Boxing Training Equipment : Setting Up a Full-Size Boxing Ring

Hi, this is Bill. Continuing on with our setting
up a boxing gym. The biggest thing that we’re going to look at now is the ring which actually
is the biggest thing, but the most important thing. You really should have a ring, and
it doesn’t matter if it’s a raised ring or a floor ring. The size isn’t real paramount
either. This ring is a sixteen foot outside ring and by using smaller turn buckles we
were able to get it into a thirteen foot inside diameter. Most rings have a inside diameter
of a least fourteen foot, so this is not exactly small but it’s compact. Which actually allows
us better opportunity to stay on top of each other so we get a little bit more close combat
for our training purposes. All the ropes should be covered, four ropes are better than three.
A lot more safer with four ropes. All the corner post as you see should be padded and
the outside posts should also be padded as well as secure. The worst thing is, is if
your ropes are loose, you take a better chance of falling out of the ring. Training is not
conducive to a sloppy ring. We’ve got to have a nice tight ring. This is a, the mat under
this ring is USA boxing approved as well as professionally approved if need be. If you
were to fall, you wouldn’t get hurt as much as if you just had, you know, or on carpet,
etc. So, it’s got a good, a good matting and a good tight covering as well. We’re going
to talk a little bit more about the boxing ring later in more detail, but just to, as
a general thing. The middle of the ring is the best, the middle of the building, the
middle of the room. We can still walk around, we can still use the area around the ring,
however, it’s the centerpiece of the gym, and as well as should be. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Boxing Training Equipment : Setting Up a Full-Size Boxing Ring

  1. @starwarsfan0001 its all about need to focus on what your doing. this guy whos in the ring with you wants to kill you and is going to slam on you untill your head blows up.the least you could do is hit back.u just need to get some experience wit hsparring.once u get hit in the ring,you will hit back,trust me

  2. Yeah mate the inside and outside rings need to be padded but what about those big bastard roof support poles get them padded or you might have a lawsuit on your hands

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