Boxing Star Offense Tutorial

Hello, Boxing Stars! My name is William Shin and I am the Community
Manager at Boxing Star. Many of you asked for tutorials and explanations
for different aspects of Boxing Star. We listened to you fans and here is the first
of many tutorial videos. Today, we will explain how to use the controls
to fight in both Story Mode and League Matches and also other basic fight mechanics. Let’s start with how to perform a Jab, Hook,
and Uppercut. To perform a Jab, tap the screen. When you tap the right side of the screen,
you will perform a right jab. Left side of the screen, left jab. To perform a Hook, swipe left to right or
right to left. If you swipe left to right, you will perform
a left hook. Swipe right to left, a right hook. You can do this anywhere on the screen. To perform an Uppercut, swipe up diagonally. If you swipe up diagonally left to right,
you will perform a left uppercut. Swipe up diagonally right to left, a right
uppercut. Similar to a hook, you can also perform this
anywhere on the screen. And that is the tutorial on the basic controls
for fighting in Boxing Star. We hope that this tutorial was helpful in explaining
how to play and that you look forward to more videos to come! Please Like and Comment any question you have
and what more you would like to know about Boxing Star! Please check out our Official Facebook Page
in the link provided below and Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you and keep fighting, Boxing Stars!

79 thoughts on “Boxing Star Offense Tutorial

  1. In real life just in case you don't know if you are right hand a jab is left hand and right hand is a punch vice versa

  2. This game is pissing me off feels like i can't do shit anymore against these guys all non stop offense and defense is o.p

  3. Hi guys. I have a question, I don't know which skills are the best. Please, can u help me ?? I started playing yesterday

  4. Wish you would make a detailed video on the gear section. How to make gear stronger, what you want to add to other gear and not add, and especially on the new modifying section..

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