Boxing Training Equipment : Using Wall-Mounted Focus Pads in a Boxing Gym

The next area we’re going to talk about is
the wall-mounted hook and uppercut mitts. One of the best things in the boxing gym,
the more things that you can get your boxers to do by themselves the better off you’re
going to be. The other focus mitts, you’re going to be working with a partner holding
the mitts. And, then the other boxer will be punching them. And, that’s great if you
have two boxers. But if you have just one boxer in the gym and you need something to
do, the individual hook and uppercut mitts on the wall are one of the better things for
that individual. These are spring loaded, so once you hook them you’re coming up with
your uppercuts then coming by with your hooks they’re going to swing but they’re going to
return back again. So, you can continue to hit them. The other thing is, whether you’re
a right handed orthodox boxer. You know, uppercutting with your right hand hooking with your left.
Or, whether you’re a southpaw boxer you’re going to be uppercutting with your left hooking
with your right. It’s conducive to both the stances. These are not adjustable per say,
unless we unscrew them and mount them at different levels. At some point, you could have three
or four sets of these. And, have a tall one a short one and a medium. But, what we’ve
done was we’ve taken the average boxer and set these into the wall so that they’re conducive
at least to the average boxer. As with any other equipment, you always should wrap your
hands and boxing gloves and bag gloves also. Even though, these are not dangerous per say
as far as hitting. We don’t want you to hit the wall or anything else. So, just make sure
your hands are wrapped and gloved at the same time. Thank you.

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  1. how to build yourself Machine box ? I'm looking for Youtube and Google, but it looks like the search engine can not look at the subject and does not know what it means to build a word

  2. Great video. Why not hold the paddle in one hand and hit with the free one. Or kick it or knee it or elbow it. Thanks for letting me watch

  3. If you mount those to something that's adjustable then you'd be able to adjust them up or down.

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