100 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar mauls Dio Maddin: Raw, Nov. 4, 2019

  1. For WWE it's very easy to make fool the fans,like me 😏
    But that's happened when i was a kid, but now adays it's impossible coz everyone knows it's scripted

  2. Why they doing this we already know what bout 2 happen Rey gets destroyed in like 2 to 5 minutes then Brock doesn’t show up for like 2 months the Seth Rollins challenge then Seth beats him

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  4. I wanted at least 20 more shots on Lesnar.
    Now he knows how it feels when u attack from behind before any match

  5. im just an advocate I’m just an advocate whenhes scared . But yet he runs his mouth like this all big and bad like this

  6. the fiend can help rey mysterio beat brock lesnar – then Brock returns to smackdown and there are both on fox – ratings up and money up ! HOPE WWE see this 😉 like for them to see it

  7. Rey is like that little mexican kid that you bullied all day n comes back with a weapon to ambush you and hit n run after

  8. Lol I love how Heyman always threatens to unleash Brock, then when Brock attacks, he looks shocked and sympathetic 😂😂

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