Yes, hi. Bill. Today we’re going to be talking
about the different parts of setting up a gym. And one of the first things, a staple
in every gym, should be an electronic timer. This keeps everybody on the same intervals
and it allows the coach not to have to worry about having a stop watch and trying to measure
each persons progress. These can be set up for two minute rounds and three minute rounds.
We like to use two minute rounds. We like to train for what we box at. The rest period
can be set up between thirty seconds and one minute. And again, we like to simulate a boxing
match, so we’re going to use that for on minute. When it gets more advanced and maybe one day
out of the week we’ll use a three minute timer with a thirty second break. So to start this,
what we do once it gets turned on, it’s going to go for a minute and a half on the green.
And if you were to look around the gym, everybody would be working out during that one minute
and a half. Then, it’s going to go thirty seconds on the yellow. Not only is that a
separate time but it’s a time to actually speed up. A lot of people think that they
can slow down because the round is almost over where, in fact that actually means speed
up, speed up. You’re going to be getting a break. Anyway, then the red is where everybody
is going to rest and get the break that they need. So we try to simulate, again a boxing
round which is a two minute long round with a minute in between. So as you walk into the
gym there could be fifteen people here all doing something different but they’re all
going by the same clock. A minute and a half on the green, added to thirty seconds on the
yellow for a total of two minutes with a minute rest period on the red. Everything you do,
you should do in three two minute rounds. Whether it be jump roping, shadow boxing,
hitting the heavy bag, hitting the speed bag, no matter what your doing, everybody sticks
with the clock. This should be put in an area where everybody can see it and where everybody
can hear it. And, after a day or two, most boxers can tell just by the sound that the
color has changed. They don’t actually have to see the color, most of them will be able
to tell eventually by the tone, that it’s actually changed from green to yellow. This
one should be just about ready to change to yellow now and then after that it’ll be thirty
seconds on the yellow and then a minute rest period on the red. There we go.

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