brilliant dragon’s skull. There’s something for people of All ages and interests at the Brooks Medieval Faire. Thank you for watching this Brooks Medieval Faire episode of Traveling with Krushworth. To follow us to the Piikani Nation Pow Wow,
click the link on the left. Or, if you’d like to visit the Calgary Stampede
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