Briefs VS Boxer Briefs Try On Test

hey guys davison here today we are
doing the fruit of the Loom boxers versus briefs these are technically
boxer briefs so it’s boxer briefs versus briefs
doesn’t matter, you get it. which underwear is better, performs better with the
different things I’m about to do. I’m going to show you the front I’m gonna show you
the back I’m gonna do some squats I’m doing some lunges and I’m going to manspread. first thing I want to
say about this haul is that super comfortable these I’m actually wearing a
thong underneath these male briefs and zero complaints. I could do anything that I want in these, I could save the world I wanted you to watch the comparison
tests and tell me which one looks the best
is it boxer briefs or briefs we’re going to just hop right into it so here’s the front now the man spread. I’m not an expert
of manspreading this is wider actually most men aren’t that flexible so enjoy. how do guys put their arms when they manspread? right they usually do this okay
nowhere to put my arms right this one’s gonna be more revealing fifty eighty gymnasts spread-eagle I’m actually
warmed up from the first man spread it’s actually a great way to warm up man
spread alone in an empty room here’s my verdict definitely I think the boxer
briefs are far more flattering on my woman’s body they cover the under butt
cellulite a bit they just cinch me in and then kind of
elongate me versus these of course have the butt flattening effect they dig in a
little bit however surprisingly even though these
look better, these are more comfortable so tell me which was better I tried other things if you like try on hauls and
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24 thoughts on “Briefs VS Boxer Briefs Try On Test

  1. I prefer the briefs as that's what I wear. I have a few of the boxer briefs somewhere, but I never wear them. The big question is: aren't both types of FOTL way better than the Boxer brand ones you tried last time? 🤔

  2. Awesome video Miss Davison. In answer to your question, I personally think the briefs looked the best but that’s just my 2 cents. Have a good day

  3. Not to be sexist, but you look good in either pair. Don’t know what you did differently (or anything at all) but you really look beautiful. Thanks for being yourself.


  5. Briefs by far look better, but maybe without hiking them up so dang high… LOL. My fellow brief-wearing bros out there would agree that the crease between butt and thigh is the only place for the leg bands to go, any higher up the cheeks and you've basically created a pair of panties and thereby succeeded in stealing away one of the last remaining semi-masculine(ish) features of men's briefs. It is one of the only things that keeps that distinct separation between a men's brief and a women's panty, which to some guys is important and is a prerequisite to wearing briefs vs. other styles of men's underwear.

    *To any trans or gender nonconforming readers: If you don't adhere to the gendered norms that society and culture dictate in regards to clothing , then you do you and however you decide you wanna wear your briefs is solely up to you. I respect everyone's right to be who they are with zero judgement. I understand there are many factors that I am unaware of in the trans and gender nonconforming world (and I totally admire your bravery and confidence to rock your clothes however you want). I want to be sure that I don't come off as some uninformed, prejudiced white dude who still believes gender identities are binary. I am definitely not that. I am just a gay dude that has studied enough sociology and gender studies to know better than to spout off any hetero- and cis gender-normative statements without acknowledging all of human variations that exist.*

    That being said, I also realize womens panties do fit halfway up their butt cheeks and that some are even sold intentionally to fit like that, but men's briefs on a typical man's body should not ever go panty butt. Unless that is what you are going for, of course, then by all means hike 'em up as high as they'll go! LOL 🙂

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