Boxing Workouts for Kids : Teaching Kids How to Use Punching Bags

On behalf of Expert Village this is The Boxing
Chef from New York City talking about family fitness. Great now that Spencer is all warmed
up and he is getting his pad work and his jump rope and all of this stretching now he
is going to do the family bag. Which is hanging usually in every bodies garage or in there
apartments. These bags are not that heavy 60 pounds, they hang really well it is wonderful
fun for the family. Spencer give me a jab, a right cross, and move around. Cover up,
cover up! Show us your guard, show us your guard! Come on hands up good. Good! Move around,
move around! Good! Jab, right cross, throw those hooks, keep that left hand up. It has
to be up more. Good! He is keeping his hand up, he is blocking all the punches we are
throwing at him. Excellent! His elbows are in, so he is capturing the upper cuts. Good!
Keep jabbing, hands a little bit further away from your head. Good that is perfect move

16 thoughts on “Boxing Workouts for Kids : Teaching Kids How to Use Punching Bags

  1. I hope the kid realized that power comes with time, only thing a begginer should focus on is form and keeping it no matter the pace, fast or slow.

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