Boxing Star Stats Tutorial

Hello, Boxing Stars! My name is William Shin and I am the Community
Manager of Boxing Star. For today’s tutorial, let’s talk about
Boxing Star’s STATs system. First, go to Menu and press your Profile Picture. Then, next to Stats, press the magnifying
glass. As you can see, there are 5 sections that
make up your Stats. The 5 sections are Power, Speed, Reflex, Defense,
and Endurance. The Stats Menu displays both the Combined
and Gear Stats. Gear Stats shows only the Stats provided by
Gear items. Combined Stats shows the combined Stats of
your base character’s Stats and Gear item Stats. Power, Speed, Reflex, and Defense are split
into the categories of Jab, Hook, and Uppercut. The Power Stat is simple to explain. Higher the Power Stat, the stronger your boxer is. For Defense, how much damage is taken while
in Guard is by percentage and not an absolute number. Higher the Defense Stat, the lesser percentage
of damage taken by your boxer. The Endurance Stat is divided into HP and
HP Recovery. The Combined HP Stat is the total HP your
boxer has. HP Recovery is the amount of HP that can be
recovered while in Guard. Higher the HP Recovery Stat, the faster your
boxer can recover HP. The Speed and Reflex Stats affect each other greatly. For Speed, higher the Speed Stat, the faster
your boxer’s punches are. The Reflex Stat in Boxing Star shows how fast
your boxer resets after throwing a punch. Higher the Reflex Stat, the faster your character
will be able to reset and be ready to defend or throw another punch. If your boxer has high Speed Stats and your
opponent has low Reflex Stats, then you will be able to throw a Counter Punch after your
opponent’s missed punch. If your boxer has low Speed Stats and your
opponent has high Reflex Stats, then no matter how well you time your Counter Punch, your
opponent will be able to recover from the missed punch and Guard or Weave the attack. And that was a brief explanation of Stats
in Boxing Star. Please Like and Comment any question you have and
what more you would like to know about Boxing Star Please check out our Official Facebook Page in the link
provided below and Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Thank you and keep fighting, Boxing Stars!

70 thoughts on “Boxing Star Stats Tutorial

  1. And also do u think u can put my dad in the. I heard u said something about having no famous real boxers in your game. Well that can change my dad is a 2 time boxing world champion so I think it will be a good idea if we talk about that. You can search him up and you can see that im really his son. My name: Daishaun Bundrage. My Dad: K9 Bundrage, 2x world championship boxer

  2. please promote the game more. and add like guild mode. you can call them gym in game. something like that. then gym vs gym.

  3. I just downloaded the game, but I already noticed a bug: All the speeches and descriptions inside the game are gone, only "[Error]" appears in the place where they should be. I really enjoyed the game, but it's a bit difficult to understand what's going on when you can not read anything.

  4. Hello my name is Vanderlei and I currently live in Brazil, I started playing Boxing Star recently and I really liked it (it was like love at first sight) and I realized that the game has no translation in Portuguese and I was wondering if it's possiblefor you to do the translation to Portuguese!

  5. Are you guys gonna add more story content when new body types / faces come out. And may I suggest a Indian boxer to be added?

  6. How to get more hp because when i entered the second league everyone was with like 6000 hp and i am with 2000 could you pls explain how all these people got so much hp when they are in the same league as me?

  7. I would like to know more advanced offensive techniques, there's an uppercut that needs you to lower the body and then strike, but I couldn't figure out how to lower the body.

  8. Crashes causing me to lose matches and ranking, as well as items donated to the swap box. Potentially cost me 1st place in this last weeks league tournament. Thanks for the BS and frustration.

  9. Love the game! I would like reduced package wait times for higher leagues. I would also like to see 10 leagues. Great game!

  10. Do i need to be in an active guard to enjoy the benefits of defense stat? Or does it passively lower damage taken even when im not in guard?

    If we need to be in active guard to enjoy any benefits of defense im wondering how useful a mouthguard that has defense against uppercuts is, considering the fact that uppercuts can break guards.

  11. R yall still broke? Because yall r stingy asf with the gold! And everything else too just begging for money and it’s a shame because the game has so much potential.

  12. More tutorials like this, but even deeper. For example, show us exactly how Speed and Reflex are calculated. If your Speed is 4561, show us how that number is derived. Is it a percentage of each gear + percentage of each skill. I should be able to determine exactly how much Speed I will gain by buying x,y,z or upping by Skills with Khari.

  13. What's evasion? If it says 82% evasion of Uppercut, does that mean my opponent will evade 82 of 100 Uppercuts I throw? Because it doesn't seem like that's true.

  14. Can you please explain how the option mod works,I have 7920 points and dont know wat the hell to do with it or how it even works!!

  15. Wat is the best way to increase speed cus I entered league 8 and everyone has way more speed than me I'm at 2476 and everyone else speed is 5000 and up

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