Boxing Training Equipment : Using Hook & Uppercut Bags in a Boxing Gym

Here’s another item that you won’t see at
most gyms that we’re pretty happy to have here is your wall matted hook and upper cut
bag. While the other heavy bags are being used, while someone’s working in the gym sparring,
everybody’s doing something different, someone can be over here working on their uppercuts
and the hooks. You can hook to the body with this thing, boom. You can hook to the head.
We’re going to be at some point getting this so that it’s adjustable for the different
height boxers, but right now it’s a matter, at again, at about approximate height for
the average boxer. This is going to simulate the boxers chin, the white dot here. Up here’s
going to simulate the forehead, and then over here, over to the body. Nick is going to help
us here and show us a little bit with some, coming in for some uppercuts. And also some
hooks to the body and to the head. A few more. Great, that’s good Nick, thank you. Alright,

49 thoughts on “Boxing Training Equipment : Using Hook & Uppercut Bags in a Boxing Gym

  1. i think his hook come from too wide and are easy to see and dodge obiously <—sry dont know how to spell it right due to my nationality 😀

  2. can sumone comment on your thoughts about my heavybag training?? i want 2 inporve more but i dont know my own flaws well.. please watch its only one 2min round .. THX

  3. @MrBoxingpizefighter Have you even used it? It's rather amazing , especially for Thai and Kickboxers , it emulates the clinch for knees perfectly and it's so good for elbows.

  4. @MrBoxingpizefighter Well I have a 4.5ft Heavybag too , I agree though the bag probably isn't ideal for boxing but for Mixed Martial Arts and Thai/Kickboxing it's great for the knees , elbows and uppercuts , I like it for the hooks and even the straights. See when you have to kick a heavybag it fucks up it's purpose to use it for boxing tremendously sadly.

  5. God, look at the coach's face. If he wasn't confident in the student's ability, why use him for the video?

  6. Lol Nick… Just… Go slam your head against the wall some more… Get you ready for the counters with how slow and open you are. Poor Nick. Why did he use Nick you might ask… To show how to do it, AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE. xD

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