Boxing || Spoken Word Poetry || Smooth

Step into this ring,
With me and fear. Boxing. Terrified of losing faith,
As my Heaven on Earth began rotten beneath my feet. A battle between me,
And these gods. Idols I’ve struggled to understand with every
step, Hook,
And left jab I threw. This bag,
Was filled with bias opinions of small minded individuals. Their thoughts boxed me in. And I listened,
To the beat of my heart, Matching the rhythm of their gloves. With every knock at my consciousness,
It was hard to think straight. When so called friends,
Stab you in the back, These cuts. Bleed the true color of their mentality. I took the hit. Down for the count,
As I stumbled to regain my balance. This room,
Spiraled in circles like the lies. Society pours down my throat when thirsty,
Every time success is mentioned. I want to be a champion. But the cost of knowledge,
Far exceeds its outcome. I’m still holding on. To everything I’ve yet to receive. A fist,
Of prejudice. Enclosed by these by ropes. I dare you, To step into this ring, With me and fear. Boxing.

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